I think I have learned the trick to waking Abby up for school. As long as I let her take a shower, she is happy as can be. She had an Easter party at school today and the parents were able to participate. Abby screamed in surprise when she saw Mckenzie and me show up for her Easter egg hunt. Abby took off running when her teacher gave them the go ahead and had a blast hunting for eggs. The kids also did an egg race. Abby didn't run very fast (none of the kids did) because she was so busy on making sure her egg didn't fall off the spoon and she wasn't too sure on where she was going either. They had two parents acting as cones for the children to go around. Abby tried to go around the other parent. So cute. We all went in and the kids had a snack. Mckenzie stood next to Abby sucking on her pacifier watching Abby eat. As soon as Abby offered her a goldfish, all bets were off and Mckenzie happily helped herself to some more food. Mckenzie and I came home for lunch (I should add Dakota ate lunch with us as well~Mckenzie started off the meal by giving Dakota two chicken nuggets) and nap time. Mckenzie didn't sleep very long, but I bet that is because she was dreaming of playing Wii. As soon as we got to the family room, she handed me the Wii controller while saying "Wii" in her sweet little voice. Then she ran and grabbed the TV remote and said "mote, mote". I love how excited she was. We picked up Abby from school and headed to Best Buy because my IPhone was ready! I am so happy to have it back! During dinner Scott mentioned we needed to teach Abby the pledge of allegiance and I told him I thought she already knew it. So, we all started reciting it and when we got to the part that goes "one nation, under God", we heard Abby saying "one nation, under dogs". That girl cracks me up.

Abby's class (or most of it~too many moms with cameras)
And she's off!

So happy with her egg treasures

Mckenzie found an extra egg and had fun putting the treasures in her pockets
Slow and steady...

Excited to have finished the egg race without dropping the egg!


Rain, Rain, go away! We were stuck in the house again today. I can't wait for it to dry up so we can play outside again. Mckenzie didn't sleep well last night so we ended up snuggling together. I like snuggles, not so fond on sharing my bed! We ran to the Walmart today even though it was kind of nasty out. Abby was wanting to play Playdoh again and the old stuff was getting hard for Mckenzie to play with. So, we ventured out in the rain. Got a little wet, but the girls were loving the new Playdoh. Made the girls some lunch, but I could have saved myself the time. The only thing they wanted to eat was cheese; string cheese, shredded cheese. I know Abby ate her shredded cheese, but I think most of Mckenzie's ended up on her lap and the floor. Thank God for Dakota's excellent clean-up skills! Mckenzie went down for a nap and Abby lounged in the chair and played her leapster. Then she came to snuggle with me by the fire. It was just one of those days. Abby is really into telling Scott and I how much she loves us. And today, while we were cuddling, Abby looked at me and said "I love you so much Momma!" Melts my heart. I need to get that on video to play when she is a teenager! We headed to the grocery store after nap time and then we came home and made some muffins for Scott. He has an inspection at work tomorrow and he has to be out of the house before 6am. We thought it would be a nice treat for him. Abby stirred them and poured them into the tins with a little help from me and Mckenzie. Although, Mckenzie tried to eat more muffin mix than what she managed to get into the tins.
Abby asked if I would take a picture of her growling like a tiger, so here it is! And yes, it was cold out, but my little Florida girl likes her dresses with short sleeves only. That is usually the only requirement from her when picking out clothes in the morning! 


