It was a pretty calm day around here. Laundry and cleaning. The girls both fell asleep while I was doing some work. They looked so sweet asleep on the couch. They had gymnastics this evening. I am so surprised at the strength Abby has gained. I am so proud of how hard she works at it. Mckenzie too, although tonight she was a little hard to reign in.


Another Monday... Abby did great when I dropped her off today. I am glad she was in a good mood to go to school today. Mckenzie and I hung out at the house. We did a little cleaning and a little Care Bears watching. She loves them! I did a little more online Christmas shopping today. I am trying to avoid buying all toys this year. I want to get them things they can use for a long time. Scott was done with work early today so I went to pick Abby up by myself. We took the girls to the park this afternoon. The girls and I played while Scott went for a run around the track. Abby wanted to run too, so we all did a lap together. She is quite the little runner. Barely winded after running over a half mile! This evening we worked on the tree mural for Mckenzie's bedroom. It is almost finished! I am so excited to see the finished product! Mckenzie must have liked it too because she hugged the wall!


Today we got up early and went to church. It is the first time we have been to church here. It was a very friendly church and the message was good too. The pastor talked about making the most of each day, asking yourself at the end of the day if you made a difference in anyone's life and living through God everyday. He was able to keep the message short without skimping on the message. Very enjoyable! And the kids behaved! I mean, no tantrums, no loud talking. It was amazing!!! I think next week we will check out the contemporary service a little later in the morning. Our kids were the only ones at the early service and I would like for them to have some interaction too. We did breakfast at a nearby diner which was pretty good too. We have eaten dinner there before, but not breakfast. We came home and hung out the rest of the day, watching football and playing with the kids. I ended up taking both girls with me to the grocery store since the Vikings game was on and the kids didn't want to stay home. I should have left them at home. It was not a fun trip. Mckenzie fell asleep in the cart and Abby complained the entire time that she couldn't walk anymore. Scott finished painting Mckenzie's bed frame today so now we just need to get it together. I am hoping by this weekend, her big girl room will be ready! I can't wait for it to all come together!


We put up the rest of the Christmas decorations today. I can't find Mckenzie's stocking anywhere! I am going to have to order her another one. I hope I can find one to match ours. We ran out to get a few more decorations for the house. I think it looks ok now. We ate dinner out tonight. I was sick of turkey. I am not sure I can stand more more turkey sandwich! When we got home, the girls played together so nicely. They were having races and playing with dolls together. I love the moments they get along so like that and the little laughs I hear coming from them. Warms my heart! Both girls are fighting bedtime yet again. I don't know what is going on with them! I would love to go to bed early if it meant someone else was going to stay up to get the house in order!


We decorated the Christmas tree today. It was so much fun this year. Both Abby and Mckenzie got into helping put the ornaments on the tree (especially Abby). I had a hard time at first because all the decorations were on the bottom of the tree, but as soon as I looked at the girls' faces, I realized it didn't matter where they put the ornaments. It only mattered that they had a good time decorating. We didn't get around to putting up all the other decorations. It is our first year in this house and I don't know where to put things. We plan to do it tomorrow. I went out to do a little shopping in the afternoon and got everything I had planned on getting but one thing. I then got my hair cut and highlighted for the first time in over a year! It felt so nice to get it done. It isn't exactly what I wanted but it is exactly what the stylist said she was going to do. I just couldn't picture it when she was describing her plan to me. Scott took the girls out to Target to get some candy canes for the tree and then stopped over at Chick fil A for dinner. The girls had so much fun playing and Mckenzie made it to the top of the steps all by herself. The girls got to pick out a movie to watch for movie night and stayed up late to watch it. It was fun, but both girls didn't want to go to bed afterwards and made for a long night of trying to get them to sleep!


