We ran to Target and the grocery store this morning and then picked up some Chick-fil-A on the way home. Mckenzie's eyes were very droopy when I put her in the car so I figured I had better do something to keep her awake or there would be no nap this afternoon. The kids were very good  in the stores today so it made for an easy day of shopping. If only they could have been that good at home! Abby and I played a little Go Fish today. She really needs to learn how to hold her cards in her hands. Instead of hiding them, she lays them out in a line in front of her so she knows what she has. We made some Rice Krispie treats and boy were they yummy. I haven't had them in so long! We went to the park this afternoon and Abby had so much fun going down the slides and getting chased by me. Mckenzie was content to spend most of her time in the swing. My flip flop broke while I was playing with the girls so I ended up walking home with only one shoe on. I was so glad it wasn't hot out today or my foot would really hurt. We got to talk to Scott a couple of times today. He is doing good, just tired from flying.


Mckenzie woke up again around 6, but she went back to sleep in my bed. I couldn't fall back to sleep because I kept worrying about getting the garbage can down to the street before the truck came. I really need to learn to put that thing out the night before! So, I got up and ready for the day. Abby woke up while I was showering and climbed into my bed with her sister. It was so sweet; Abby put her arm across Mckenzie and was laying there, looking at her sister. We played around the house this morning and after nap, we went to the purple park. The girls were having fun, going down the slides together and playing on the pole that spins (Abby told me "I tickled my tummy momma" when she would spin a little too long).  But, then Abby decided to throw a tantrum over not being able to get across the monkey bars today and we ended up leaving the park. She was crying until her movie came on in the car and then she was fine, but as soon as we pulled into the drive, she started up again. That little girl is filled with determination I tell ya. She finally settled down and we ate some dinner and then headed up for a bath. Mckenzie must have been very tired tonight because she hardly even fussed about going to bed. Sorry no pic of the girls today. I was too lazy to get the camera out.


We had a great time today with our friends from Mississippi! They are here visiting family (they are also our friends we went on our cruise with) and stopped by this morning for a visit. The kids had a blast playing in the pool; I don't know how all four of them managed to fit into the small pool we have, but they did and had a great time. Not much water left when they were done, but that makes it easy to drain! Abby was being very brave and let her friend poor water over her head/face. She usually doesn't like getting her face wet, so i am proud of her for doing that! Mckenzie seems to have no fear of the water and was right there in the middle of the splashing with the bigger kids until it was past her nap time. She didn't want to go down for a nap and cried for Abby as I was getting her ready, but she did go to sleep quickly. We ordered in some pizza for dinner and then our friends had to get back home. It is a bit of a drive for them, so we really appreciate them coming all this way to see us! Abby was sad to see them leave and cried for quite a while after they left. Mckenzie is now fighting going to sleep. I have already been in to see her a couple of times and she is still calling for me. I don't know how she can't be tired. She took a short nap and ran around the house playing hard all afternoon!


We had a quiet morning around here today (well, by quiet I mean we didn't go anywhere. It was by no means quiet as we had our fair share of disagreements over the dolls and how to play with them! Abby likes to direct Mckenzie on what to do with and when to play with the dolls. Mckenzie would rather do her own thing which causes conflict!) and after nap we went to Target. I needed to return some things and it was nice to get out of the house. The girls spent forever in the toy section, playing with what seemed like every toy made! It was almost as though they had never seen a toy before! I kept hearing, I would like this or I would like that a million times over from Abby. I kept telling her to wait for Christmas. She was sweet though when she saw something she thought Mckenzie would like, she would say she wanted to buy it for Mckenzie's birthday. Abby asked if we could eat dinner out and since I didn't feel like cooking, we ate at Ruby Tuesdays. The kids were a little sassy when we sat down, but they settled down pretty quickly. Mckenzie sat in a booster chair and it is the first time she has made it through a dinner at a restaurant without getting up and running around! I think I may be on to something here!