Abby had school today and as we were waiting in line to greet her teacher, Abby saw her friend Ally and they both went crazy. Jumping up and down and saying hi~so happy to see one another after the weekend. I love that she has a good friend at school. Mckenzie and I ran to Target this morning. I have started bribing Mckenzie with juiceys to get her to sit in the cart. She is so determined to walk everywhere and when I just want to get in and out, that just doesn't work for me.  We came home and got to see Scott. He had already been to work, but he forgot something that we really needed so he came back home. He headed back to work, but apparently he really missed us because 20 minutes later, he called and asked us to meet for lunch. The real reason he wanted us to come to base was he forgot his military ID and he really needed it to get any work done. So, we got back in the car and drove to meet him. It was nice to see him so much during the day. We went to pick up Abby and everyday she is so excited to see us. Abby runs out of the classroom and hugs us both and tells us how much she loves us and missed us! I asked her what they did today, but apparently all they did was play with playdoh. I highly doubt that...We came home and the girls played with playdoh and played some Wii until Scott got home. The girls had cake for a snack and it was so funny to see the sugar high kick in. Abby started talking fast and repeating the same sentence over and over and Mckenzie got a big smile on her face and wanted out of her chair. Scott mentioned bath time and we had two half naked girls on our hands. It was so cute. They were running circles in their underwear/diaper. Scott got the girls to bed while I went to a meeting for Abby's school. Appears that is some drama going on and since we are a cooperative, we had to have a membership meeting to sort it all out. If you ask me, nothing really got sorted out & people didn't take the responsibility they should have. (At least in my opinion) Apparently last year there was some "voter fraud" when electing the board members. It doesn't make sense to me, but whatever, its over. We did get a new board elected and we will move on from here. I hope there isn't drama like this next year...Anyway, I am enjoying a nice glass of wine and plan to head to bed very shortly. Good night all!


This morning, Scott and I were putting the dishes away and I saw Dakota standing back a little looking to where her dishes are located. I didn't think anything of it until I walked around and saw Mckenzie squatting on the floor putting dog food in the water dish. She just loves to get into things! The girls "helped" Daddy mow the lawn this morning or at least played outside while he worked. Mckenzie loves being outside and she didn't want to come in even when it started raining. Abby on the other hand was happy to come in and warm up. We had some friends over for lunch and had a really nice visit. Abby was excited to show them how to play Wii! The rest of the day was pretty quiet. Scott and Abby played Yahtzee while Mckenzie watched. We had peas for the first time since the "incident" and Mckenzie managed to eat them without shoving them up her nose! Abby was working on her letters tonight and told me she had to show them to Mrs. Sharpe (her preschool teacher). Scott found Mckenzie up on Abby's bed tonight. Apparently one of the girls pushed a chair close to the bed so Mckenzie could get up. Those two make quite the pair! Well, there is a mountain of laundry covering the bed, so if I want to go to bed tonight, I guess I had better do some folding! Anyone want to help?


I am finally going to get my Iphone fixed! We tried to get it fixed a couple of weekends ago, but the girl working at Best Buy wasn't the brightest to say the least. Today when we took it in, we had a solution in less than five minutes and now I am the lucky girl to carry around the loaner phone from the 90's, maybe early 2000's! I just can't wait to get my phone back in working condition! The girls were patient with us at Best Buy while we did that and while we were buying a tv for the guest room, so we took them to Chick-fil-A for a treat. No drama from Abby today at all! I was so thankful. We took the kids to the park this afternoon and as always, they loved going. There was a little girl there about Abby's age, but she wouldn't give Abby the time of day. Poor Abby didn't understand why this little girl wouldn't play with her or even talk to her. Abby is so outgoing with other kids when she is somewhere she feels comfortable and she doesn't understand why other kids aren't like that too. She kept asking us why the little girl wouldn't talk to her. During dinner, the UND hockey game was on and Scott kept watching. I told him he needed to pay more attention to dinner and both girls took off with it. Whenever Scott would turn around to look at the screen, both girls were telling him no and shaking there fingers at him. Hilarious!


We had a field trip for Abby's preschool today to a place called Paws Farm. It is a cute place where the kids can get close to the animals and also has a lot of play areas, both indoors and out. The girls got right next to a swan and Abby chased a poor chicken all over the place. It was pretty cold and wet out so we didn't visit all the animals instead opting to play inside. There was a mini-grocery store with metal shopping carts and the girls played there forever. The one slide was pretty tall and Mckenzie couldn't get to it herself, so when I picked her up and let her go down, she was all smiles. Couldn't get enough of it! She also really liked driving in the car. It was a great way to spend the day and I can't wait to take the girls back when the weather is better. And hopefully next time Abby won't throw a fit over leaving. I tried to make it easier to leave by offering Chick-fil-A, but it didn't help. She kept screaming and so I had to tell her she couldn't go to Chick-fil-A either and that make things even worse. She screamed forever! This has to be one of her worst fits ever. I felt so bad for her and really wanted to give in and take her for a treat anyway, but I know that wasn't the right thing to do. Anyway, lunch at home and then nap time for Mckenzie. I can tell she still isn't up to par because she slept for 3 hrs! That is a long nap for her. Scott got home and we headed to Target and out for a quick dinner. On the way home, Abby was in one of her question moods. She continuously asks questions and as soon as you answer, she is coming back with, "but why mommy/daddy?" Half the time I have no idea so I make stuff up. She always wants to know why other cars are on the road or where they are going or why they just ran the red light (she has a habit of looking to the light on the side instead of in front of her). I love that she is curious; I just wish I could have a little break from all the questions!