Happy Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for this year~two amazing little girls, a husband that I adore with my whole heart, great family, friends.  We are so blessed I could spend a very long time listing all I am thankful for! The day was pretty relaxed. I cooked a turkey and it turned out pretty darn good if I may say so myself! The kids helped me make cranberry sauce which neither of them liked. Scott doesn't like cranberries either so I have plenty of leftovers for myself! The girls didn't like the pumpkin cheesecake I made either, but I anticipated that and had ice cream for them! We got a little snow this morning, but it melted by the time it landed. It was beautiful and we took the girls outside for a couple of minutes before it got too wet! Abby was sad there wasn't enough to play in! Mckenzie wasn't to sure what to think. The girls are in bed for now. Both struggled with going to bed and each lost a favorite toy because they weren't settling down. I feel like such a nag but if they don't learn consequences now, I can't imagine how unruly they will be when they are teenagers!
Tasting the snow.

Asleep on Daddy!


Today Abby had her Thanksgiving Feast at school. Mckenzie and I headed back to celebrate with her. It was very sweet. The kids were all wearing feather hats and pilgrim shirts made from brown paper bags that they had made. They also sang a cute song. Leaves are falling, Leaves are falling. On the ground, on the ground. Rake them in a pile, rake them in a pile. Then jump in. Then jump in. Very cute! Abby said break instead of rake. Reminds me of how little she still is. I sometimes forget that she is still very young when I compare her to Mckenzie. Abby was kind enough to share her feast with her sister and got glowing praise from her teacher for doing it without being asked. It was so nice to see her sharing so easily. It isn't always like that at home! At the end of class Mckenzie joined Abby on the circle rug where the kids wait to be excused from class. Mckenzie and I headed back home and I put Mckenzie down for a quick nap. After class, the girls and I made some sugar cookies. I traced around their hands to make turkeys and then we frosted them and put candy corn on them. I think both girls ate more candy corn and raw cookie dough than actual baked cookies! Abby wouldn't eat the one she frosted because she likes her cookies plain. They both had so much fun. We did bath time and played around for awhile before dinner. I was hoping Scott would make it home in time to have dinner with us, but the kids couldn't hold out any longer. But he did make it home in time to play with the girls a little bit and read them a bedtime story. That is what matters. Abby was so excited to see him. Mckenzie too.


Mckenzie was up way too early for me this morning! We came downstairs and I put in the Wiggles for her to watch and gave her a yogurt to eat. That girl loves her yogurt, especially the squeezable ones. She eats at least three a day and would eat more if I let her! She fell asleep for a little bit and I did too! We didn't do much this morning. Abby said her tooth doesn't hurt anymore! I am glad for that. We ran a couple of errands this afternoon and played outside when we got back home. We were playing in the backyard and I glanced at something on the ground. I thought it was just a chewed up dog toy until I looked closer and realized it was the beautiful red cardinal that lives in our backyard. Guess that should say lived. I'm hoping some animal other than our dog was responsible for that one! We had gymnastics tonight. Abby is getting so much stronger. She is able to hold herself up on the bar now whereas before, she couldn't even get herself up! Mckenzie is such a little dare devil. She likes to walk on the high beams. I can't imagine she realizes how high up she is. I thought bedtime would be pretty easy tonight since Mckenzie didn't nap, but I was very wrong. I think her problem tonight was she was over tired. She got upset because I wouldn't let her take Scotch tape to bed and started screaming and crying so loudly! I ended up laying with her because she wasn't able to console herself. Abby couldn't fall asleep because of all the noise and now she is procrastinating going to bed herself. Every few minutes she comes out of her room to ask me another question. I hope this doesn't last long or else tomorrow will be a very long day for her at school!


