Oh boy. I realize I am now almost a month behind on blogging and editing photos. I don't know if I am going to do a day by day or if I will take the easy way out and do one of our vacation and call it good. I am sure I will end up back blogging every day because I will feel guilty if I don't. I am pretending that being pregnant is a legit reason to slack on everyday duties and blogging/editing is one of those duties :) Untitled

Scott took a photo of a couple of the pregnancy tests I took. I usually take a few more (I think it was 11 with Abby and 8 or so with Mckenzie - all positive too!) but I guess three strong positives was good enough for me this time :) I am sure Scott was happy since those bad boys aren't cheap! I have been more tired this time around, but with school starting soon, I am hoping to sneak in a few naps! Just don't tell Scott I am sleeping while everyone else is busy working! We are over the moon to be adding to our family! God has blessed us greatly and I am looking forward to meeting him/her. The girls keep asking me if we want a boy or girl. It really doesn't matter as long as he/she is healthy (cliche I know, but true nonetheless). The girls want a sister. They seem to think a brother would be too wild. The girls are also curious as to what we will name their sibling. Some of the names they have come up with so far are outrageous! Eyeball for a boy or Toast for a girl (Mckenzie's choices). Abby has come up with Edwin for a boy and Crisilla for a girl. Mckenzie also mentioned Towel to me the other day. I am not sure if that is for a boy or girl. Looks like we still have some work to do... 

The girls and I went shoe shopping today after I cleaned out Abby's closet and discovered that unless I want her wearing flip flops to school, I had better buy that girl something else to wear! Of course Mckenzie had to get a few pair in as well. How could I pass up pink sparkly Toms for her!



120 Abby
Abby had her first soccer practice tonight. She seemed to really enjoy running around and doing the drills. So while Abby was learned to handle the ball I learned that the shin guards go INSIDE the socks. How could I have not known this? I felt bad she was the only kid wearing hers the wrong way. Luckily, she didn't seem too bothered by it.



102 bug
A bug found it's way into the house. So before I sent him on his way, I thought I would play a bit with the macro.



A picture from our vacation of the girls and their cousin. They were all hanging out and playing so nicely on the trampoline.



100 mckenzie hot chocolate face
Nothing like a hot chocolate face :)


Hollywood Diva Party 237/366

We celebrated Mckenzie's fourth birthday with her friends today. We had a Hollywood Diva theme. The girls all had a great time. It was a little stressful for me as the party was at the house and the company that was running the party was over an hour late and I had to entertain the kids when I wasn't planning on doing that. Thank God for freeze dance and the trampoline. I don't think the kids noticed anything was off, but I was freaking out! I had no idea what to do with the kids if they hadn't shown up when they did. But, aside from that, it was great!

The girls got to decorate their own sugar cookie before they got all dressed up. Mckenzie couldn't get enough of the frosting and Abby wanted nothing to do with it. Instead she tried to shove the other toppings into the cookies. Each girl got makeup put on and their hair and nails done. In the beginning, they all were waiting patiently, but it got to be a little long and they started getting a little crazy. I guess this is my lesson to never do another party without Scott around. I remember how challenging Abby's party was when he was deployed, although I didn't remember that until I was in the middle of this one :) Mckenzie loved looking at herself in the mirror (all the girls did) after she was all made up. Each girl took a turn on the "red" carpet and had their photo taken. I tried to suggest a different place in the house for the photo shoot, but the gals didn't want to listen to me. Hence all the children have the fabulous backdrop of my kitchen table behind them. So I am looking at the birthday photos as a mom that snapped photos of her kids birthday party so her daughter would be able to look back and enjoy them instead of as a hobbyist that wanted to get the photos right.

Mckenzie loved her party and hanging out with her friends :) She couldn't hardly wait to open her gifts, but I made her wait until Scott was home so he could join in the fun too. She oohed and aahed over every gift and wanted to open everything all at once. 003 mckenzie 4th birthday006 mckenzie 4th birthday008011031 mckenzie 4th birthday034 Abby mckenzie 4th birthday038 mckenzie 4th birthday057 mckenzie 4th birthday059 Abby mckenzie 4th birthday070 mckenzie 4th birthday074 Abby mckenzie 4th birthday079 mckenzie 4th birthday084 mckenzie 4th birthday