The poor chicken that Abby loved chasing!


Mckenzie slept like a champ last night, so I think she is starting to feel better! Yeah! A trip to the grocery stored scored us another bubble machine today. The one I bought the other day quit working and so I thought why not, the girls really enjoyed it. So, when we went to play with the new one, I took the batteries out of the old one. The new one didn't work; tried new batteries and it worked for a little while. It seems to have a mind of it's own though; it doesn't matter if it is turned off or on, as long as the batteries are in, it is on. When it does work, it is really cool with a ton of bubbles. The girls were going crazy for it. I wish I knew what was wrong with this one so I could fix it. Anyway, I put new batteries in the old one and it that one works now. At least they have bubbles! Abby and I made cupcakes from scratch today! She is such a good helper, although there may be an egg shell or two mixed in! We took a walk this afternoon and stopped by the park. The girls had fun on the slide and the swings. Scott got home and we headed out to a local cafe for dinner. It had good food, but it took forever to cook our food. It wasn't really busy so I am not sure why it took so long. The girls are in bed now, well at least Mckenzie is. Abby is playing in her room and only God knows when she will give up and go to bed.
One finger does the trick!


Finally, the sun it out! Abby was so excited this morning to wake up and find Scott at home. They had a little father/daughter breakfast, which I am sure took place in the living room... Anyway, I had to wake Mckenzie this morning. She had a heck of a time going to sleep last night. I tried to let her cry it out, but I think she felt so yucky from her cold that I ended up holding her until she fell asleep. I do love those snuggly moments, smelling her hair and feeling her little arms holding on tight. All to soon those moments disappear :( Mckenzie and I hung out while Abby was at school, playing dolls and Wii. We have one baby that has a pacifier and Mckenzie would suck for a few seconds before letting her baby have it back. We picked up Abby from school and she told me that made dogs in her chef class. Turns out they made pigs in a blanket, which she did like. She said they were yucky and didn't try them. I just don't know who she would have gotten her picky eater skills from :) They made dogs with really long necks and I saw some of her letters that they have been working on and they have improved so much. I can't believe she is so excited about her letters now when before Christmas I couldn't even get her interested in writing her name. We played outside when we got home. It was a little windy, but I just couldn't keep them inside another day. Neither one of the girls wanted to go to bed tonight. Abby was content to play with her barbie car and Mckenzie was dancing away to Abby's music. She was doing the actions for "If your happy and you know it" and it was so cute to watch. She wiggles her little body and smiles so big. I hope she has a more restful night tonight!
Mckenzie was trying to put a rock on her "pocket". Her pocket turned out to be her zipper that I forgot to zip!
Abby found a letter "Y" and she was so excited she asked to have her picture taken!


