Abby came into my room a little after seven this morning and wanted to watch tv. I told her we had to go downstairs to do that so we didn't wake Mckenzie and wouldn't ya know it, as soon as we started down the stairs, Mckenzie woke up any way. The girls were in a good mood this morning and we all just veged out for awhile. They had Cocoa Puffs for breakfast this morning without the milk. I wonder if other kids do the same? They have never been ones to have milk on it. While we were getting ready for the day, Mckenzie was wandering around with one of Abby's boots on and nothing else. She looked so cute. Should have taken a picture ;)

We ran to Target to pick up some stuff we needed. The girls were good in the beginning, but they started to get pretty feisty. Neither would sit in the cart and if they were in the cart, they were hanging off the handle or standing up. We headed back home for lunch and naps.

I filled the pool and after nap time, I took the girls out for a little swim. It was getting cloudy and there was some thunder in the distance so we didn't stay out for long. Hasn't rained as of yet, but I like to play it on the cautious side with the girls. They had so much fun swimming around. Both girls wore these floaties we bought for when they go swimming in a big pool. I don't know why Abby wanted to wear them, but she did. Actually, I take that back. I am sure she wanted to wear them because we just bought them. I like to use my new things right away too! The water didn't warm up very well, so I ended up carrying buckets of warm water out so the girls didn't freeze. Of course then, they wanted to turn on the hose and spray each other. Kind of a mute point to try to warm the water. Abby is getting so much more brave when it comes to being in the water. I got her to put her face until water for 4 seconds and even touch her nose to the bottom of the pool. I could tell she was a little apprehensive about the whole thing, so I made a huge deal of praising her when she accomplished it. I am so proud that she is trying new things in the water. She even laid on her back to float. Something she never wants to do! Mckenzie on the other hand seems to enjoy being in the water. She lays on her back and floats and puts her face to the water. She doesn't dunk it yet, but I think she will soon. She brought her pacifier into the water and one time, she pulled the pacifier out of her mouth, blew bubbles on the water and then shoved the pacifier back into her mouth as fast as she could. She loves that pacifier. I will get rid of it one of these days. I just don't know when...

We came in and it was bath time and dinner time. Both girls ate well tonight for a change. No nagging by me, they both sat at the table and cleaned up their plates. This is such a rare occasion these days.

I worked on organizing Mckenzie's closet and drawers today. I finally put the summer clothes in the drawers and cleaned out the things that no longer fit. She still needs a bookcase, but we are slowly getting there. One day there will be shelves on the wall and places for nick knacks/pictures, but what's the hurry? We will be here at least another couple of years. It always seems the house finally gets into shape just about the time to move again. Part of me wants to say forget it, but deep down, I really do want curtains for every window and pictures on the wall in every room.

Scott will be home sometime in the early hours of the morning. He flew to Chicago for the weekend for a quick work trip. The only good thing about him being gone was it gave me time to pick up the house. The house always seems to get so messy when he is home and that isn't his fault, I just don't like to waste my evenings picking up when I can spend time with Scott instead.


The girls slept until 7 this morning! Yeah! We got up and hung out at home. We played inside for most of the day. It was kind of windy out and Mckenzie wanted to run around "nay-nay" Not sure what the neighbors would think if I let her outside like that!

I was going to take the girls to Target after nap time, but when Mckenzie woke up, she didn't want to get dressed and I didn't want argue. So, we played inside. Abby wanted to play hide and seek, but she was telling me where to hide. What fun is that? So, I would hide somewhere else and jump out at her. She giggles so hard when you do that and says "Oh mom, you scared me!". Too much fun! Mckenzie hid with me and giggled almost as hard as Abby.

We played outside after dinner. I convinced Mckenzie she had to put on some clothes in order to go outside. We picked some strawberries. Boy were they tasty! Our supply is starting to dwindle; I'm not sure how many days we have left to enjoy them.

Got the girls a bath and cleaned up Abby's room. She managed to destroy it during quiet time; I couldn't even see the floor there were so many toys! I really need to organize her toys/closet, but I am procrastinating because I am waiting on finding the right bookcase to add to her room. I found one at Ikea that I liked, but it wasn't in stock. Her room here has a lot less storage/space than her last room and it makes it difficult to make it work efficiently. She used to have a huge built-in bookcase which was wonderful for books and pictures. I miss our house in Florida. It really was a nice place, especially after all the work Scott put into it. I also miss living in a home we own. Renting is tough because you can't really change anything and why put so much work into a place that gives no personal return on the investment?

The girls are in bed and I am hoping they both sleep well tonight. Abby says her ear is all better and I am glad for her.

