Mckenzie had camp again this morning and Abby was at school. The house is so quiet without them and I feel like there are a million things I should be doing while they are away. But since I am still on the crutches, I spend my time doing a whole lot of nothing. The girls had their good friends over this afternoon. They were all pretty wild and couldn't decide whether to play inside or out. They kept going back and forth... I even put a movie on, which I don't like to do when they have friends over, in hopes of settling them down, but they were still all over the place. Luckily, they were all getting along, just a little wild :)

Happy birthday Mom! We love you and hope your day was fabulous!!!

The cupcakes for Abby's class :)

123 cupcake



The girls had a rehearsal for their dance recital that is coming up on Sunday. It took forever to get their hair done and their make-up on. I have to say it felt weird putting mascara on my 3 and 6 year old girls. They looked way too grown up when I was done! Mckenzie was upset because her costume requires white socks instead of tights. She was crying (somehow she didn't mess up her make-up) and giving me a hard time about leaving the house. We did manage to make it to the rehearsal on time with their hair and make-up intact.  The rehearsal was great and I can't wait to see their performance on Sunday. I took photos today since they don't allow photography during the actual performance. At first I was a little upset by that, but now I am looking forward to sitting back and just watching. I feel like I miss out on so much with that camera in my face all the time. I want the girls to have pictures to look back on, but I feel left out of it all sometimes because I am more worried about what the photos look like. So, it will be a nice break to sit back and just take it all in.

021 mckenzie dance rehearsal

023 mckenzie dance rehearsal

026 mckenzie dance rehearsal

035 mckenzie dance rehearsal

037 Abby dance rehearsal

056 Abby dance rehearsal

058 Abby dance rehearsal

086 Abby dance rehearsal



Mckenzie started camp this morning. Her preschool is offering half day camp for two weeks. No classroom duty is required and it is a full three hours! They get to play outside and do all sorts of fun stuff. Mckenzie really enjoyed her first day and she was exhausted!

Abby is Child of the Week at school and she was so excited to bring in the posters we made. She won't get to show them to her friends until the end of the week, but that didn't matter to her. She was so happy! She had field day at school so she spent the morning playing games outside with all the other kindergartners. She said she had fun and she is pretty sure her class won. My guess is that every class won!

We went over to our friend's house this afternoon to go swimming. The girls were beyond excited to go again since we were just over there yesterday. Mckenzie felt brave and wanted to walk in the water without any floaties on. I went into the water with her and she could barely touch, but it made her so happy! She isn't ready to do it by herself yet, but maybe by the end of the summer. The girl needs to grow a couple of inches :)



Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all those men and women that have so bravely defended our country!

We went to a barbecue at our friend's house this afternoon. It was a great to hang out with everyone and enjoy our first swim of the year! The girls were super tired by the time we left and it was challenging to say the least to get them to the car!

002 memorial day bbq



We had friends over for a barbecue this afternoon. Scott had a great idea to put a sprinkler under the trampoline to keep the kids cool while jumping. It turned out to be a not so great idea though as it got very slippery and the kids went sliding. So the kids ended up running through the sprinkler and playing in the little pool. It was a fun evening with some great friends. I love summer time!!!



Scott has been running around like crazy today while I sit around on my tush! I always thought I wanted to be rich and have people wait on me hand and foot, but I have discovered I don't like to let go of the control. So, I guess I will continue to live our modest life in peace knowing that money isn't everything, Control is;-) Scott ran a 5K this morning and it was a humid one out there. He looked more tired when he got home than he did after the 10 mile run we did together a few weeks ago. He took Mckenzie to her last regular dance class this season and stopped by the store to pick up a birthday gift for one of Mckenzie's friend. When he got home, he grabbed my shopping list and took both of the girls to the grocery store. He followed that up with a birthday party and came back home to run more errands. I asked begged Scott to let me come with on the errands. I just sat in the car, but at least I was out of the house. Mckenzie really enjoyed the birthday party she went to and spent most of her time in the swimming pool. One of the toys in her gift bag was a necklace with purple lip gloss. Between her and Abby, they used almost the entire container and boy did their lips stand out! They were so purple! You know how most kids put on lipstick. It isn't just on their lips. It is all around their lips too. They looked pretty cute with their fancy lip gloss on! Scott finished off his day by mowing the lawn and coming in to do a little house work. Poor guy is going to be happy to get back to work on Tuesday and away from all the extra stuff he is having getting to do! I did get the pool out for Abby so she could swim too. I felt bad the water was freezing cold, but she didn't seem to mind. She stayed in the water for nearly two hours! I am trying a new cupcake recipe for Abby's Child of the Week project. They are chocolate cupcakes with Oreos on the bottom. I hope they turn out and Abby likes them.