Mckenzie had a terrible night last night. She was awake from 2am until 4:30am. I finally took her to bed with me and she fell asleep. I am afraid she is getting the cold/sinus thing/sore throat both Scott and I had as she was running a little fever last night. She didn't have one today, but she sure was cranky. I hope she gets over this quickly! Another rainy day out today :( So, we hung out in our pj's til afternoon and played all morning! Abby put on her Cinderella costume over her jammies and transformed into Princess Abby. Apparently Princess Abby doesn't need to drink her milk, no princess does I was informed. I let the Princess know since the Queen of the house told her to drink it, she had better do it. Got the job done! Mckenzie is no longer content to sit in her chair and eat dinner, preferring instead to sit on my lap (or Scott's when he is home). Neither of our girls liked to sit at the table at that age. Abby was a drive-by eater stopping every now and again for a bite. The girls had a lot of fun playing with and arguing over their baby dolls today. If Abby had a doll, Mckenzie wanted it and vice versa. It was cute to see the girls carry them around. We wrapped them up in blankets and Mckenzie had a heck of a time carrying two babies around. Abby on the other had, loaded herself down with five or six in addition to a dog. The girls were crazy in the tub tonight and there was water everywhere, even on the window and mirrors! As long as they have fun, what is a little extra cleaning on my part right?
Mckenzie loves to wear this little puppy. (It used to be part of a child leash system, but after using it once on Abby we never used it again. Great concept, poor design. Any time the kid pulls away from you, you run the risk of having them fall, which Abby did) Anyway, when Mckenzie wears it, she says bye and waves at you as she walks away.


Today was a rainy day so we didn't get out to play. Abby had school and she was so excited about her letter N necklace that she made today. Other than that, I have no idea what she did (except play with playdough as her pants had the evidence all over them!). I ask her what she did and her answer is usually "I don't know" Abby's school is having a Dad's night tomorrow night. I feel bad that Abby is going to miss out since Scott is gone on a little trip. I hope Abby doesn't realize she is missing out on anything. She gets sad enough when I tell her Daddy won't be home at night. There is a great service out there called Daddy dolls and you can have a head to toe picture put on the doll. I think this would be a great gift for Scott to give the girls the next time he has a trip to go on. The girls miss him so much, especially at night since he usually gives them a bath and gets them ready for bed. Abby sounded a little confused tonight when she asked "Are YOU going to take us a bath?"
Mckenzie and I ran to Target while Abby was at school. It is so much easier with one than two and since I only had Mckenzie, I could buy the stuff for their Easter baskets. Other than that, it was a pretty quiet day. Mckenzie jumped off her chair in her room and I think she got scared enough to not do it again. At least I am hoping she learned her lesson...she seems to have no fear of anything.


The girls slept in again today. I love not getting up until 830. If only we could be so lucky everyday! We took the girls to the park this morning and they had so much fun swinging and playing on the slides. A lady brought her dog to the playground and Abby had fun chasing after it. Mckenzie was shy about petting it and when she finally did, she backed away and giggled as soon as she did it. Scott took Abby on the merry-go-round and she had fun until she got a little dizzy. After naptime, the girls played together with the polly pocket car, racing it back and forth. When Mckenzie would push it, she always wanted Abby to hold her hands in the air. I have no idea why, but Abby would do it.  Mckenzie got her dance on to the Wiggles. She put on her beads and sunglasses and shook that booty! Too cute, wish the video camera worked so I could have recorded it. Abby helped me make breadsticks and pizza for dinner. She kept asking, "what are we going to make next?" I think if it was left up to her, we would have had a 10 course meal! She was all about eating the pineapple before we put it on the pizza, but once it was cooked, she made me pull if off her piece. The kids have headed to bed, but once again, Mckenzie is shouting my name and Abby keeps coming out of her room. Hopefully they will both be sleeping before 9.


