I came home from the city today. I have to say I am impressed that I made it to and from without getting lost. Scott usually figures out how to get from point A to B so for me to do it by myself again (I used to do it in the earlier stages of our marriage. I wonder when the change happened?) was a big deal for me.

Scott took the girls to soccer yesterday. Mckenzie scored her first goal. Yay Mckenzie! They also got to play at the park, eat out, and have a movie/dance night. Scott brought out a video of a Matchbox 20 concert that he and I went to many years ago. The girls were perplexed by the idea that we were in the audience and Abby wanted to know everything that I did. I didn't take any photos today so I thought I would share a few more from my trip.

1 Oct 2012 104
1 Oct 2012 1051 Oct 2012 110 b&w1 Oct 2012 1131 Oct 2012 1151 Oct 2012 1281 Oct 2012 130



I got the chance to visit NYC by myself to do a photography walk. I had a fantastic time exploring the city, looking at it in a totally different way. I met up with a friend I haven't seen since 2005. It was so wonderful to see her, my only complaint is the visit was too short. Anyway, here are some photos from my visit. I think I may have found a new passion for photography after this trip. I was getting a little tired of taking the same photos over and over and I think this was the push I needed to get me back into photography :)
1 Oct 2012 018
This is my friend. She brought her baby with and this sweet lady couldn't get enough of the baby.
1 Oct 2012 019
1 Oct 2012 030
1 Oct 2012 067 b&w
1 Oct 2012 092
1 Oct 2012 093
1 Oct 2012 097 b&w




Scott made it home from his trip today. The girls were beyond excited to see him :) I don't like him being gone, but I love to see the girls' eyes light up when they see their Daddy after he has been gone.



Mckenzie had a play date at a friend's house so I had a good bit of the day to myself. I went to the mall and managed to sneak in a manicure and pedicure while I was there. It sure is nice to be pampered every once in awhile :) Abby had her first Daisy meeting tonight. We had to skip soccer practice because they are at the same time, but I don't think she minded. She loves the girls in her Daisy troop and they all go crazy when they get together.




Today was just one of those days for Mckenzie. She got upset and started to cry at dance because her name wasn't written on the bottom of her tap shoes.  She cried on the way home from dance because her friend was getting to have a play date with a mutual friend this afternoon and Mckenzie couldn't go because she had a dentist appointment. Then she cried because she didn't want to go to the dentist and get the yucky fluoride (I don't like the fluoride either). The trip to the dentist went better than I thought and we left without tears. But don't worry, the tears came when I told Mckenzie it was time to leave the house to get Abby from school. I don't know if she is tired or getting sick or what. It was just an off day for her! And to think it started off so well with a donut and hot chocolate from Dunkin' Donuts. 

At least Abby had a good day. She told me she advanced a level in reading and she really liked her lunch.



Between school and dance, I didn't get to see the girls very much today. Especially since Mckenzie started her afternoon science class and my friend took all the girls to dance. I found plenty to do this morning between Target and the mall, but I have to admit, I was a bit lonely this afternoon. I let Abby choose her own outfit for school pictures today. Normally, I buy an outfit I like and make her wear it, but I thought maybe, I should start letting her show her individuality. We will see how long that lasts. Mckenzie liked being able to eat lunch at school and her afternoon class. It is a small class, but she gets lots of one on one learning that way. 013 bag
My new camera bag arrived just in time for my venture to the city. I am so excited!!!!


A walk in the park. 267/366

The girls and I met some friends at the park this afternoon. It was way to beautiful outside to stay at home. Between swinging, sliding and chasing their friends the girls tired themselves out. We went for a walk on a path through park and we saw a snake in the middle of the pathway! Mckenzie ran towards it and Abby didn't want to get anywhere near it! It blows my mind how different the two of them really are. The snake slithered off into the trees and we were on our way again.

006 mckenzie swing 004 mckenzie swing I was playing around with my camera while Mckenzie was on the swings. She loves to swing, although the silly little goose still wants me to push her when I know she can swing herself.