(Mckenzie didn't want to cooperate for a picture tonight. Every time I asked her to smile, she looked away from me. So, all I got was a snapshot of her pushing the car around the backyard. Abby cooperates, but I don't think she likes to unless taking a picture is her idea)


Mckenzie was up bright and early this morning. Scott got up with her and Abby was up soon after. Thankfully, Abby slept much better last night and stayed in her own bed!  The girls were playing in the bathroom this morning with Abby's Polly pocket pool. I heard Abby say to Mckenzie "Don't you remember what my teacher said? She said we can't waste water!" A few minutes later, Abby came to find me and reported that Mckenzie was wasting water (she had the bathroom faucet running). I am so glad she is concerned with water conservation. Maybe I will remind her of that the next time she is taking forever in the shower! We played at home this morning and then Scott wanted to take the girls to lunch at Chick-fil-A. Abby was a little disappointed that was her "special" surprise, but she enjoyed it anyway. I think we may go there a little too often for it to be considered special anymore. Abby saw a little girl she knows from school and was so excited to see her. Mckenzie had a good time too and even sat in her highchair for a little while before wanting to sit on my lap. We came home and put Mckenzie down for her nap. After nap, we played for a little while. Of course Mckenzie wanted nothing to do with clothes. I am always so nervous about her making a mess on the carpet. Luckily, she hasn't done that yet! The girls were playing well together and Abby was rolling Mckenzie up in a blanket like a hot dog. Those girls are so silly. We went out to dinner and ran to the mall to look for some sandals. I think it was a little late in the day to take the girls shopping. Abby didn't want to listen very well and only wanted to go look at the rowboats (they were kayaks in the sporting good store). Then both girls decided to try on shoes like Scott and I were doing. Needless to say, their feet were very dirty by the time we found sandals for ourselves! Mckenzie wouldn't keep her shoes on and she kept running around the store.

Bear, check; Daddy doll, check; pacifier, check
The girl has everything needed to go potty!
(I don't think she was too happy I was taking this picture)


Abby had a pretty rough night. She said her ear hurt and wouldn't stop crying. Poor thing. Gave her some medicine and she finally fell asleep with me. Scott ended up in the guest room.  We took Scott's truck in this morning to get new tires/alignment... and it ended up costing way more than we anticipated. Turns out a wheel bearing was bad and needed replacement. Guess we should have traded her in for something else before putting new tires on :-) Scott has been looking at BMW's and dreaming. If only...

We went to breakfast at Perkins while we waited for his truck to be done. I love Perkins, although this morning, it was only ok. Our waitress was a little forgetful. She brought Scott coffee when he ordered orange juice. That's not a big deal, but Scott won't go anywhere near coffee. We did a little grocery shopping before heading home. It was nice to have help with the girls at the store. It was a much more relaxed experience.

We came home and had lunch and nap time. Scott started working on paperwork for selling our house in Florida. We are planning sell it soon. I hope it works out for us! It hasn't been a trouble yet to have a rental property in another state, but as the house gets older, I am sure things will start to go wrong. We just don't want to have to deal with that!

I took Abby to the after-hours clinic for her ear. Turns out she has an ear infection. Her first one ever! We have been so lucky she has never really been sick.  Got her started on antibiotics and hopefully she will be feeling better soon. We told her she had to sleep in her bed tonight. We will see how that goes...

Just hanging out with Scott and enjoying life.  I love when he is home and we can spend time together.


Mckenzie woke up in the middle of the night and she was wide awake! Hasn't she learned yet that her mama likes to sleep? So, instead of waking Scott up, Mckenzie and I headed to the guest bedroom. She did go back to sleep, but that girl is a bed hog!!! I seriously don't understand how something so small can crowd me out of the bed! Abby came to join us early in the morning and so our day started! Scott and I took the girls to the park this morning. It was a MOM's club meeting and I wasn't sure who was going to be there for Abby to play with. Fortunately, Abby's good friend was there and when they saw each other, they jumped up and down and giggled with excitement and took off to play! I love to see her so happy! Mckenzie had fun with Scott on the swings but she actually played on the other equipment more than she has before. After the park, it was time for lunch and then nap time! Mckenzie was down for about 45 minutes and she woke up, but fortunately, I got her to go back to sleep in my bed with me. Abby came and joined us and the three of us napped until after 4! It was so nice to take a nap. We went for a bike ride and to the park before dinner. Abby was riding pretty quickly today and I was wishing I had my tennis shoes on instead of flipflops! She even tried riding her bike in the grass. I am so glad her confidence is growing! Mckenzie was excited to get to swing again. As soon as the park was in sight, she started talking about the swing. "Swing, me!" She is getting into the stage she wants to do everything herself. She especially likes to put the lid on her sippy cup. We played for a little while, but it started looking like it was going to rain so we headed back home. Mckenzie decided it was "nay-nay" time (or naked time) and Abby had to follow suit again. I am so worried that Mckenzie is going to potty on the floor, but she gives me good cues that she needs to go and actually used the potty again! YEAH! I never thought I would let my kids eat dinner in their birthday suits, but today they did tonight! I might add that they both ate really well! Maybe I'm on to something... Put the girls to bed, but it was storming outside and Abby told me she was scared and wanted to sleep on the couch. I'm guessing she wasn't tired after her long nap and so we ended up watching a movie together and eating popcorn. Abby loves to feed Dakota popcorn and Dakota sits there patiently as Abby feeds her one piece at a time. Abby is finally in bed. I'm ready to head there too. Scott made it home from his local flight that never took off because of weather.