I didn't get around to posting yesterday. It was a very dull day and we didn't even get to the park. Today, Abby had school again. She was in a good mood when we left the house, but when I wouldn't let her greet her teacher at the same time as her little friend, she got upset and started clinging to me, saying she didn't want me to leave. (The teacher likes to greet each child individually and look at his/her homework.) Her teacher reported she settled down pretty quickly. I'm not sure what is going on with her lately. It seems like she is easily upset. Mckenzie and I ran a couple of errands this morning. I am so happy I managed to find clothes for all of us to wear when we get our photos taken the beginning of December! I think the girls will wear their outfit for Christmas as well. Mckenzie was styling today when she was riding in the car. She found a pair of sunglasses and wore them upside down. She looked so cute! We picked Abby up from school and headed over to the park. Abby told me her front tooth hurt so I took a look at it. There was a little blood around the top of her tooth, so I asked her what happened. She told me her tooth and another child's head collided at school. I called her teacher to find out what happened, but unfortunately, the teacher didn't see and Abby never said anything to her in class when it happened. At least it is a baby tooth so if it falls out, no big deal I guess! The girls played for about an hour before we decided to go to the grocery store. I needed to buy a turkey (let's hope Scott makes it home in time) for Thanksgiving. On the drive back home, Abby was begging to decorate the house for Christmas. I told her we could look in the garage for the Christmas decorations when we got home and if we could get to them, we could put a few decorations up. Well, turns out, everything is buried in the back corner behind a boatload of stuff (sure would be nice to have a basement to store stuff!). I explained we would have to wait until Scott got home, but that really upset her. So, I loaded both girls into the car after dinner and ran to the store to pick up a couple of decorations. She was very excited to get a Santa hat and walked around the store saying ho, ho, ho. When we got home, she couldn't have cared less about the decorations I put up. She was too busy playing with Mckenzie. When I let them know it was time for bed, Abby informed me they couldn't go to bed yet because they were having a 'median' in the dining room. I told her it better be a quick meeting and she replied that it was going to be a long meeting! Not sure what she and Mckenzie needed to discuss, but it must have been important! I think Abby was trying to be like me. Whenever I host the school board meeting, we use the dining room. She even had a piece of paper in front of her like I do at the meetings! Both girls are finally in bed. Mckenzie has been in and out of her bed having to use the potty a million times! Let's just hope this means she will wake up dry again in the morning! Oh, talking about morning, Abby slept on top of her covers last night with all her pillows and animals in place too. When I asked her why, she said it was so she didn't have to make her bed again! I would post some pictures, but I seem to have misplaced my usb cord for my camera...


Well, I was hopeful the girls would sleep in since they went to bed later, but they decided to get up like normal. It was a very quiet day around here. We skyped with Scott this morning which was a lot of fun. Mckenzie kept trying to tell daddy she can rhyme words. She says "rhyme rhyme" and then tries to say dog, log, and frog. It doesn't come out the clearest, but she tries! I guess NickJr isn't so bad after all;) Abby sang a song for Scott and then was back to playing. We went to the park this afternoon and Abby found a little boy to play with. He showed her how to go down a pole and she was so excited to learn how to do it. Just last week at school, I was trying to help her do the same thing and she wouldn't have anything to do with it. Whenever I would try to make her do it without my help, she would cry and say she was scared. Today, she just grabbed onto the pole like she had been doing it forever and down she went with a big smile on her face. I think she did it at least 25 times before she got tired of it! Mckenzie played hide and seek with me. It was so cute to listen to her count and then see her run to find me. We ran to the store after the park and then picked up some pizza on the way home. I let the girls watch some tv while I picked up the house. I taught Abby where the volume control is on the remote and she is putting it to good use. I could clearly hear NickJr as I was vacuuming a different room from where they were watching tv! Both girls went to bed pretty easily tonight. Thank goodness! I am debating waking Mckenzie up before I go to bed and making her use the potty. When she woke up this morning, she had wet the bed, but she apparently slept right through it. Not a good sign for the potty training. I thought she was doing so much better but it feels like we are back at square one! I took some pictures at the park today, but I will add them tomorrow!


Another Friday, another school day. We overslept this morning so it was quite the mad dash to get ready for school, but we did make it on time. Had to break the rule of no food in the car so Abby could at least have a little milk and waffle before school. I had a parent teacher conference today about Abby's progress thus far. I can't believe the year is moving along so quickly! Abby is right on target with learning. Only issue is how much the girl likes to talk! Gonna have to try to rein that in a little bit I guess. Don't know where she gets her love of talking from... Must be her dad ;) Mckenzie and I came home for a little bit and then it was back to school to get Abby. I wanted to take the girls out to lunch with friends from school, but everyone already had plans. Guess I should have planned ahead.  It was a good thing we didn't go to lunch though because I had the worst headache I have ever had. I nearly wanted to cry it hurt so much. Luckily, Mckenzie was willing to take a nap and Abby was content to sit in front of the tv. Great parenting I know! My headache did go away in time for us to go over to Abby's friends house for playtime/dinner. It was a great time for all of us. The kids played very well together. Mckenzie was a little shy at first, but that is typical for her. She did warm up and had the bigger kids following her around as they all play drums. At first, Mckenzie was moving away from the older kids but as soon as I asked them to stop following her around, Mckenzie decided she liked having them follow her and it became a game for all of them. Abby didn't want to leave her friends house, but it went better today than it did on Tuesday. Probably because I bribed the girls with watching a little bit of tv in my bedroom before bedtime. It was fun though to hang out with the girls for a little while before bed. We got to talk to Scott again today. Always great to hear his voice :)