Both girls decided to wake up bright and early this morning at 6! I was hoping to get them back into bed with me for a little more sleep, but that was only wishful thinking! I overheard the girls playing together today and it was fun to listen to them. Abby asked Mckenzie if she wanted popcorn and when Mckenzie answered yes, Abby then told her she needed to go back to bed and take her nap if she wanted to eat popcorn. It is so interesting to hear my children mimic our parenting style and actions. We use popcorn/movie night as a reward for Abby and I guess she decided to use that for her sister too! We made it to the park today! Abby is getting faster on her bike and I need to remember to wear tennis shoes next time instead of flip flops. I was having trouble keeping my shoes on while trying to keep up with her! Both girls had fun running around the park and chasing each other down the slide. At dinner tonight, Mckenzie dipped her grapes in ranch dressing (which was the only way I could get her to eat her chicken tonight). It looked so gross, but she cleaned up two servings of grapes that way. Not sure how healthy that was though... Abby didn't want to go to sleep again tonight, complaining about how she doesn't like her green room. I told her that as long as she behaves, we will paint her room purple when Scott gets back home. I am sure Scott is going to be so excited to do some painting; he thought he was all done with that once we became renters!
Say cheese
Didn't want her picture taken, but I just loved her clothing choice today! Flowers and plaid!
She loves that she has learned to do flips on the bar!
Waiting to catch her big sister as she comes down the slide!


Today was a lazy day filled with lots of tantrums, big and small, from both of my sweet, little girls. I think we need to get out of the house tomorrow so it isn't a repeat of today! It wasn't all bad, it was just one of those days for all of us. We did have a good time playing with dolls. I dug through a bin of baby clothes I have no idea what to do with and found a few things small enough for the dolls to wear. The girls had so much fun putting socks and mittens and bibs on their dolls. It was sweet to watch Mckenzie. She has such a kind, maternal soul; feeding, burping, rocking her baby. She even shared her pacifier with the baby. Although sometimes, she would drop her doll just so she could rock her again. Not sure how maternal that is... Abby is into dressing her dolls and making them go to school. She loves to send her dolls & barbies off to school. Scott called during dinner, so it was almost 7:30 by the time I finally got the girls to finish their dinner. Some meals I have to nap them bite by bite just to eat. I finally got them to bed. Abby insisted on sleeping on her princess couch and Mckenzie didn't want to go to sleep. She kept throwing things out of the crib in protest and shouting for me. I hope they both sleep better tonight than last. I really don't like sharing the bed with the two of them!


Mckenzie had a rough night of sleep last night. I am not sure if her teeth are bothering her or what, but after some motrin, she finally went back to sleep. The girls and I went to the park this morning. It was a hot one out there and Mckenzie was looking red and warm not too long after we got there. Abby could play in the sun all day long, but I'm guessing that's because she played outside all summer long at daycare when we lived in Florida. This New Jersey heat is probably nothing to her! We ran to Target after the park and I finally found lamps for our bedroom. I have been looking around forever (at least it feels that way) and today I finally found the perfect ones and they weren't too expensive which makes it even better! They look great in our room and it gives the room a much more welcoming atmosphere than the overhead lighting. Mckenzie fell asleep on the way home which meant when I layed her down for a nap, she was wide awake and not ready to lay down. So, we all played together inside as it decided to rain this afternoon for a little bit. Both girls were watching tv and I was in the kitchen doing the dishes. I came back into the family room to check on the girls and Mckenzie had fallen asleep in the computer chair while watching the Wiggles. Poor thing was so exhausted from not napping earlier in the day. I let her sleep for 30 minutes or so, but then I woke her up because it was 5pm and I knew there was no way she would sleep tonight if she napped much longer. I don't think she was too happy being woken up. We ran to the store to pick up some light bulbs and Scott called on the way out the door. It was good to hear his voice, although he sounded tired from flying. I am starting to feel sorry for the bunnies that have taken up residence under our shed out back. Dakota will not leave them alone! She seems to have a sixth sense when they are in the yard and she starts pacing and acting all crazy. If she is downstairs and sees a bunny out the patio window, she starts shaking and barking to go out. When I let her out, she gives those bunnies a good chase and searches around the shed looking for the bunnies. I am hoping she never catches one. I always knock on the window to give the bunny a head start when I do let Dakota out! After bath tonight, the girls were running around like crazy like they always do after bath. I don't know how many times I told Abby to get her clothes on, but she was too busy running around to ignore me. Mckenzie was running around too and they were in the guest room and I heard a bang and a cry. Turns out Mckenzie fell and bumped her head again. I had to put a Dora band aid on it and she liked that. I wish when the girls would fall they would bang up their arms/legs instead of hitting their heads. It always worries me, especially when it is right before bed and I can't watch over them the whole night.