Abby wanted to pose for a picture! We took several...
She was pointing out an airplane!
Having fun with her friend.


Abby had her last day of preschool today :( We asked her if she was sad about that and she told us "no, some of the kids were, but not me." I guess all this moving around is going to make for one tough cookie! I stopped by her class a little early to get some pictures of Abby playing with her friends, but once she saw Mckenzie, she only wanted to play with her sister! Mckenzie didn't want to play, instead, she chose to cling to my leg. I think she was just shy around so many kids and parents. When we got home from school, Abby asked if she could go swimming. I bought the kids an inflatable pool the other day and Abby has wanted to use it since then. So we inflated the pool and filled it with water. Abby and Mckenzie helped hold the water hose while it was filling. Abby told me she was watering the pool. Both girls wanted to get in the pool right away and it was quite the challenge to get them into the house. We had lunch and it was nap time for Mckenzie. She still isn't 100% and I am glad she took a long nap. The second Abby heard Mckenzie waking up from her nap, she was upstairs, in Mckenzie's room asking her if she was ready to go swimming. The girls had a blast in the pool and it was hard to get them out of the water when it was time for dinner, even though after about 10/15 minutes in the water Abby had told me she was done!  Mckenzie didn't even want to get out of the water to eat her snack, so we had a few goldfish floating in the water. I didn't feel like cooking, so after a quick bath for my sunbathing beauties, we headed to a local diner. It was a good dinner. They serve way too much food and ice cream as well. The girls behaved and we only had a few messes. Once, I spilled my pop all over me and then Abby spilled a glass of water all over her and me. I am guessing it looked like I peed my pants when we got up to leave!


Mckenzie was supposed to see the doctor today about her facial cyst, but we never made it to our appt because she got sick on the way :( She had been complaining in the backseat, saying owies and holding her head. I thought she was getting an ear infection since she woke up last night with a low-grade temperature. Turns out it was a stomach ache and she started throwing up in her car seat. I was on the interstate and there was no where for me to stop. I felt so bad for her; she was crying and kept repeating "spilled" over and over. I finally found a place to park and got her cleaned up as best I could and headed back home. Good thing there was a coat in the car or she would have been riding half naked! She hasn't thrown up since, but she is still running a temp. I am wondering if she does have an ear infection as she has had a lot of drainage in the last few weeks. We will just have to wait and see. I hope she feels better tomorrow. We spent most of the day just hanging out and watching movies. The girls did spend a couple hours this evening running around naked. Lately Mckenzie hasn't wanted to put a diaper or clothes on and tonight was one of those moments. Of course since Mckenzie wasn't wearing clothes, Abby followed suit. I can't imagine what people would think if they stopped by our house this evening! The good thing was Mckenzie used her potty. She hasn't been interested in a while and she asked to use it. YAY. Maybe sometime in June we will work on getting her potty trained! Both girls are in bed. I am hoping Mckenzie has a restful night.


A quiet day around here. Scott got up with the girls and let me sleep in again! Yay! It was a cloudy, wet day so we hung out inside. We worked on some puzzles that Abby found from my stash of toys. I need to find a better hiding spot! After nap time, we decided to head out to the mall to do a little shopping. We were in need of some summer clothes and Scott was actually in the mood to try on clothes! As we were getting ready to leave the house, Abby stated matter of factly  "I can take my game or my lambie." I looked at her and said "really? who said that?"  Which she replied with "Can I?" When we were in the mall, Mckenzie saw a water fountain and actually said the word water. She usually uses this made up word of hers when she is talking about water. I was so excited! She is growing up so fast. Oh and she just got in her fourth front tooth on the bottom. Mckenzie now has twelve teeth! Only 8 more to go! Her teeth are coming in so much slower than Abby's did and she has a really hard time with teething. Makes me realize how lucky Abby was (and us too!).  We found some clothes and then grabbed some burgers at Five Guys. Both Scott's and my burgers were wrong the first time so Scott brought them back. The guy told us to keep them and he would make us the right ones. Well, when he brought the second batch, mine still wasn't right. There was no point in sending it back. The burger tasted good and I wasn't in the mood to wait around for try number three.  We got home and played around for a little bit before putting the girls to bed. I never even got the camera out today so no pics! Sorry.