Abby had a birthday party for her good friend today. They went to a bakery and got to decorate cupcakes. Abby thought it was a lot of fun, although she didn't like the cupcake she picked out. She only likes chocolate frosting and chocolate cupcakes, but nothing fancy. She is a from the box kind of girl and these cupcakes were anything but! Mckenzie and I got things organized for her birthday party tomorrow. She is so excited!!
Apparently the dog thinks it is OK to hang out on the furniture now that she is home from the kennel!
318 dakota



Home sweet home! We were up bright and early to get to the airport. We were even there before the airline agents! Either we were extremely anxious to get home or they don't see the need to let people check in without feeling rushed :) The first flight didn't take off as scheduled, could be due to weather, we wouldn't know as our pilot never mentioned anything. We just sat on the runway waiting to take off. So, when we got to Minneapolis, we had to run through the airport and we made it just in time! I felt bad for Scott carrying Mckenzie and all her bags while having to run to the gate. Needless to say we were all a little tired by the time we got there, but Abby never complained once about having to run! What a little trooper! The flying this entire trip has been the most stressful for us in a long time. Broken plane, missed flights, delayed flight, lost luggage, running to catch the plane just in time. I'm hoping next time we fly is a little less chaotic! But, the great thing is we got to visit our family and we are back home. We are all looking forward to sleeping in our own beds!
239 flowers



Our last day of vacation :( We met Scott's Dad for lunch. The girls were a little restless but they enjoyed their time with Grandpa Paul. For dinner, we met the family at a restaurant. The girls had so much fun playing video games with their cousins and didn't want to stop! Well, they didn't want to stop for anything except the ice cream for dessert :) We stopped over to see Jessica after dinner so the girls could say goodbye. Poor thing has been put on bed rest:(
301 mckenzie paul abby302 Great G&G Mckenzie Abby305 Great GG and kids310 mckenzie kadence liam abby311 Abby Troy Mckenzie Murphy316 Jan Ike Abby Mckenzie halle317 Jessica MCkenzie Abby



We got to visit with GG Eisenberg today and go to the park with Auntie Jenny and Liam. The playground was great! There were many different play areas and the girls had trouble deciding which one to stay at. It was hot out so we didn't stay for too long, but the kids had a blast while we were there. Grandma Dawn came over to visit us and play with the kids. They were running around like crazy and enjoying their time together.
285 Mckenzie288 Abby293 COUSINS297 Grandma Dawn Liam Kadence Mckenzie Abby



It was our last day at the lake cabin. Mckenzie found a caterpillar that she named Crisilla. She put her on a stick and walked around with her new friend. A few times our friend jumped away and Mommy had to find "Crisilla" again. The last time she got away, I told Mckenzie Crisilla was a mommy and she had to go take care of her babies :) We left the lake cabin after lunch :( We really enjoyed our weekend there and hope to be able to do it again! We took it easy when we got back to town, picking up Chinese for dinner and hanging out with the family.
202 Abby213 mckenzie247 Abby Scott250 Mckenzie Scott258 mckenzie with Crisilla263 Halle Natalie Troy Murphy



The guys had a fabulous time fishing this morning. They reached their limit!!! I am so glad Scott had a chance to relax and enjoy himself. We took the boat out for a spin this afternoon and it was the perfect day for it. The girls tried tubing and had a blast! They both fell off the tube, but that didn't stop them from doing it again! Jan and Ike headed back to town so it was just us and Troy and Natalie and the kids of course :) We headed in to town for dinner. The kids were good even though I could tell they were tired. We stopped at DQ on the way home. I haven't had a blizzard in a long time and it was tasty!
016 Abby Mckenzie Murphy030 Scott Mckenzie031 Abby scott032 Mckenzie Troy033 Barb Abby035 Barb Mckenzie041 Abby Troy052 Natalie Halle
How cute is she with that life vest on?
067 Abby Troy Mckenzie



What a fabulous day at the lake! Scott's Mom and Brian drove up for the day. The girls were so excited to get to spend some more time with Grandma! The guys got up really early to go fishing. Not the greatest day fishing for them but I know Scott enjoyed himself anyway :) The girls and I went swimming. The water was a tad chilly so Mckenzie didn't last that long in the water. She gets cold quickly but she was happy to dry off and play on the shore. Abby couldn't get enough of the water. The water was fairly shallow so she could go out pretty far which she thought was really cool.
165 Mckenzie Abby 170 Murphy175 Abby Mckenzie178 Abby
Mckenzie trying to warm up
180 mckenzie187 Abby Troy Mckenzie188 mckenzie191 Scott193 Abby194 Abby Jan196 Troy Natalie Murphy199 Mckenzie Grandma Dawn