004 Abby swimming

021 Abby



Scott strolled in from his 'vacation' this morning around 5:30. I have no idea how he can stay up all night and still fly safely. He was so sweet and took Abby to school and Mckenzie to swim lessons so I could rest my leg. I know he had to be super tired. I am a lucky girl to have such a kind hubby. We did let him sleep this afternoon. Abby was disappointed when she got off the bus and he wasn't at the door to greet her, but she understood how tired her daddy was. Scott took the girls to run a couple of errands this evening and other than that, it was a pretty quiet day around here. We had more rain today so that is good for Scott's garden. Not so good for the dog. She smells so bad and really needs a bath. I wish I could bathe her at the house, but she sheds way too much.

Abby is the Child of the Week next week in her Kindergarten class so I spent a good bit of the afternoon finding photos to use for that. I look back at photos of her when she was just a baby and wish I could go back in time to get better photos of her.

003 Abby reading



Abby was so excited when she came home from school. One of the other classrooms has baby chickens and she got to see a newly hatched one today. It was still wet and everything! Abby went over to a friend's house to play this afternoon and Mckenzie was very upset that for the second day in a row she had no one to play with. I try, but I have never been the fun one and she gets bored with me pretty quickly. We had a thunderstorm this afternoon while Abby was at her friend's house, playing in the basement and the power went out. Poor Abby freaked out big time and started crying. I feel so bad that she is so upset by the dark.

002 mckenzie



Today was Mckenzie's last day of school. I have to say I am a bit sad because she is our last Minnow (the name of her class). Mckenzie didn't seem to care it was her last day. She only cared that she got to have an ice cream party at school to celebrate all the summer birthdays. She surprised the heck out of me and passed on vanilla ice cream for chocolate. Typically, she wants only vanilla. She did top it with M&M's (which is normal) and didn't eat them (which is also very normal).

Abby had a rough ride home on the bus and started crying the second she saw at me. Poor thing had a little issue with her two best friends on the bus and she felt so sad. Apparently she was trying to tell them something and both girls looked away from her, ignoring what she was saying. She was heartbroken and so was I. I hate to see the hurt in her eyes and I wish there was a way to keep her from ever being hurt. I am sure every parent feels the same way. She seemed to bounce back from it ok and we talked about how she should deal with it should it ever happen again.

035 mckenzie

021 mckenzie

038 Mckenzie

043 Mckenzie



I went to my doctor's appointment this morning and he was worried that in addition to having shin splints, I had a stress fracture as well. He ordered an MRI and by some miracle, I was able to get an appointment today. The first tech to help me was a real joy to be around (insert major sarcasm here!) and I nearly had to run to keep up with her in the hallways. Not an easy task considering how much my leg hurts :)  Luckily, she wasn't the tech doing the MRI and the guy that helped me really was nice. The set-up at the hospital seemed a bit shady. We had to go outside the building to what appeared to be a storage shed where they housed the MRI machine. Anyway, it turns out I do have a stress fracture in my lower leg so I will be showcasing a lovely pair of crutches. Yippee skippy. Again, insert some sarcasm. I am really crabby about this as we have plans to go strawberry picking this weekend and I can't imagine hobbling around the strawberry patch on crutches. Yes I realize this isn't even close to a horrible injury, but I am using the rest of today to have a pity party for myself anyway. I just want to go for a run so I don't lose all the progress I have made and it is hard to take care of the kids and the house on crutches. Have you tried sweeping a floor on crutches? Not an easy task my friend. So, I will continue to pout today and hopefully tomorrow I will be in a better mood.