We headed to Ocean City, NJ today to check out the boardwalk and beach. What a fun day we had! It only took a little over an hour to get there and parking was easy so that was a bonus. I guess not many people were interested in the beach since it was pretty cloudy out and a little cool. We walked the boardwalk for a little while, stopping for lunch along the way. We found out the girls both like Philly cheese steaks (I am pretty sure it is my new favorite sandwich too). I thought for sure Mckenzie was going to spit the sandwich out when she took a bite, but she confiscated part of my sandwich for herself. Abby kept asking for more bites too. Those kids surprise me every day. We found an area with rides and the girls had a blast. I think Abby's favorite was either the roller coaster or the screamer (a slow ride up and then a quick fall).  She did both rides with Scott while Mckenzie and I watched and took pictures. Abby's face was one of pure delight and excitement as she was riding both of them. Mckenzie was able to do quite a few of the rides as well and had a big smile on her face. She liked a balloon ride that spun in circles. Those girls have a better stomach than I do. One ride on the tilt a whirl and I wasn't too sure about any more! Scott was like a big kid and had as much fun as the girls! After we finished riding, we got an ice cream snack and walked the boardwalk some more.  We headed down to the beach and the girls and Scott worked on building sandcastles. Abby wanted to go down to the water so away we went even though it was pretty cool. Mckenzie wasn't so sure about walking on the sand so Scott had to carry her. She wasn't too sure about the water either. She was content to stay in Scott's arms and watch Abby dash back and forth with the waves. Mckenzie finally warmed up to the water and then she fell down and got wet. Poor girl was so cold! Luckily we had a change of clothes with and a nice big blanket to wrap up in. Abby loved the water. She couldn't get enough of it. The smile on her face said it all. We stayed on the beach for a while before heading back to the boardwalk. Mckenzie finally fell asleep in the stroller as we headed back toward the car. We stopped at a Mexican restaurant for dinner on the way home and it was added to the list of disappointing restaurants. We still have yet to find a Mexican restaurant worth returning too. Makes both of us miss Charleston and the delicious La Hacienda! We got the girls home, a quick bath, and off to bed. I hope the fresh air today tired the girls out. I don't feel like sleeping on Mckenzie's floor again tonight like I did for a little while last night!


The girls both slept great last night! YAY! Abby had field day at school, which was basically a big party for all the kids who attend there. I think both girls had a good time. They had face painting, tattoos, games, popcorn, art projects, water ice. All the things kids love! Abby enjoyed running around with her friends and Mckenzie liked doing whatever Abby did. Abby got zebra stripes painted on her face and she couldn't stop smiling/looking at herself in the mirror! I asked Mckenzie if she wanted her face painted and she said no until I suggested she get a fish painted on her face. She perked right up at that suggestion and sat still while she got it done. Abby was a little cranky when we first arrived, but she got over that as soon as she got some popcorn! We stayed for a few hours and then it was time to get Mckenzie home for her nap and Scott had to go into work for a little while. Abby was sad to leave her friends. She has really blossomed with this school experience and loves spending time with her friends. After nap time, the girls and I headed out to the park. Abby rode her bike again and she is definitely building confidence. She rode a lot faster today than before. I am so proud of her! She keeps going even though she is a little scared of doing it. The girls were excited to go to the park and when Scott came home from work, he joined us there. Abby saw Scott walking up and she took off running, shouting Daddy! I love how excited she gets to see him! Mckenzie wanted nothing to do with me once Scott got there. She only wanted Scott to push her in the swing. I love how much he means to her too! Abby's friends showed up at the park too and Abby enjoyed getting to see them again. We came home and Scott gave the girls a bath while I made some dinner. Those girls were filthy from playing outside today but they had so much fun. I can't believe I cooked again. There must be something wrong with me! We went for a quick walk around the neighborhood after dinner so the dog could get outside. Abby was surprised we let her go out in her pajamas. Oh, earlier today, the girls were playing with the camera and dropped it on the ground. Scott told them to be careful with it and Abby's response was "but it didn't broke!"