What a great day. Both girls slept in until almost 8:30! Amazing. Mckenzie woke up first and she didn't want to get out of her crib right away when I went in there. She was having too much fun letting Dakota jump up and lick her face. Then she grabbed her bear and gave her a big hug and did the same thing with a lamb she has in her bed. Finally, she was really to get going for the day. Scott made us french toast (with a little help from Abby~she loves to stir stuff for us) and eggs for breakfast and it was tasty. Mckenzie didn't care too much for the french toast, instead preferring to eat 2 eggs. Scott suggested we head to Atlantic City today and it was the perfect day to do so. Clear blue skies and warm weather. They were having a St. Patty's Day parade at the pier so we thought we would check it out. Abby was so sweet to Mckenzie on the drive. Mckenzie dropped her toy car and Abby gave Mckenzie hers to play with. I love those sweet moments. The pier was pretty interesting, especially the people! I love to people watch and it was a great opportunity to do so. We watched the parade and the girls got a good bit of candy. Scott made a "friend" at the parade. We named him Smiley as he was always smiling. This guy kept getting closer and closer to Scott. When Scott would move, so would he. Smiley kept getting candy and beads for our girls too. Strange fellow... Anyway, when the parade was over, we continued our walk along the pier. It's just a bunch of shops and casinos. More of an adult playground than for the kids. But they both seemed to enjoy themselves, especially when we took them down to the water. It was no Florida beach, but Abby said she liked it better. I'm guessing that's because of all the seashells scattered about, not because of the dark sand and water and all the beer cans and other garbage littering the area. The girls had fun chasing the waves and running away from them and throwing seashells back into the water. It was so fun to see how much fun they were having. I think Abby could have stood at the shore and watched the water all day. She loves it that much! Poor Mckenzie lost her footing a couple of times and got all sandy. I felt bad for her because she doesn't like her hands to be the slightest bit dirty. It was hard to get all that sand off. We walked some more and stopped for ice cream. Poor Mckenzie didn't get any because she finally fell asleep. We called it a day and headed back to our car, surprised it was still there as we parked in a sketchy neighborhood. I'm sure we had nothing to be concerned about during the day, but I wouldn't want to park there at night! We drove home, stopping at Chipotle for dinner. We have never had it before and it was really good. Got chicken tacos for the kids, but the chicken was way to spicy for them to eat. Abby took one bite and loudly stated "It's too spicy" and Mckenzie spit hers out. Fortunately, we had some pasta in the car we gave to the kids. I just love days like this. There was no agenda and we could just do whatever we wanted.


(Abby insisted on another pic on the stairs!)
It was another gorgeous spring day out. We didn't even need coats! We had to run to the grocery store today and for once, both girls behaved. It seems like one of them is always acting up when we go shopping so today was a real treat for me. Abby likes to help me shop and as we walk along the aisles, she is constantly asking if we have this or that or can we buy this. Sweet and I know she is trying to be helpful, but half the time I forget what I really need. Maybe I should start a grocery list... Oh well. When we were driving back from the grocery store, there was a really bad driver around us and I of course, made a comment like usual. Abby chimed in today with "He's a bad driver. The other cars aren't bad, but he's being naughty!" I guess maybe I will have to keep my comments about other drivers to myself! Poor Mckenzie fell asleep on the way home, which made getting her down for a nap a little tough, but she finally caved! The girls were so funny at lunch. Mckenzie has a habit of feeding Dakota while we eat, so of course Dakota sits right next to her at meal time. Today, Mckenzie would lean down while she was eating and Dakota would like her face. Abby decided she needed to get in on the action, though she was a little shy at first, and pretty soon Dakota was running between the girls licking their faces. So silly. Took the girls outside to play again and when Scott got home, we took the dog and girls for a little stroll. The girls were on a destructive path today. Mckenzie's room looked like it had been through a tornado; there were toys and blankets and puzzle pieces everywhere. Abby has apparently renamed Dakota, as tonight she told her "I love you Dakota Grace!" As far as I know, Dakota doesn't have a middle name... Figured out why Mckenzie had such a rough time sleeping last night; she cut another molar on the bottom. Hopefully tonight will be better for her.
The girls love running laps in the backyard!

I have no idea what kind of planes these were, but they flew over the house today. Thought it was kind of cool.


The girls had a great time playing outside again today. I found some balls for the girls to kick around and they had a blast hiding them in trees and chasing after them. Our backyard is not the most even and both girls kept falling down when they tried to run. Once, they fell exactly at the same time. When Scott came home, Mckenzie walked up to him, grabbed his hat from his flight suit pocket and took off running with a big smile on her face. She loves to steal his hat. Scott took the girls for a quick walk or I should say drive as Abby drove her pink Jeep so I could get dinner going. I am a little disappointed; we bought a bubble blower the other day and after using it only once, it is broken. The girls loved the bubbles so maybe I will have to find another one somewhere else. I guess Mckenzie wasn't ready to go to bed. I hear her shouting my name right now. Abby had hot chocolate for dinner and apparently she really enjoyed it!