The first words out of Abby's mouth this morning were "Ally's house! We're going to Ally's today!" She was so excited to go to her friends house and play this morning. I think this was one of the few mornings where I didn't have to ask her to get dressed and she made her bed without being asked more than once. I love easy mornings like this. If only they could all be like that! The girls had a great time playing at Ally's and it was nice to chat with Ally's mom too. They all played so well together, it amazed me. We headed home for lunch and nap time. Abby wanted to watch Shrek again during her quiet time. I don't mind watching it, but I picked up the house as long as I could before Abby was asking me to sit on the couch with her and watch the movie. After nap time, we ran to the post office and came back home to play outside. The girls had fun poking sticks in the dirt and running up and down the sidewalk with their shoes off. I made lasagna for dinner and Abby insisted she didn't like it, but managed to clean her plate anyway. Even Mckenzie ate most of hers as well. During bath tonight the girls were very rambunctious, pouring water all over each other, drinking the water, screaming. It was wild and crazy in there, but the girls had a blast. They were giggling so loud and had the biggest smiles for each other. We read Pinkalicious (one of Mckenzie's favorites along with Cars) before bed and Abby recited most of the story for us. I guess that means we have read it a time or two! Mckenzie didn't want to go to sleep and there she is again calling my name. I hope she isn't up all night! Didn't manage to take a picture again today. Maybe I will do better tomorrow! Oh, I love when Mckenzie talks to people on the phone; she tries to show them things like a cup or milk or her pacifier, as if they can actually see it. I remember Abby doing the same thing.


Happy Birthday to my amazing wonderful husband! Too bad we didn't get to spend the day with him, but at least we got to see him this morning! The girls and I drove to Philly to a doctor's appointment for Mckenzie. The opthamologist examined her, looked at her CT, and we schedule a day for surgery to remove the cyst by her eye. I am so glad we are getting closer to getting this thing resolved. The doctor's she saw today were great. A fellow examined her first, then the surgeon, and the opthamologist we made the appointment with. All had great personalities and made Mckenzie feel at ease. It was kind of cool that the surgeon and opthamologist are a father/son pair. That would be neat to be able to work with family. Both girls behaved very well, even though our appt took a long time. We were there for 2 hours!  We came back home and I ended up stopping on the way to pick up some McDonald's for the girls to help keep Mckenzie awake. It is so hard to keep her awake in the car when it gets close to bedtime and today was especially hard since they dilated her eyes. All she wanted to do was close her tired little eyes. But, we made it home and even had a little time to play before nap. Abby and I watched a movie during rest time and played with dolls. I would have preferred to nap myself as I had trouble falling asleep last night and I ended up laying on Mckenzie's floor for awhile as she woke up in the middle of the night.  Abby had a major tantrum this afternoon. Mckenzie was watching the Wiggles and Abby decided she wanted to watch Shrek. I told her she could as soon as the Wiggles was over. That did not sit well with her at all and she starting screaming and crying. I really need to figure out how to stop these silly tantrums she has been having lately. Nothing seems to be working! Maybe it is just being an independent 4 year old, I don't know. After dinner, we had to go vote on the board elections for Abby's preschool. I decided to run and I am hoping it is the right decision. I really want to find a way to get involved and I think that would be the best way. We ran to the grocery store after that because we were all out of milk, imagine that! So, the girls were an hour late getting to bed, but both went down pretty easily.