Last night was one of the longest nights we have had in a long time. Abby didn't go to sleep until almost 10pm and Mckenzie was after 11pm! Then both of them woke up in the middle of the night, super cranky and ended up in bed with me. Poor Scott ended up on the princess couch on the floor that Abby was supposed to be sleeping on. Not sure why he didn't go to the guest bedroom. Although, he probably got more sleep than I did since the little people were so restless and kept talking to each other when they were supposed to be sleeping! Abby had school this morning and got to present her picture board to her classmates again. She did half the board on Monday and half today. She was so cute standing up there with a stick to point out her pictures and her face was glowing when the teacher was asking her questions about them. Sometimes, she just loves to be the center of attention! I brought Mckenzie with me since Scott had to work and Abby was so excited to have her little sister in class and Mckenzie was just as excited to be there. Abby was telling her friends, "this is my baby, Mckenzie Grace" and she told me we had to teach Mckenzie the hello song the class sings every day. The two of them had a blast sitting next to each other and when Abby was presenting her board, Mckenzie ran up to her twice to give hugs! I hope they will continue to be so close and loving as they grow older! Mckenzie and I went to grab a cup of coffee and came back home to play. She was pretty cranky and only wanted to watch Cars. She spilled water all over her shirt and that little bugger kept running from me when I tried to put on another. So, she ran around without her shirt on! Scott came home for lunch and I headed back to Abby's school. Today was the last day of her Chef class and they celebrated by having a "Chef Feast". It was a great time. Each child brought in a dish and we had a big lunch. The kids had so much fun and Abby loved having me in her class as much as I loved being there! I let her use my camera and she took some very funny pics as well as some pretty good ones! We came home and Scott and Abby ran a couple of errands while I stayed home with Mckenzie. She took a short nap, so I am hoping she will sleep tonight! She was pretty cranky this afternoon too; I'm not sure if isn't feeling well or if it is just teething. I wish she would get all her teeth already. She is still missing several! Scott and the girls took the Barbie Jeep around the block while I had a few moments of alone time! The house was so quiet, it was kind of eerie! We grilled some burgers for dinner (when I say we, I really mean Scott) and Mckenzie actually ate some hamburger (of course, it had to be dipped in ranch, but it still counts as protein right?).

Abby & her teacher Mrs. DiPaolo

Running from me when I tried to put on a shirt!


Scott let me sleep in this morning and got up with the girls. He said Mckenzie wanted to watch Cars for a little bit and when she got hungry, told him she wanted breakfast. He took her over to the fridge and she asked for yogurt and as soon as Scott grabbed it, she was running over to the silverware drawer, saying "me, me". She likes to get her own spoon! Then she went to her chair and waited for Scott to put her in. We headed to Ikea in South Philly today. I have never been and we thought it would be a good day to check it out as we couldn't go outside due to the rain. It was a great store with so much stuff! Almost overwhelming. I am sure if I had gone without Scott, I would have bought way too much! But, I didn't buy much of anything. Just a couple of candles for Abby's school teachers. Since it was lunchtime, we headed over to Tony Lukes for a tasty cheesesteak sandwich! Just as good as last time! I think it is my new favorite restaurant.  We came home and tried to get Mckenzie to take a nap, but she fell asleep in the car for a short while and she was not willing to nap. Scott stayed home with the girls while I ran out to Target and to the grocery store to pick up a few things. While I was at the grocery store, I ran into a fellow North Dakotan. Kind of odd! She noticed my UND shirt and started talking to me. When I got home, both girls were sleeping; Mckenzie on Scott's chest and Abby next to them on the couch. I guess they were both tired after all! I woke Abby up so we could make sugar cookies to take to her chef class tomorrow. It is her last day and we are having a little party. The time has gone so quickly and I am starting to wonder how to fill her summer days! During dinner, Abby spilled her milk all over the floor so I got to mop the floors while Scott gave the girls a bath. We put the girls to bed at their normal time, but both of them are still fighting sleep. Abby talked Scott into reading books in her bed and she is still doing that. Mckenzie has repeatedly thrown her bear and pillow out of her bed in an attempt to leave her crib. I finally caved and she is now resting on Scott. We should have known better than to let them nap so late in the day. Hopefully they will fall asleep soon!