The girls slept in this morning and it was wonderful! We had a lazy morning at the house. We painted and colored and played with cars. Abby did her homework for school and Mckenzie worked on drawing people. After lunch, we headed to the purple park to play for a couple of hours. The girls had so much fun and didn't want to leave, but it was getting really chilly out and their little hands were cold. Luckily, they both headed to the car without throwing a fit! We ran to Lowe's to get another mouse trap. I am hoping I never have to catch another one. We came home and played a little bit before taking a bath and then doing dinner. During dinner, Mckenzie needed to use the potty, but she insisted Abby take her instead of me. It is so sweet how Abby helps her out and how Mckenzie wants her help. It isn't always that pretty, but today was a very good day. No major fits and the day seemed to flow a lot better. I know I have a tendency to raise my voice when the girls don't listen, but today, I either waited until they stopped fighting or I used a quiet voice so they had to be quiet to hear me. It really seemed to work and I am going to try to use that tactic every day. Mckenzie went to bed easily tonight, but I assumed she would since she didn't nap. She almost fell asleep on the couch when we got home from the store, but I managed to keep her entertained. The last thing she needed at 5pm was a nap! Abby wanted to sleep in Mckenzie's room tonight and I explained that she couldn't because it is a school night. She wasn't too happy with my decision and she left Mckenzie's room. Turns out she had gotten her sleeping bag and pillow pet and told me she was going to sneak into Mckenzie's room to sleep. Silly girl! I ended up laying with her until she fell asleep. Oh, the other day at gymnastics Abby heard a couple of older girls counting and as they got higher she got more and more interested. Finally they reached 100 and kept on counting. She looked at me completely surprised and said "you can keep going?" She was shocked and amazed! Apparently she didn't know there were numbers after 100!


We got off to a rushed start this morning. I kept hitting snooze even though it was a school day for Abby and I was a parent helper again! But, we made it on time with only a little nagging from me. Abby decided to wear a tank top with a long sleeved shirt underneath along with a pair of capri's. I managed to get her into pants, but the tank top was staying. So be it. That is her personal style I guess. Mckenzie was excited to go to the nursery today and didn't fuss when I left. I had a lot of fun being in Abby's class today. I got to pick up the girls' school pics today and they are so cute! Mckenzie has the biggest smile on her face! Mckenzie and I came home and had lunch and a nap before picking Abby up from school. I was the parent helper in the afternoon class as well so we had to go a little early so I could do the cleaning. Abby's teachers were sweet enough to take Mckenzie out to play when the older kids went out. Abby was so happy to take her sister outside with her. It was pretty windy out today so we didn't play outside when we got home, just veged out inside. The kitchen had a funky smell to it today even though it has been mopped and cleaned twice in the last three days. So, I decided to do a little investigating and discovered a dead mouse in a cupboard. I was not happy to say the least and the smell made me gag. So, I called a friend to see if I could borrow her husband to take care of it for me, but unfortunately, he wasn't home. My friend offered to come over and get rid of it for me and I felt bad, but I really don't like mice and the smell was even worse, so I let her. Thank you so much for rescuing me Dee! I am forever indebted to you!!!! I felt like a wimp, but I really, really, really do not like dead animals and this was no exception! Now, I just have a whole ton of dishes to send through the dishwasher tonight and need to disinfect the cupboard again. YUCK!!!! Why do these things happen when Scott is gone???? Mckenzie and Abby are both being stinkers tonight and keep coming out of their rooms for lots of different random reasons. I hope they fall asleep soon!