The girls really enjoyed their day. Mckenzie got to play with her bestie Ava this morning and her mom said they got along really well. (Some days their temperaments get in the way of having a spat-free play date!) Abby went to a friend's house after school and stayed there all afternoon while I was out. I dropped Mckenzie over there as well on my way to the MRI. Thank goodness we have such great friends that don't mind watching the girls with very little notice. Scott left for a short trip this morning. Poor guy is having to rough it down in DC;-)

Dakota's first Frosty Paws ice cream. Ever. Bailey probably had dozens of boxes by the time he was Dakota's age. Poor Kota :(

018 Dakota first frosty paw



This is Mckenzie's last week as a Minnow. I am getting sad her pre-k three year is about over. She is no longer my baby :( Instead of having class, her school had their annual Field Day. It was inside this year as the weather didn't want to cooperate but it was still a good time. Mckenzie got to make a necklace and finger paint and decorate a backpack. She even got a huge heart painted on her face. She asked me to get one too, so I got one on the middle of my forehead so we could be twins. She got a big kick out of that!

056 field day

074 mckenzie

088 mckenzie

102 mckenzie

063 mckenzie



Scott had to be at work today as there was a biker rally that was driving through the base and Scott's boss wanted him there. He took the girls with him and unfortunately, they didn't really enjoy themselves. He did take them to play at a park afterwards so it wasn't a total loss of a day for them.

We went to dinner at our favorite restaurant and when we got home, we took the dog for a walk/bike ride. When we got back to the house, Scott decided it was time to remove the training wheels from Abby's bike. They are crooked anyway and she has to lean to the side to keep herself balanced so there is no point in keeping them on there. Scott gave Abby some riding lessons and then got her on the bike. She was so scared and didn't want to do it at all, but she went anyway. I think she managed to ride for two or three seconds on her own but it was enough to get a smile out of her. I can't wait until she can do it all on her own :)

She looks scared to death!
055 Abby learning to ride without training wheels



Today felt like such a role reversal around here. Scott stayed home with the girls and I went to the base for a C-17 flight. Every once in a while, the base offers a flight for the spouses and I decided to go along since this could very well be my last opportunity to do so. Who knows when we will get an assignment or where it will be so I figured it was best to take advantage of the opportunity while we are still here. It was interesting to learn about what all goes into a flight, not just from a pilot's perspective, but from the maintenance group perspective as well. I enjoyed getting close to the plane and taking photographs, but that is where my enjoyment ended. Apparently I have a weak stomach and cannot handle a super bumpy flight. Sweating profusely, turning as pale as possible and praying I didn't throw up is not my idea of a good time. Out of the hour and a half flight, I think I may have enjoyed about 5 minutes of it. Needless to say, I was happy to be back on the ground and headed home for a nice nap :) Scott got to hang out with the girls all day. He took them to dance and out to lunch. I love that he enjoys spending so much time with his girls :)

Scott and I had a fundraiser tonight for Mckenzie's preschool. It was a beef and beer at a nearby restaurant. We had a really good time hanging out with our friends. It sure is nice to get out on a date every once in awhile. We had a new babysitter tonight and I am happy to say that it worked out well. It is always a bit nerve wrecking to have someone different watching the girls, but she was really nice and the girls liked her a lot.

041 C-17

033 spouse flight

027 c-17

050 Spouse flight



Abby had a friend over to play this afternoon. It was nice enough to go outside so I let the girls run around out there for a bit. I just have to say Abby's friend is the WORST driver ever! She was driving around the front yard with little concern for my car or anything else in the yard for that matter. Abby was even scared to ride with her and yelled at her friend to stop several times! Thank goodness the batteries for both Hot Wheels cars died and they had to find something else to do!

No pictures please!