The kids slept in today and it wasn't a good day to do that since Abby had school this morning. We woke up about 30 minutes before she was supposed to be there, but luckily she made it on time. I forgot Abby was the "Star of the Week" this week at school. Every week, one child makes a photo board and gets to tell his/her classmates about themselves. So, just a couple of minutes before Scott and Abby were leaving the house, I remembered she needed her poster. Needless to say, I was devastated. How could I forget to make it with her? She has been asking to do it, but I have been putting it off because I didn't want to sort through all my extra photos that I just don't know what to do with. I realize now we should have done it when Abby asked :( I managed to find/print photos and make a board pretty quickly (thank you scrap booking supplies!) and Scott came back home to pick it up after he dropped Abby off at school. He made it back just in time for Abby to present her board! Scott said Abby liked her poster and did a good job presenting to her classmates. Thank God we got that done. Now just to deal with the guilt of not taking the time earlier to do it with Abby :(  Abby's teacher called me today to let me know some little boy pinched her while they were waiting in line to wash their hands. She said Abby was fine and when I picked her up from school, Abby didn't seem to even care about it at all. When I asked Abby would did it, I had a pretty good guess, and she confirmed my suspicions.  I am glad she wasn't bothered by it, she can be very sensative sometimes. Abby's clothes were covered in paint from her science experiment today. Not sure what they did, but it looks like it was a lot of fun. Her teacher made sure to tell me that it was washable paint. Whatever. They are just clothes. If they are stained, all the better to play in. Our afternoon was pretty quiet. Scott and the girls played; the girls just can't get enough of him! They love to be tickled and chased by Scott. I tried tickling Abby, but she said that was for Daddy to do and snuggled in next to me. We had dinner and then went to Sonic for an ice cream treat. Sugar affects our kids so quickly (especially from ice cream) and in no time at all, they were running circles around the table! We came home and put the girls to bed! I guess Mckenzie wasn't ready for bed tonight. She has been playing in her room for the last hour, shouting my name. I hope she falls asleep soon. Oh, by the way, my new shower curtain and towels came for the girl's bathroom today. Now that they are hanging, I have decided the bathroom needs to be painted. I am excited to get that done; Scott isn't. I guess we will just have to wait and see if it gets done!


Scott made it home today! YAY!!! I told the girls yesterday evening that he would be coming home today and so when Abby came into my room this morning, the first question out of her mouth was "Where's Daddy?". She was very disappointed when I told her we had to wait until after Mckenzie's nap to see Daddy. Both girls slept until 7am! What a great way to start the day. I made the girls some eggs and bacon and we hung out inside for a little while. The girls wanted to color and coloring turned into water painting. What a mess! Instead of using the paint brushes like the were supposed to do, those little buggers were digging the little fingers into the paint and splashing around in the water. They were more interested in what color the water was turning than painting. Abby did manage to paint one picture and it turned out quite nice if I do say so myself! She also drew a picture for Daddy. It was an airplane, our family of four, and Grandpa and Grandma, and Grandma. Very sweet. We went for another bike ride this morning and Abby was still very cautious about how fast she would ride, although, there were a few times she dared go a little faster. We played at the park for a little while and then headed back for lunch. I made the girls PB & J sandwiches again and Abby complained as soon as she saw it. "Why are we having peanut butter sandwiches and fruit again?" Sorry. Just didn't feel like cooking :) Mckenzie went down for her nap. She was very excited to go to her crib and get her pacifier. She gets the biggest smile on her face and snuggles into her bear. Abby played with her puzzles, not putting the together, but building roads with them and driving cars on them. Children are so imaginative! After nap, Abby was ready to go get Scott but I told her we had to wait a little bit. The girls took a bath and had an early dinner and we were finally out the door to pick up Scott. Unfortunately we got a little delayed. I was putting some things in the front seat of the car and I didn't see Abby behind me and when I opened the door, it hit her in the head! OUCH! I felt so bad for her. At least she used the ice pack to help control any swelling. Then Mckenzie needed a diaper change and we were finally on the road. It was a quick trip to Philly, but once we got to the airport, we couldn't find Scott. On the third swing past the terminals, we finally saw him. The girls were so excited. I can't believe the straps on their car seats held them in, they were jumping around so much. And squealing! Those girls love their Daddy and couldn't get enough of him. At one point on the drive back home, Abby was talking and I answered her. Her response to me? "No Mommy, I was talking to Daddy!" Sorry. Then she asked Scott if he would play with her for a little bit when we got home. When he said yes, she said they could only play for a little bit because then she had to get ready for bed because she had school tomorrow. Then she asked Scott if he would take her to school tomorrow. When he told her he would, she shouted "Woo hoo". So cute. Oh, the other funny thing was after Scott told her they could play for a little when we got home, she asked me if it was ok for the two of them to play. I love it. I guess she does know who the boss is! Mckenzie kept shouting Daddy and when we would laugh, she would shout it even louder. Both girls couldn't stop smiling and when we got home, they wouldn't leave his side. They kept tackling him and begging to be tickled. We finally got them settled down and off to bed for the night. It is so great to have Scott back home.


