Easter Sunday

Cooper seemed a little off today so he and I stayed home while everyone else went to church. Mom and I cooked Easter dinner. It was nice to have a holiday meal in our home with family. I even brought out the china! I think it is only the second time we have had family in our home for a holiday since we have been married. I did get dressed up so we could all take a family photo.008 Grandpa & Grandma Hietala & the Riley's029 Grandma & Grandpa Hietala & Abby & Mckenzie032 Abby Mckenzie
The hand pose the girls are doing is the same one that Mckenzie does for her dance class. She LOVES to do this whenever I try to snap a photo and now she has Abby doing it as well.
047 Abby048 Mckenzie053 Cooper Abby Mckenzie Scott055 Cooper Abby Mckenzie077Mckenzie Barb Abby079 Mckenzie Barb081 Mckenzie Barb Abby087 Cooper Grandpa Hietala088 Cooper Grandpa Hietala


Homemade Buns and a Couple Snapshots of Cooper

Grandma Hietala also makes really delicious buns. They girls helped whip up a batch the other day. Neither of the girls was too crazy about getting their hands sticky at first, but got over that pretty quickly. Cooper and I stayed home today while the rest of the family headed to NYC. They did a bus tour of the town and walked around Times Square, and of course they stopped at the M&M store :) Pink ones for M and purple for A!

070 mckenzie making bread071 Abby making bread073 making bread b&w

109 Cooper hair b&w

I LOVE baby yawns!
117 Cooper yawn124 Cooper bubbles142 Cooper150 Cooper


Easter Eggs

023 mckenzie028 mckenzie038 mckenzie025 mckenzie036 Abby052 Abby064 Abby 7 years035

The girls dyed Easter eggs this year. I always enjoy watching them do it. They each get so excited when the egg is just the right color or pattern.
068 Grandma Hietala Cooper 2 weeks old


Popcorn balls

003 Cooper

My Dad's specialty in the kitchen is popcorn balls. They are super tasty and I look forward to them whenever we visit ND. The girls were excited about the popcorn balls, especially watching the popcorn pop. When it came time to eat them, Mckenzie wouldn't even try one and Abby wanted more! So typical of them both.
005 mckenzie abby008 making popcorn balls009 making popcorn balls016 popcorn balls


Easter Egg Hunt

227 mckenzie grace riley

Mckenzie had an Easter Egg Hunt at school today along with a small party. She had a blast running around the playground searching for her six eggs. She was way too quick for me to even get a photo. I was lucky to get her to stop for this one!

002 Abby and her peep named Cooper

Abby brought home a Peep from school that she is responsible to care for over Spring Break. She named her Peep Cooper and she was so excited to show me the home she built for him at school. The teacher did a great job, giving each child a birth certificate for his/her Peep and the children did a bunch of activities during the day that pertained to his/her Peep! My goal for this Peep is to keep it off the floor so Dakota doesn't eat it!


Fairy dancers

Today was Mckenzie's chance to show off her dance skills for Grandma & Grandpa Hietala. Her costume is adorable and she had so much fun dancing around.
180 MCkenzie dance182 Mckenzie dance193 mckenzie danc207 mckenzie dance

Mckenzie and her bff Ava!
170 Ava MCkenzie dance

Abby had visitation for her ballet class today as well. I didn't go along as it was in the middle of a feeding for Cooper and Abby's dance teacher is very serious about disruptions! I didn't want to cause a ruckus in the middle of class so Grandma & Grandpa drove her there.

And please ignore the horrible white balance. There were two different colored lights next to each other in the room, making it nearly impossible to find the right balance! I'm sure a more experienced photographer wouldn't have had a problem, but I'm not that experienced!


Hip Hoppers

I can't believe we are so close to the end of dance. Today was Abby's visitation day for her hip hop class so we all went to watch her perform. She did great and I can't wait to see her perform on stage. It was pretty cool to have my parents there too. Living so far away from our families makes it difficult for them to participate in activities for the girls. So, today was the first time they got to attend an activity for any of our kids.

126 Abby hip hop130 Abby hip hop134 Abby hip hop156 Abby hip hop

Abby and her BFF Sophia
123 Sophia Morris Abby


Banana Bread

My Mom makes the most delicious banana bread. I think I would eat it for every meal if I could. She whipped up a batch with help from the girls. 110 Abby Mckenzie and Grandma Hietala making banana bread111 Mckenzie Grandma Hietala making banana bread112 Abby Grandma Hietala making banana bread

Cooper got to snuggle with Grandpa Hietala when he wasn't busy fixing something around the house. 116 Grandpa Hietala & Cooper