Another Monday! Abby came into our room again last night and didn't want to sleep alone so I ended up in the guest bed with her. She is such a little snuggle bug. Every time I would move over to get some room, she was right next to me within seconds! I really need to figure out how to keep her in her own room. Scott ran into work for a little bit this morning and the girls and I baked him a birthday cake! Both girls helped me mix it, so it took a little longer than normal, but they both love to help! The girls were being so sweet to each other at lunch. They kept giving each other kisses! Mckenzie had a fitful nap today, but it looks like she may be getting a couple of teeth, so that may explain why she didn't sleep so well. I hope she finishes getting her teeth pretty soon! We went out to Red Lobster tonight to celebrate Scott's birthday since he won't be around to celebrate with us tomorrow. We had terrible service, but luckily the food was tasty! The waitress must have overheard us talking about Scott's birthday, because they brought a treat to the table and sang to him! It was sweet! The treat looked like ice cream so Scott took a big bite. Turns out it was whipped cream! Not so tasty all alone. We came home and had some birthday cake. I should say Scott and I had cake. Both girls had one tiny bite and they were done. A quick bath and it was off to bed for the girls. I am working on laundry again. I really wish there was a laundry fairy that would at least fold it for me. I don't mind washing/drying, but it takes an act of Congress to get me to fold it!

Dressed up to go to dinner!
Abby's picture of Scott's cake!


Happy Father's Day! The girls gave Scott his Father's day gift and birthday gift since he will be leaving on a trip soon. The girls decorated the gift bags and you could tell how proud they were when they gave Scott his gifts! I made breakfast for us again today! I know, this is getting crazy with how many home cooked meals we are having! Scott wanted to go bowling so we took the girls to a Funplex where we did a little minature golf, bowling, and go-carts. It was a fun day, but it was a little warm to be playing mini golf! We came home and had a late lunch and then we put Mckenzie down for a nap. Abby watched tv in her indoor tent during quiet time and Scott and I both ended up taking naps. I woke up to Abby tickling my toes! Such a silly girl! After Mckenzie woke up, we took the girls to the purple park which they both love! I am so proud of Abby. She made is all the way across the monkey bars today! She wanted to give up many times, but we kept encouraging her and she finally did it! She also braved climbing down this big rock there. In the past, she would climb up, but freak out when she tried to climb down. And, she also climbed up a ladder that she has been to scared to in the past! It may not sound like that big of a deal to a lot of people, but she has always been a little timid about heights and climbing so to us, it was a huge deal! Way to go Abby! Mckenzie on the other hand, seems to have no fear and tries to climb anything she sees! I have to keep my eye on that little busy body! After dinner we ran to Target so Scott could return one of his presents from us. (I bought him a thumb drive thinking he needed one. Turns out, we already bought a new one when we were in Oklahoma!). We bought the girls icees and thought we were in for a nice trip to Target, but Abby had other plans! She wasn't happy with the cherry flavored icee and I ended up taking her out of the store because she was throwing the biggest, loudest fit! So, we stayed in the car while Scott and Mckenzie looked around. Abby was not happy with going to the car and she was pounding on the windows begging and crying to get out! Scott and Mckenzie finished up and then I ran in to get what I needed. Fortunately, when I returned, Abby apologized and was acting much better. We picked up some pizza on the way home for dinner. Then it was a quick bath for the girls as it was already past their bedtime. Abby got to stay up for popcorn and movie night since she slept in her bed all night last night. She was so excited for popcorn and M&M's. Let's hope she stays in bed all night too!