Abby slept with me last night; she came over in the middle of the night scared of something. Both girls got up around 6 again this morning. I think Dakota woke Mckenzie and then we made too much noise and woke up Abby. We hung out in the house for a while, watching Dakota steal food from the kids' plates. Then we went out for a walk. Abby rode her bike, very slowly again, and I pushed Mckenzie in the stroller. I am not sure how many times I bumped into Abby because she stopped for no reason or I wasn't paying attention and started walking as fast as I normally would! Luckily, no falls! We ended up riding by her pre-school teacher's house and Abby kept asking if she could go play with Ms. Sharpe. We came back home for lunch and nap time. After nap, we went on another bike ride. She did ride a little faster, but she likes to ride slow. We decided to stop at the park before heading home. Mckenzie was so excited, shouting "park, park!" Abby ran into one of her school friends at the park and enjoyed getting to run around with her. Scott called and said they were stopping here for a couple of hours on a refueling stop. It would have been nice to go see him, but I think it would have been too hard on the girls when they had to say good bye again. We came home from the park and had some PB & J's for dinner and off to bed/bath time! The girls are both so picky with their sandwiches. Abby only likes peanut butter and it has to be cut into the shape of a dinosaur. Mckenzie will only eat hers if I break it into small pieces; otherwise, she will separate the slices, lick off the jelly, and dig her finger around in the peanut butter, eventually complaining that her fingers are sticky. Mckenzie is coughing quite a bit tonight. I think her allergies are acting up with spending so much time outside. I hope she can get some rest tonight.

(P.S I realize looking at the pictures of Mckenzie that maybe it is time for a first haircut! Those bangs are getting a little wild!)


Today was a quiet day at the house. The girls were both up early again and we spent the day playing inside. We ran a couple of errands this morning and the girls were pretty well behaved while we were out today. I think Abby was surprised at how little time we spent at Target because when we went to the check out she said "That was quick!" I really only needed a couple of things and I knew if we stayed out any longer, I would end up taking the kids out for lunch. So, we did a quick trip and headed back home for lunch. Not sure why I even bothered making a sandwich for Mckenzie; all she did was pick at her food. But, I think I caught a glimpse of a new tooth, so that may be the reason for that. The girls are down for the night and I am hoping for a nicer day so we can spend some time outside!


What a beautiful day and we all are a little red to prove it. I don't know why I have such trouble remembering to put sunscreen on the girls. Every day we lived in Florida, I slathered those girls up and they didn't burn. Here, I have been having trouble remembering. I think part of the problem for me is that it isn't warm and when I think of sunscreen, I think of melting in the heat and humidity of FL. My mission is to do better! Neither one of the girls was complaining, so I don't think it was too bad, but I have put aloe vera on them at least three times since this afternoon! We had a really nice day. The girls and I met some other moms from the moms club (I say that like I have joined. I haven't yet. I am still waiting on someone else to write the check and fill out any appropriate paper work. Can I hire someone to do that for me? LOL)  at a local park. I really like the park because there is plenty for the girls to do without it being so big I worry that I will lose one of them. Abby had a great time running around with her little friends. she was even being a little daring today by trying out the monkey bars. They are low to the ground so I am not so worried about her falling and it builds her confidence that she can do something she sees as for older kids. Mckenzie was content to hang on my leg or swing. A few times down the slide and once she managed to slip out of my sight just long enough to climb the steps of a big slide. So, guess who got to run up and go down the slide with her? It was a lot of fun. Not sure why I don't do it more often! We came home and did lunch and nap time. Mckenzie slept for three hours today and Abby was content to play by herself. Lining her cars up and making them go to school. Then she colored for awhile until Mckenzie woke up. Mckenzie colored for a little bit too, but when Abby or I would try to color on her page, she would protest shouting "ME ME!". Guess she wanted to do it all herself. Not sure where she gets that independent attitude from ;) Although it is interesting to me. Both girls have their moments of tremendous independence and others of major insecurities/dependencies. Makes me wonder what they will be like as adults? We went for a walk this afternoon and I let Abby ride her bike. She was so excited to get to ride her bike on the sidewalk. It was a short walk that lasted an hour. How might that happen? Well, Abby decided to take is slooooooooooow on her bike today! I am glad she didn't go crazy and race her bike, but I there were moments I wondered if we were ever going to get around the block! We saw some friends as we were walking and Abby was so excited to get to see them again today. After we said our goodbyes, Abby asked if her friends could come over to play. Then she asked if they could spend the night. I am thinking she likes her new friends! I actually cooked again tonight. Spaghetti last night and tacos tonight. The girls are going to think all the restaurants in town have closed! The girls are in bed and I managed to force myself to workout again. Yay for me. I am hoping the girls sleep better tonight than last. Mckenzie was inconsolable for awhile and I had to rock her back to sleep. Abby woke up briefly but she went right back to sleep. So, I hope it works out better for them tonight.


