Abby got an RV Lego set for her birthday and she has been diligently working on it for a few days now. I love to watch how focused she gets when building with the Legos and she seems to really enjoy it. 033 Abby


Level J

When I picked Abby up from school today, she was so excited. Not because I was taking her to ballet (she doesn't like ballet at all), but because she is finally reading at a level J!!!!! She has been looking forward to reaching her goal all year and she already did it with four months left of the school year!


Mabel Face

Mckenzie makes a face that reminds me of my Grandma Mabel. I'm not sure what exactly about the face that does it, but the first time she did it, all I could think of was my sweet Grandma. So now we call her Mabel and she makes this face all the time. 019



Abby went to a rollerskating birthday party this afternoon. She isn't great at skating yet, but she is getting better and she has fun doing it.


Mary Poppins and a little pampering

Abby and Scott took the train to NYC to see Mary Poppins on Broadway. Abby LOVED it, especially at the end when Mary Poppins flew over the audience. 011 Abby going to Mary Poppins

Mckenzie and I used our time alone to get her a manicure and a pedicure. She was in heaven and loved the flower design the nail tech put on her toes. I told her I was jealous I didn't have flowers on my nails and she kept repeating over and over that I was jealous of her flowers.

017030 mckenzie


Leap Frog


Mckenzie really enjoys playing on her Leap Frog, but sometimes, it freezes up and she gets crazy upset. I know she has become more patient recently and that she will continue to do so, I just can't wait until that moment comes! (And yes, I realize I could probably use a little more patience myself!)


Hungry Hungry Hippos

Mckenzie loves to play Hungry, Hungry Hippos. So, we played what seemed like a million and one games today. After she won the first few games, she let me win one. She is such a compassionate little girl!



Maternity photos

So I finally took the time to snap a few maternity photos. I still need to get some with Scott and the girls, but that will have to wait until another day.
162170 Maternity pic156 maternity pic161 maternity pic076 Maternity pic


Our 100 year old lady

Today was Abby's 100th day of first grade. Her teacher asked that the students dress up like they were 100 years old.
006 Abby 100 year old lady002 Abby 100 year old lady



The girls and I went to church and Sunday school this morning. It has been too long again since we have been there. Afterwards, I took the girls to Friendly's for lunch and an ice cream treat. It didn't feel like an ice cream kind of day with the chilly wind blowing, but the girls love to eat there.



The girls and I hit Pei Wei for lunch and followed it up with a trip to the mall in search of an outfit for Abby. She is dressing up like a 100 year old lady in celebration of her 100th day of school. We managed to find an outfit for her as well as a few other things :)


Krispie Hearts

Today was the last day before the baby arrives that Mckenzie gets to be leader at preschool. So, she decided she wanted to make rice krispie bars as a special treat to bring in. She looooooves to be the leader and I think it is going to be tough for her when she isn't leader for awhile. I hope to get back into the class sometime in May. I just worry about what to do with the baby while I am there. 019 rice krispie treats

Since Scott is away, we went over to a friend's house for dinner. The girls enjoyed running around with their friends and it was nice to have an adult conversation. 


Valentine's Day

023 rose043 rose

Scott and the girls gave me flowers for Valentine's. So very thoughtful, especially when we had agreed not to give each other anything at all. Abby had her Valentine's party at school and she was excited to check out the Valentine's she got from her friends.



Poor Kenzie has an awful rash. Looks like fifth disease which has been making it's way around.


36 Weeks

Time is flying by. I am already 36 weeks! I had a doctor's appointment today and the NP thought the baby might be big so she ordered an ultrasound to check. Turns out he is just the right size.

025 36 weeks with Dakota


Wii Dance


The girls had a gift card to Target from Grandma Dawn (thank you) so we let them buy a couple of Wii games. The Just Dance game was a big hit! Even Mom and Dad got in on the action. I'm pretty sure Dancing With the Stars won't be calling anytime soon, but we all had a blast!



We got some snow and the girls were beyond excited to get to play in it! There is a hill near our house where we took the girls to sled. They really enjoyed themselves and this sledding experience was much better than the first time they went. Picture SD, below zero, and a crying toddler and a 4 year old freezing their butts off. So, I guess anything would probably be better than that day but they really did enjoy themselves.


Cookie Time

Abby's first cookie booth!!!

Abby worked her very first Girl Scout cookie booth today. I think she was more interested in hanging out with her friend than trying to sell cookies. A very generous customer came back to the store after buying his cookies and gave the girls $40 so they could give 10 people a free box of cookies. It was so amazing and the girls had fun giving away the free cookies. I was so happy that Abby had a chance to witness and spread the generousity.


Pump It Up

We took a tour of the hospital today. It was nice to see where we will be having our baby. Seems like a nice place.

Abby celebrated her 7th birthday with her friends today at Pump It Up. It is a great place that has a bunch of inflatables the kids play on. Abby had a fabulous time! She loved running around with her friends and playing with Scott too! It was the easiest party that we have ever had. It was super organized and the staff took care of everything!


The kids got to go in a wind tunnel. Abby couldn't stop laughing. Mckenzie liked it at first, but she seemed a little over it about half way through :)


Mix Match Day

Mckenzie's school had Mix Match Day today. I let her pick out her own clothes and she came up with a very interesting outfit. A Christmas shirt underneath a tankini top and two different socks. Of course she had to have a twirly skirt because what day isn't complete without one. I could only get her to wear dresses for the longest time, now it is twirly skirts. I wonder what her next phase will be...