This morning was kind of a lazy one. We stayed in bed, reading lots of books. Abby just kept bringing us book after book. When we did get up, Abby and I made some pancakes and scrambled eggs. She loves to be my little helper. Mckenzie wanted to help too, so I let her help mix the pancakes. It was a pretty good breakfast if I do say so myself! We got ready for the day and went for a bike ride/walk to the park. The girls had a good time playing, but it was quite warm out so we didn't stay that long. Mckenzie had a fit on the way home because she wanted her pacifier and we didn't bring one along. We are trying to cut down on her use again and it is difficult! The girls had a little snack and it was time for Mckenzie to take a nap. Abby and I went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D this afternoon while Scott did his homework. We got there a little early and Abby was getting a little impatient waiting for the show to start. Every time a new advertisement came on, she would ask if it was time to put on her glasses. It was a cute movie and Abby really enjoyed it! Her giggles were so adorable! We came home to find Mckenzie doing a little finger painting. We grilled some chicken for dinner and the girls both ate really well! After we had finished, I asked Abby to water her flowers outside and she watered a couple of pots before asking me to take over for her. So I watered Abby and the flowers! She loved it, giggling the whole time and inching closer to the water. Mckenzie on the other hand, did not and started crying whenever the water got near her or me! Scott squirted me and poor little Mckenzie got so upset! We headed into the house for bath time and read a few books before bed.


The girls and I ran to Target today and then off to Chick fil A for a treat because they were both really good at the store. It was cute to watch the girls play together in the play area. Mckenzie is still to short to climb the steps to the slide, but Abby helped lift her up each step so they could slide together. The smiles on their faces were priceless the first time they came down the slide and every time after that, Mckenzie would stop and wave to me as her and Abby climbed the stairs. It wasn't a graceful assist by Abby and I am guessing that Mckenzie might have a bruise or two from the climb, but they both had a blast! We came home and I put Mckenzie down for nap. She was calling my name right after I shut her door, so I went back in to tell her to go to sleep. She was pointing to the video camera to let me know I forgot to turn it on. I turned it on and she laid down to go to sleep. Silly girl! Abby and I played Go Fish and Memory during nap today. Abby still gets a little disappointed when I get a match, but she is getting better. When Mckenzie got up from nap, we worked on a present for Father's day. Very messy, but I am sure he will love all the hard work the girls put into their gift. We went out to Olive Garden for dinner. The girls were well behaved for the most part making it a nice dinner out. Abby wanted ice cream for a treat so Scott took the girls to Sonic. I think we should probably eat at home tomorrow! I was playing with Dakota outside this evening and she was hilarious. There were some birds chirping in a tree and she kept barking at the tree and trying to climb it!  I was glad my camera still works so I could snap a photo of it. Mckenzie accidentally knocked my camera on the floor today and part of the lens broke. I have another lens that I can use but I am hoping that I can get the broken one fixed. I guess that is a lesson learned for me that putting my camera near her lovie bear is a dangerous thing! Abby was having a hard time going to sleep tonight. She was crying about the color of her room, saying she doesn't like green and wants purple instead like she used to have. She brought it up yesterday too. Not sure what is going on, but maybe we will be doing a little painting in the near future! She finally fell asleep after I laid with her awhile. I hope she is able to sleep through the night.


Scott had to be at work by 5 this morning and I am glad the girls didn't wake up when he left. They have a tendency to hear the door close and think it is time for them to get up as well. Mckenzie slept in until 630 and I coaxed her into laying in bed with me for a little while before heading downstairs to start the day. Abby got up shortly after and we all had some breakfast. Back to frozen pancakes for my girls now that Grandma isn't here to make them real ones! We went to the grocery store this morning and the girls were pretty good. Usually grocery shopping with them is hectic, but today for some reason, it wasn't. We came home and had some lunch and it was nap time for Mckenzie. Abby and I colored and worked in one of her school books. She loves to do "homework".  We had a squadron picnic this afternoon so after Mckenzie's nap, we headed to the base. We met Scott at the playground and the girls got to run around for awhile. Mckenzie spent most of her time on the swings and Abby couldn't get enough of all the different slides. It was a nice time. The girls wanted to ride back home with Scott so I got to ride all alone! It was bath time and bed time by the time we got home. Both girls were tired, especially Abby.