Mckenzie was wide awake again at 6 this morning. I am thankful she slept through the night, but it would have been nice to sleep until my real alarm clock went off. Abby had school like usual and for once she didn't argue with me over what to wear. It was cold again and I didn't want her wearing a dress so somehow she was agreeable to jeans! I had an end of the year conference with Abby's teacher today and Abby is doing well in class. The only thing Ms. Sharpe suggested we work on was Abby's knowledge of our address and phone number. Can't really blame the kid for not knowing that since we have had multiple addresses over the past year. So, I guess I know what I need to work on her with. Mckenzie didn't nap for very long today, only 50 minutes. I am hoping this isn't the end of her naps and I also hope this doesn't mean she is getting sick. She was really snotty today, but I think it was allergies. We ran some errands after picking Abby up from school and then came home to play. Abby wanted to play emergency or 911. What fun. I had to be an ambulance a million times because she kept breaking her leg or poking her eye out! She loved it though and that makes me happy! Mckenzie was so tired tonight that she asked to go to bed after their bath. I was reading to the girls and Mckenzie wanted nothing to do with the book. Instead, she was searching for her pacifier and telling me "night nights". Sweet little girl. She gets so excited to see her bear and pacifier at bedtime. I talked to Scott again today. Poor guy is ready to come home as it is super warm where he is. Hopefully this weekend we will see him! Abby told me she missed her daddy today and hopes he comes home to play with her. She breaks my heart. I don't know how other people can be away from their families even longer than we are. They must be the strongs ones!


Same old Tuesday, hanging out at the house with the girls. We played puzzles and watched movies and played outside. It was pretty gloomy all day and kind of cold so we only played outside for a little bit. I keep a few toys hidden in the closet for rewards for the girls or to help when Scott is gone. I haven't needed to dig into my stash, but Abby found it today. She NEVER goes into the coat closet but for some reason she did today and found a soccer ball I had hidden in there. So, we did go out and play soccer for a little while, although she played with it more in the house while trying to get our shoes and coats on than she did once we got outside! Abby discovered that one of the strawberries was red, but a bird had already found it and tasted. So, we will have to wait for another strawberry to ripen. Both girls are in bed, but they are both restless. I think it might be because I put a couple of plug-ins back into the wall. They smell so strong, so I guess I will be getting rid of them. Even my nose is getting itchy and I now remember why I unplugged them before. I really wanted to leave it in the kids' bathroom because it has a funky odor that even a complete cleaning doesn't get rid of. Not sure what the smell is, but I guess we will continue to smell it! I am so excited; I ordered a new shower curtain and monogrammed towels for the girls' bathroom today! I was only looking to buy a towel for Mckenzie that matched what we had in there already, but I bought that stuff when Abby was just little and Pottery Barn didn't have anything that would really match anymore. So, I can't wait for it to arrive! Hopefully it will come before Scott gets home. I am sure he won't see a need for a new shower curtain and if it is already hanging, there isn't much to do about it then ;)


Another routine day around here after a not so fun night. I was finally crawling into bed around 1:30 am when Mckenzie woke up, not she woke up like she couldn't find her pacifier and fell right back to sleep. No, she was awake, wide awake for two hours! She kept snuggling in closer to me and rubbing my back or my arm, which I really do love, I could just do without it at that time of the day! She also kept telling me to get up. I finally obliged her and took her back to her own bed at 3:30. I was expecting a major tantrum, but I guess she was finally ready to go back to sleep. Abby had preschool this morning and Mckenzie and I came home. My plan was to do laundry, but that still hasn't happened. Maybe tomorrow. We played outside after picking up Abby from school. We got to Skype with Scott tonight. We had a bad connection and lost each other for a little bit. Poor Mckenzie was so upset. She was crying and pointing to the screen saying "daddy". She was very happy when we were able to connect again and she kept touching his face on the screen. Abby had a new "trick" to show me tonight. It was flipping out of the chair backwards. She was having so much fun doing it. I remember being little and doing that... Anyway, the girls are in bed and I must get this house picked up. I really need to move somewhere  tornadoes don't spontaneously erupt everyday!

                        A little icee is always tasty!            Abby was checking out her strawberries!

The girls had fun swinging their dogs from the tree!

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