Abby had school again today and I think she was so excited about two things; playing outside and making chocolate chip cookies in the shape of a four leaf clover. She was so sweet and shared her cookie with all of us! I had the car detailed today as Scott was home to watch Mckenzie for me. The car was in desperate need of a good cleaning~there has been so much milk and food spilled in there on this last trip. I can't count the number of times I hear "I'm sorry mom" coming from the backseat, usually in regards to a tipped over cup of milk. So, it was a wonderful feeling to get in my car and have it look like new again. I'm sure it won't last long, but a girl can dream can't she? Mckenzie and Scott had a good time hanging out. Scott was on the computer and Mckenzie went over to him holding the Wii remote, tapped him gently on the leg and in the sweetest voice said "Wii?" How could he say no to that? So they "played" Wii together.
The girls had a great time playing outside today. The weather was gorgeous and I hope it is here to stay. We played with bubbles and hide & seek. I took the girls to Chick-fil-A for dinner tonight because Abby's preschool was having a fundraiser there. Abby was a little disappointed she didn't get to eat in the car on the way home (I was in my sweats and there were way to many people from her school there to actually dine-in. Thank God for drive-throughs!). Mckenzie told me she had to go potty, so we rushed upstairs to do her business. Well, we waited and waited and she never did anything. No biggee. Since she was half naked, I figured I would give the girls their bath. As I get ready to pick Mckenzie up, she pees on the floor. Ok fine. Clean it up and head to our bathroom to put the girls in the tub. As I am running the water, guess what? Yep, the little stinker pees on that floor too. Get them in the tub, turn around to get towels and Abby is screaming "Mom, Mckenzie pooped in the tub!" Seriously? Yep. So, do a little fishing, drain the water, clean the tub, turn around to see Mckenzie pee on the floor for the third time!!!! How much pee can one little girl hold? Am I the only person in the whole world that has had to fish poop out of a tub more than once? Abby did it once and now Mckenzie. At least my tub and floors are clean! The girls are in bed now, so no more messes for tonight.


I couldn't believe both girls slept in today! Mckenzie got up at 8 and she was in a great mood! We played with toys in her room until Abby got up around 8:45! We had no where we had to be today, so we hung out at home. It was beautiful out, but the ground is still so wet. Maybe tomorrow, we will be able to go and play in the backyard. Abby helped me clean up around the house. I felt bad for Mckenzie because Abby kept putting her toys away as soon as Mckenzie got them out. But the house is clean and feels so much better. Ok, the downstairs is clean, I never got around to cleaning the girls' rooms today. I am really looking forward to vacuuming them! Mckenzie woke up from her nap today and her diaper was dry!!! So she sat on the potty and went pee-pee and poo-poo! I am so excited for her!  I think she gets pretty excited to because she will stand by her potty and say "Yeah!".  Oh, it is so cute to watch her after she goes potty. Mckenzie will stand at the toilet and wave bye-bye to her business!We took the girls to Target after dinner tonight to buy a movie because Abby earned 100 stars on her rewards chart! It took her a long time to pick out a movie, but she finally settled on some Barbie Princess movie. Abby asked for popcorn when we were leaving Target. Scott told her he didn't think they had any and Abby replied with "But I smell it. Please?" So we walked over to the food counter and Abby just had to have a red slushie as well. Turns out, Abby ate none of the popcorn she just had to have and Mckenzie couldn't get enough! Kenzie kept saying "popcorn, popcorn" ( it sounded more like "po-po")all the way home. When we got home, Abby had to do her homework for tomorrow. She is working on the letter 'M'. She still needs a little practice writing it, but she has gotten really good at writing her name! Mckenzie was coloring, but she loses interest pretty quickly, preferring to tear the paper off the crayons instead. The pictures today were taken during snack time. Abby just had to eat her crackers on the stairs and of course, Mckenzie followed suit. Wish I would have given them snack before I cleaned!