I took my parents to the airport this morning while Scott stayed home with the girls. It was a great visit and I am so thankful for the time the girls got to spend with their Grandparents as well as the time we got to spend with them! Spending time with them makes me wish we lived closer but that isn't an option so we will just have to make do with lots of pictures and phone calls! When I got back, I found Scott snoozing on the couch with Mckenzie asleep on his chest. Apparently, she woke up shortly after we left the house. Abby got up a few minutes after I got home and was ready for breakfast. She asked where Grandma and Grandpa were and when I told her that I already took them to the airport, she told me she missed them :-( Scott headed into work and the girls and I hung out at home. When Scott got home, he was nice enough to let me take a nap while he played with the girls. We were lazy for dinner and picked up some take out.
Helping feed Dakota!


Today was my parents last full day visiting us. Scott had to work and my parents took the girls to the purple park so I found myself home all alone. Didn't know what to do with all that free time, so I wasted it on the internet! The girls had a great time at the park and ran into some friends from school who were also playing there. My parents ran to Target (guess it runs in the family ;-) and got the girls pinwheels, or as Abby calls them, spinwheels.  They had a blast playing with them, but Mckenzie would get bored with hers when there wasn't enough wind so Abby ended up with both. The rest of the day was pretty calm. Scott came home from work and my Dad and I ran to Lowes to pick up a few things. Dad has been busy fixing all the little things around the house that needed attention, like the piano, my dresser, Abby's dresser... The list could go on. Mom did some baking again today so we got some homemade chocolate chip cookies! Yum! Barbecues for dinner and then it was bath night for the girls. Scott and my Dad were going to go to a Yankees/Phillys game in Yankee stadium tonight, but they decided not to because they wouldn't get home until very late and my parents have to get up early to catch their plane back home. Maybe next time :-)


Abby decided to sleep in our room last night. It would have been ok if she would have stayed on her little princess couch, but she preferred to sleep in the bed instead. That was way to crowded for me and I ended up on the floor while she snuggled down nice and cozy on my pillow :( At least Mckenzie slept in until after 8 this morning! We headed into Philly to do a little sightseeing with my parents. We took them to see the Liberty Bell and went on a horse and carriage tour of the historic downtown area. It was a great tour and I think everyone had a nice time. Abby got to pick out which horse/carriage we took. Mckenzie was getting a little tired on the ride so we headed back to the car to go get some lunch. The restaurant we ended up at was terrible! We waited forever for our food and when half of it arrived, it was luke-warm at best and not right. Our server was very inattentive and acted as if he could have cared less to be at work. The best part was when the manager came over and told us the entire meal was free! I was surprised to hear that! We drove Mom and Dad around the area for a little while and then came back home. Scott took Dad and Abby to the base so he could check his schedule for tomorrow. Mckenzie ended up falling asleep in my arms while watching Cars. It was late in the afternoon, but she looked so sweet that I couldn't bare to wake her. Let's just hope I don't regret that decision tonight! We got the girls to bed and watched some tv with my parents. I can't believe their vacation is almost over already. The times flies by so quickly. I will post the pics from today later. I need to find the usb cord for my camera...