014 mckenzie

011 Abby

The girls were playing restaurant on the driveway. Abby pretended to be both a customer and the server. It was pretty cute to watch :)

010 Abby Mckenzie



Today was Mckenzie's last day of Chef class. To celebrate, her teacher's decided to have a breakfast feast. Mckenzie and I brought in green eggs and ham along with some toast. It was a great feast and fun to hang out at the school with Mckenzie.

We attended an art show at Abby's school this evening. Abby was beyond excited to show off her hard work to Mckenzie and I. I finally got to read her journal that she has been working on so hard in class. I have asked her many times what she writes about, but she always tells me it is a secret. She was also excited to see so many of her friends at the school. We had to stop and chat with all of them too! I love my little social butterfly :)

002 mckenzie chef

025 Mckenzie chef

030 Mckenzie Chef

Showing off her journal to her friend Carlo :)

032 Abby art show



I went to the doctor today since my leg still hurts quite a bit. She says it is shin splints (after a quick two minute exam) and gave me a referral to go off base (thank goodness) for care to see a Sports Medicine doc. I know shin splints are painful, but I never realized they could hurt this bad. I hope I can get an appointment soon so I can get back to running :)

Abby had dance this afternoon and is complaining her tap shoes hurt her toes. I don't want to sound cheap, but I don't want to have to buy her a new pair of shoes so close to the end of the year. Her recital is in a few weeks and then she will be done with tap. She has said she doesn't want to do tap next year so I am hoping I can borrow a pair of shoes to make it through the year.



It was a rainy, gloomy kind of morning which set the mood for the day. We hung out at home all afternoon. The girls played nicely (for the most part) and I had a chance to finish a book I have been reading. The girls and I went to church for dinner and choir tonight. Scott met us there as he was done earlier than normal. The girls were so excited to see him and Mckenzie was glad she didn't have to hang out at the church with me while Abby went to choir practice.



After getting both girls to school, I headed out for my first run since our race last Sunday. It felt great to be out, but after 2 miles, I did something to my leg and I couldn't run anymore. Not sure what happened, but it really sucks. I ended up walking back home and the darn thing hurt the rest of the day.

The girls both had a good day at school. Mckenzie came home covered in paint so that is usually a sign of fun :) Abby had library today and was excited she was allowed to check out two books this week instead of just one. I, of course, am not as excited because that means I now have twice as many books to search for the night before library day. In the beginning of the school year I had Abby to keep her books on the foyer table, but that didn't work out so well. We never lost a book doing that, but we never remembered to read them either. So I started letting her read them upstairs and now it is a challenge to locate them in her bookcase. Oh well, only a few more weeks of school and then I have all summer to come up with a better plan :)

Another photo from yesterday. I like this one because they were caught up in their own little world :)

154 abby mckenzie



Happy Mother's Day! I had a very special day thanks to my wonderful hubby and kids. The whole family had breakfast in bed. I'm probably going to need to change the sheets before bed from all those crumbs, but it was worth it. Scott had the girls get dressed up and took us to a park so I could get a few photos of the girls. They were both really cooperative which is hard to come by when I want to get a nice photo of them. Dinner out and ice cream afterwards. I am really spoiled :)

155 Abby Mckenzie

156 Abby

160 Mckenzie

175 Abby

177 Mckenzie

181 Abby Barb Mckenzie



We took the girls to the air show on base today. The girls enjoyed watching the Thunderbirds perform, although Mckenzie got tired of it pretty quickly and begged us to take her home. Abby could have watched the planes all day long. She got excited each time a plane zoomed past and couldn't wait for another one to fly by. Tonight was perfect weather for grilling and a fire. The girls jumped in the trampoline while Scott and I hung out by the fire. When it started getting dark, I gave the girls glow necklaces so they could see one another in the trampoline and they thought that was the coolest thing ever!

107 Thunderbirds

092 Mckenzie Scott

095 Abby air show

145 thunderbirds

096 Abby Scott

104 Family pic

132 Thunderbirds

105 Mckenzie Scott