Soccer Saturday 266/366

I thought for sure today was going to be an awful one on the soccer field. Mckenzie refused to get into her uniform and said she didn't want to go over and over. I was so torn. Should I force her to do something she clearly didn't want to do or should I let her quit soccer after only a couple of games. I chose the first option and along with modifying her uniform to make it more comfortable and a fruit snacks bribe, I got her dressed and in the car without too much drama. Once we got to the soccer field, I offered up another bribe (I have no problem bribing my children to get them to cooperate) of fruit snacks if she made it through practice and scrimmage without crying or quitting. Guess what? It worked! And she looked like she was actually enjoying herself. She smiled and even got control of the ball during scrimmage. The pride in her face as she was running that ball down the soccer field make it all worth it. For both of us. I was so proud of my girl!

Abby rocked it on the soccer field today too! I don't think any of the kids on Abby's team have played soccer before, so this first year has been rough for them. The first game they scored a few goals, just not in the right net. The second game looked a little better, but they still lost. Today I could tell Abby was frustrated after being on the field for a little bit. I asked what was wrong, thinking she didn't like playing anymore and she looked up at me with the saddest eyes and said "I just want to be on a winning team." I felt so bad for her. She went back out on the field to play and I could see her heart still wasn't into it. Near the end of the game, her coach said something to her that made all the difference (I have no idea what he said). She started playing with more determination and ended up scoring a goal. Her team's first real goal. It was so amazing!!! She was so proud of herself and after the game, she told me "Mom, I had a couple of tears in my eyes." Me too kiddo. Me too :) Thank God for sunglasses or people would have thought I was some crazy lady, crying at both her kids' soccer games.

So, I was wrong. Today was a great day on the soccer fields. I am proud of both my girls :)

The battery ran out on my camera so I thought I missed out on getting a photo of Abby and her first goal. Little did I know that Mckenzie just happened to grab a photo of her sister right after she scored! I am so happy to have a photo of this moment! Thanks Mckenzie :) First goal!!!!!!


Apple Picking 265/366

Mckenzie had a field trip for school today. Scott and I got to go apple picking with her. It was such a fun morning. Mckenzie really seems to enjoy her preschool friends and doesn't appear to need us when she is around them. I know someday that will make me sad, but she is a bit on the cautious side so it is nice to see her blossoming :) She didn't even sit next to Scott and I on the wagon ride out to the apple orchard. Instead she squeezed herself in between her friends. It was entertaining to watch her pick out the apples. She picked out a couple that were so tiny I am betting you can only get a bite off of them and then she picked some huge ones that took all her strength to yank free from the trees. Mckenzie was not at all happy with how long and thick the grass was in the orchard and she kept asking us to carry her around. An apple cider donut and running around with friends finished off the field trip. It was a great outing!

034 mckenzie041 mckenzie barb032 scott mckenzie043 mckenzie scott046 mckenzie060 Mckenzie Ava



Scott was able to go to my doctor's appointment with me this morning so he had the opportunity to hear our little bean's heartbeat. I love hearing it. It reminds me there really is something growing in there even though I still haven't really felt anything.

Abby had some homework tonight, but I don't think she even realized she was doing it. The teacher left it open to the parents as to how they were going to have the students practice their spelling  words Word Study. Apparently it is no longer PC to call it spelling. Anyway, I got out the finger paint and let her draw the words in the paint. She thought it was great and so did Mckenzie! 307 abby311 mckenzie


Football Sunday!!! 260/366

We made it to church this morning. It felt good to be back. The girls started Sunday school. I was a little worried that Mckenzie would have trouble with it, but I was wrong. She went into the classroom without complaint!

Another afternoon of football and friends. The games weren't so good, but the snacks were delicious!

301 caramel apple salad


My Little Starfish :) 256/366

Mckenzie started her final pre-K year today. She is now a Starfish! I can't believe how quickly she has grown! Mckenzie woke up singing "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" in the sweetest little voice. She was super cooperative and couldn't wait to get to school. Once we were waiting in line to enter her class, she got a little nervous and started clinging to my leg. I had fears that she was going to cry when it was time for me to leave her, but as soon as she saw her teacher, she ran over and gave her a big hug. Mckenzie barely even looked back at me to say goodbye. She said her favorite part of the day was playing inside and out. Her least favorite part was leaving. I guess that means it was a great first day!
Mckenzie Starfish 006 FIRST DAYMckenzie Starfish 015 mckenzie first dayMckenzie Starfish 017 mckenzieMckenzie Starfish 022 Mckenzie