Home Sweet Home! Today Scott and I returned from our cruise to the Bahamas! What a wonderful trip and the best part? coming home to our sweet baby girls. The girls were in excellent hands while we were away (Thanks Mom and Dad) so that made it easier to leave, but it was a glorious moment when I saw those beautiful faces. Mom and Dad planned to play a trick on us by hiding the car in the garage (we couldn't park in there before we left-Thanks Dad for cleaning it out) and having the girls hide when we came in. Abby told me on the phone they were planning to hide so it didn't surprise me when no one ran to the door. Mckenzie and Dad were hiding in the living room and Mckenzie snuck out from behind the couch when we came in. The look on her face was priceless and she started acting silly and running around. Abby tried to hide, but was falling asleep on the couch in the family room. Scott woke her up and it took a minute before she realized what was going on, but once she did, she didn't want to let go of us. It was the best feeling in the whole world to see their faces and hear their voices. Abby kept telling me she missed me and gave me bunches of hugs. They didn't want to be out of our sight and I didn't mind one bit (although it was nice to be able to use the bathroom by myself for a change on the cruise!) It was a relatively quiet afternoon with the girls wanting to play and show us all the stuff they helped Grandpa and Grandma do while we were gone. Dad was busy fixing stuff & cleaning out the garage and Mom was busy baking and planting flowers. Not sure where they managed to fit all that in! We grilled some burgers for dinner and ate outside. Abby asked if "I would take her and Mckenzie a bath" and read a few books before bed. It was wonderful to kiss my babies good night and tuck them in. I sure missed them! We had a great vacation and it was a wonderful way to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!  I am thankful my parents were able to help us out and watch the girls for us. I think it was a wonderful experience for all involved! I will get around to writing about our trip one of these days...


Bon Voyage!!! Today we left on our cruise out of New York to the Bahamas! It was hard to say good bye to the girls. I have never been away from Mckenzie before and the only time I spent a few nights away from Abby, she was home with Scott. Very hard to do. They mean the world to me and I don't like being separated from them. We met up with our friends, Chris and Jackie, who were going on the cruise as well. Jackie's Dad drove us into New York so we didn't have to pay for parking. It would have cost us $30 a day to park! Ridiculous! So glad he was able to do that for all of us. It was great to see Chris and Jackie and I know this week will be a lot of fun. The lines to check in weren't that long, we waited maybe an hour and a half to get on the boat. We got to our room and it wasn't as tiny as I had thought. It was small, but I imagined it would be even smaller, so that was a nice surprise. We headed up to one of the upper decks as we departed dock and cruised right past the Statue of Liberty. It was pretty cool to see! We had some dinner and then did a little karaoke. They had private rooms to do karaoke in, so it was a lot of fun.


Today my parents and I took the girls to the Philadelphia zoo.  We had a wonderful day even though it was really hot outside! When we arrived, there were about a gazillion school kids on field trips, but it wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be. Both girls really enjoyed seeing the snakes/crocs and the tigers/lions. They also had a good time in the Children's zoo which wasn't open last time we were there. They got to feed the goats and Abby and I even went in the fence to pet them. There was a tractor for the kids to climb on and even a chicken that Abby wanted to chase! The girls got to ride the carousel today and wanted to do face painting, but I wouldn't let them because I was afraid they would get sunburned without any sunscreen on their faces. Abby was very disappointed, but Grandma and Grandpa were good distractions! We got the girls some ice cream and made our way out of the park. I managed to miss my exit and get us lost. Thank God for GPS and a big car with out of state plates! We finally made it out of Philly and headed towards the base to pick up Scott's truck. He was supposed to be flying home today, but the mission got changed and isn't leaving New Orleans until tomorrow. So, Scott will be arriving commercially around midnight tonight! Yeah for driving into Philly again tonight! We were all exhausted by the time we got home. We had a quick dinner and put the girls to bed. I packed a little bit for Scott and finished up packing for myself. I am so excited to go on our cruise! It will be a lot of fun and the girls will be well taken care of that is for sure!