Abby had a great day at school today. She was so excited to show me her artwork when I picked her up and when Scott got home, she could hardly wait to show him either. I love how excited she is about school now. I wanted to go shopping today, but it was cold and wet again, so Mckenzie and I hung out at the house. Worked a little on the fundraiser stuff for school and played with M. She was so mad I couldn't get the Wii to work (apparently multiple power outages are not good for the Wii) and threw a huge tantrum. (She, by the way, was the one who wanted to play Wii, not me. I was content to hang out on the floor and play with toys, but she brought me the remote and said "Whee". How can you say no to that?) When Scott and I were discussing dinner tonight, Abby said "I want white rice with nothing on it. No chicken, not anything else!" Turns out, she wanted to eat in the dining room. (Last night she wanted to eat in there, but we were having pizza, so we told her no. Then we said, she would have to eat plain rice in there so we didn't mess up the carpet or chairs.) So, we ate dinner in the dining room for the first time since we got here. She was so excited. The pictures tonight were at the request of Abby. She kept saying, one more picture, just one more. How could I resist snapping pics of them? They are so cute, at least I think so!


Still cold and wet today, but the wind settled down so it didn't seem as bad. We lost power like 5 times during the night. One time when the power came back on, Scott jumped out of bed and started fanning the ceiling fan with his pillow. Apparently he thought it was a smoke detector going off and wanted it to quit. I "politely" asked him what he was doing and told him to turn off the light (which for some ridiculous reason comes on every time the power comes back on even if it was off when the power went off) before it woke up Abby. Abby was very scared by all the power outages last night. I don't blame her. There is something in our house that makes a loud noise everytime the power returns. I don't know what it is, but I would like to find out and break it! Needless to say, Abby ended up sleeping in our room again. Mckenzie slept through the whole thing. Glad one of our kids is a deep sleeper!
We went to Perkins for breakfast and it was pretty tasty. Always reminds me of home! Mckenzie was very friendly and kept saying hi to everyone that walked past our table. We ran to Best Buy again today and bought a Dyson vacuum. We saw one that was discounted because it had been opened. The lady at the store said everything was there so we bought it. Turns out there was some things missing. So, Scott returned it and got us an unopened one. We tried to do price matching at Lowes, but they wouldn't honor Best Buy's price because the website they use to check a competitors stock said there were none in stock at Best Buy. Whatever. Scott went back to Best Buy and there were three on the shelves in addition to the one we returned! Oh well, it is worth the money we spent. I was amazed and horrified at the amount of dirt and dog hair I vacuumed up tonight. I had to empty the canister twice and I only vacuumed the lower level. Crazy. At least now our floors will be cleaner. And I will never buy a cheap vacuum again. It was money well spent.
Poor Abby is still freaking out over the power outages we keep having. The power has flickered two or three times since we sent her to bed and Abby is not liking it one bit. I hope for her sake it stays on the rest of the night. She usually sleeps with her bedside lamp on, but she wanted that off tonight too. Mckenzie is having trouble falling asleep too (I'm sure her problem is the time change). Periodically, she will starting shouting for me. Let's hope they get some rest tonight because tomorrow is a school day!
Happy 78th Birthday tomorrow (3/15) Grandpa Eisenberg! We send our love!


It was a very cold and windy day here today. The kids are getting a little stir crazy being stuck in the house. Mckenzie sees her toys in the backyard (half of them have blown over in this wind) and wants to go out and play with them. We ran to Best Buy today to see if I could get my Iphone fixed, but no such luck. Half of my touch screen has gone out and I am not due for an upgrade until September so, either I deal with it, or pay for a brand new phone (ouch!). So, verdict is, keep this phone until it completely falls apart and then hope I can get my upgrade. I asked for an early upgrade, but the guy laughed when I said I only wanted another Iphone. Apparently if I wanted something else, they would be more than happy to accomodate me, but not with the phone I want :(  Other than that, our day was pretty quiet. Daddy and Abby played Candyland and the Curious George game. Abby loves playing games with here Daddy, but she does not like to lose! I made brownies that Abby begged me to buy and when it was time for her snack, she ignored the brownie and ate the ice cream instead. Mckenzie did the same. Silly kids. Lost power for a little while and when it came back on, the internet/cable was out so we actually had to watch something DVR'ed together. We never do that anymore. Scott watches what he wants and I piddle around on the computer. 

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