Dance 255/366

I think we are starting to get down our morning routine. Abby has always been a morning person and so far, that hasn't changed. Mckenzie had her first dance class this morning and she was excited to get the same teacher she had over the summer. Her good friend is in the same class so that always brings a smile to Mckenzie's face as well. She really enjoyed her time and I couldn't get her out of her dance outfit until it was time to pick Abby up from school and take her to her first day of ballet. Abby had a major growth this summer and jumped two sizes in her ballet shoes! She enjoyed her class and is excited to go back next week.
068 mckenzie069 mckenzie feet071 mckenzie ballet
I love seeing her little feet in her ballet shoes :)



Mckenzie's school held it's Open House today for the students. I love the idea that the kids get to bring Mom or Dad with them to check out the classroom. I think it really helps with some of those first day of school jitters. Mckenzie got to decorate her basket for her goodies (lots of ribbons this year!), she did a couple of craft projects and had a snack with her friends. She is very comfortable with her teachers and classmates this year.

Abby had an eye appointment this afternoon so I had to pick her up from school a little early. I had to laugh because when she came down the hallway to leave, she didn't have her backpack nor her jacket. Not sure what she was thinking! It was a pretty busy day for her since she had hip hop today too! She loved class and was excited to show me some new moves she is learning.

I had a meeting tonight for Mckenzie's school. A few things have changed and there was a need for another board member. So, I am now the co-chair of the preschool board. Not exactly what I wanted to do, but since I have served before, it made sense. Let's hope for a smooth school year!
043 mckenzie065 mckenzie
I asked Mckenzie why she put her hands up when I snapped the photo. She told me she was holding up her school. Silly girl!


Football Sunday!! 253/366

The official start of football Sundays! We love football season around here. I don't know everything there is to know about it, but I sure love watching it and eating all the tasty football food that goes along with it. We invited friends over to watch the game with us. It was a great afternoon and the kids played nicely together which meant we could actually watch the game! And to top it off, the Vikings actually won! A crazy end to the fourth quarter lead to overtime. Great game!

Dakota was going crazy in the backyard and this is why. 040 Hot air balloon

A hot air balloon was very close to our neighborhood. We're not sure if they were having trouble or what because they were coming down and there really isn't a place to land near our house.


First Day of Soccer 252/366

The girls started soccer today. Abby has already had practice, but today was her first game. Mckenzie is in the instructional league which means they practice and scrimmage on the same day. Mckenzie really struggled and didn't want to play. She was OK while they were doing the drills, but once the scrimmage started, she got so upset about not getting the ball that she didn't want to play. She kept coming over to me and crying. Most of her team was having trouble and at one point, there was one girl from her team on the field against the entire other team. Hopefully, future games will be better. Funny thing is, when the game was over, Mckenzie told me she liked it! I sure couldn't tell by the way she acted!

Abby just loved playing today even though her team lost by a landslide! I don't even think she realized how badly they lost, she just had a blast running around the field, trying to get the ball. Hopefully, next time her team will understand you have to try to score against the other goalie and not your own :-)

005 mckenzie soccer003 Abby first day of soccer



Family pic at the lake:-) A family photo from our vacation.


First Grade!!!! 250/366

Abby was beyond excited about school this morning. She bounded into my room, jumped on my bed and shouted "School today! School today!" I love her enthusiasm for school and I hope she feels the same in 10 years! Too bad her love of school didn't help her shower any faster than normal. She still lounged in there for a good 20 minutes! The morning went really well and we made it to the bus stop in time to chat with her friend from last year who is attending a different school this year. She got on the bus and happily waved goodbye to Mckenzie and I, ready to start her first grade adventure. I waved back through teary eyes and hoped her day would be as fabulous as she was expecting it to be. Abby's day lived up to her expectations. She got off the bus and told me how awesome first grade is. Yay! She was eager to share what happened during the day. So different than last year when it felt like I was prying for information. She told me all about drawing her name in Art class and sitting with her friend at lunch. I asked if she did any math. She said no and then proceeded to tell me about a survey the teacher took where 18 people liked something, 4 people didn't for a total of 22. It's a shame they didn't do any math today! I also asked what her favorite and least favorite parts of the day were. Art followed by lunch was the best. Free play time was the worst because there were only a few games and not much to do. The gleam in her eyes while she was talking about the day showed me how much she really enjoyed the day. I am so thankful:) Maybe tomorrow I will worry less about how she is surviving without me for an ENTIRE day! 008 Abby016 Abby017 Abby walking to school019 the bus stop022 Abby on bus023 Abby on bus to first grade036 Abby coming home037 Abby home from first grade