What a day! The girls both slept in until after 7! I love when that happens.  We took Dakota to Petsmart to get a bath. I drove to the wrong one, but the girl was kind enough to call the other store to let them know I would be a little late. Dakota wasn't too excited to have a bath, but she smells a whole lot better. I would bathe her myself, but she sheds way too much for the drain. The girls and I took the car to get washed/vacuumed and I ended up coming home and vacuuming it again. They didn't do the most thorough job. Abby was so excited to go pick up Grandma & Grandpa from the airport. Although, I think she was equally excited to ride in the way back of the car. And she was excited that she could still see the tv from way back there. Mckenzie fell asleep on the car ride which was good because she missed her nap today between picking up Dakota and picking up Grandma and Grandpa. Abby talked non-stop once we picked up my parents. She was full of questions and stories and more than once she told me she was talking to Grandpa or Grandma and not me! Mckenzie was a little shy at first and cried, but she got over that pretty quickly. Not quickly enough though; I missed my exit because I was trying to console her and not paying enough attention to the road signs. Needless to say, my little mistake took us through a construction zone and bumper to bumper traffic! I'm sure my parents could have done without that after being in a plane all day! The girls were all excited to play outside with Grandma & Grandpa and I think they did a pretty good job of tiring them out! Mckenzie kept going to my Mom and giving hugs. She even sat on my parent's laps at dinner time. Abby asked if Grandma could 'take' her a bath. I love that she is so welcoming of my parents. Both girls have been and I am I so glad they remember their Grandparents!


Well, I knew I should have put my book down last night, but I really wanted to finish it. Ended up staying awake till after one and wouldn't ya know it, both girls were wide awake and ready to go for the day at 5AM!!! Way too early for me! Thank God for kids television. That kept them entertained until 7 when Scott got up.  I went to take a quick nap while Scott and the girls worked on cleaning up the garage. There are still a lot of boxes to go through out there, but with the limited storage, it is a difficult task. And we still have things that need to be taken to the dump and to the donation center. One of these days we will get around to it... The garage looks so much better now and we might even be able to get a car in there too. Although, that is highly unlikely since the setup of the garage makes it difficult to open the back car doors. Getting the girls in and out of the car when it is in there is quite the challenge! Got the house cleaned today and the girls both took naps. Long naps, so I am hoping they sleep for me tonight. The girls and I ran to Target to pick up a couple of things. I actually made a list today so I actually bought everything I needed. Got the girls in bed and I am hoping for a restful night for all. Abby was complaining her ear was hurting her again. I am hoping her ear infection isn't getting worse. She has been on antibiotics since Friday, so I would think it would feel better. Will have to see how she does tomorrow and get her an appt before the weekend if it hasn't improved.


Scott got home in the middle of the night from a quick work trip to Chicago this weekend. The girls were both so excited to see him. Mckenzie kept running up to him and telling him "I love you". Abby had a field trip for her preschool today to a children's amusement park, Storybook Land. We were supposed to have rain showers, but fortunately, they never came and we had a wonderful day. All the rides are geared towards young children and it was busy, but not overcrowded. It was great Mckenzie could go on just about every ride. That little girl likes to spin. She got off one ride with a huge smile on her face and kept repeating "fun". Abby got most excited when she ran into her little friend Ally on the train. They jumped up and down and we couldn't separate them after that. They rode rides together and we had lunch together. During lunch, Mckenzie climbed onto Scott's lap, told him she loved him, and then asked for pop. That girl knows how to get what she wants!. Abby couldn't stop talking to Ally long enough to even eat. I finally had to tell her I was going to separate them if she didn't start eating! It was so fun to watch them go on rides together. She is really growing up! Mckenzie was getting very sleepy and wouldn't fall asleep in her stroller, so we headed home mid afternoon. I asked Abby if she had a good time and she told me she had fun with Ally.  Mckenzie fell asleep before we even backed out of the parking lot, but she only napped for 20 minutes! That made for a long evening! She was so cranky and nothing seemed to satisfy her. I hope that means she will sleep well tonight! I bought Abby some new pajamas yesterday and she was overjoyed! She showed them off to both Scott and Abby before realizing in all her excitement she forgot to put on underwear! Such a silly little girl. I am so glad Scott was able to spend the day with the girls. Having random days off during the week is one of the benefits to having a job such as his.

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