Pretending to be babies!


Abby had her good friend from school over for a playdate this morning. The three of them had so much fun running around. I have to say, they all played very well together. Mostly they played school, but we did a craft as well. Mckenzie spent about two minutes playing with the melty beads and was done. Abby wanted to make a heart, but she didn't know how and so I made the outside shape for her and she filled it in. I would have preferred she tried to do it on her own, but I wanted her to have fun. If I had insisted she tried, I know it would have made her upset and I didn't want to ruin a craft project for that. There is plenty of time for her to learn. If she still wants my help, then so be it. Abby got very upset and started crying when it was time for her friend to leave. It has been a long time since she has done that, I think since Florida. I take this as a good sign that she has a friend she wants to spend so much time with. After she settled down, we had a quick snack and ran to the grocery store. It seems like I was just there, but the fridge was telling me something different. It was late by the time we finished so we stopped at Chick fil A before heading home. I put Mckenzie down for a nap again today because she had gymnastics today and I wanted her to pay attention during class. If she doesn't nap, she doesn't focus very well during gymnastics and she doesn't seem to enjoy it as much. Abby spent the time playing dress up and playing with cars. She did a great job of entertaining herself this afternoon. The girls had fun at gymnastics. Mckenzie listened pretty well to the teacher, but I did notice that she is a lot more clingy when I take her than when Scott is out on the floor with her. Wish I knew what his secret is. We had dinner and a shower and it was finally time for bed. Mckenzie has come out of her room a few times, but I expected that since she took a nap. I just hope she isn't up too long since tomorrow is a school day.


Abby ended up in my bed again last night. I asked her why and she said she likes a big bed. Then she said she could put a big bed in her room. I explained how small her room is and that it would leave no room for her toys. She looked at me and said we could put them on her dresser. I think she really wants a big bed. Maybe we will have to break down and put a bigger bed in there. I don't know. I don't mind that she sleeps in there when Scott is gone but when he is home, it gets too crowded. Anyway, after Mckenzie and I dropped Abby off at school (she was much more excited about class today than Friday), we met a friend for coffee at Starbucks. We did a little shopping at Target and then it was time to come home. I got the girls some winter pjs with the feet in them. Abby just loves wearing that kind! She was heartbroken when the ones from last year got too tight to zip up without catching a little leg. Mckenzie took a long nap when we got home. She was so tired and clingy that I risked having her not go to sleep tonight. I think it was a good call. We picked Abby up from school and stopped by the purple park. The kids were so excited to go and had lots of fun. Mckenzie didn't spend as much time in the swings as she used to. She is starting to enjoy the slides a lot more. She was wearing jeans today so when she went down the slide, she just flew down. She was laughing the first time, but I noticed she used her hands to slow her down after that! We ran another errand after the park and then came home. We got to talk to Scott today which was nice. The girls and I made bead bracelets after dinner. Mckenzie didn't seem interested in making a bracelet, but Abby had lots of fun working on her pattern! I let the girls stay up a little later tonight and it seems to have worked. Mckenzie hasn't come out of her room yet. Lets hope it stays that way! Need to charge my camera battery before I can post my pics from the day. I even tried using a little manual focus today while the girls were playing at the park. I wonder if any of them turned out.


The kids actually slept in a little bit this morning. Maybe they are getting used to this whole daylight savings time thing. Or, Abby may have been too comfortable in our bed to get up! I made the girls pancakes for breakfast this morning and even made a few extra to freeze! (See Ma, my kids get homemade breakfast every now and then ;)
We ran to Home Depot to pick up some paint for Mckenzie's bed. We took a knob off the dresser to match the paint, so I hope it turns out to be a good match! We watched the Vikings game this afternoon. Love the Vikings, but I sure don't like how they are playing this season! Scott didn't get to finish watching the game as he had to leave for work. The girls did a little coloring/sticker artwork this afternoon and then I let them watch tv so I could clean the house. Mckenzie fell asleep on the floor in the family room while I was cleaning. I am thinking I shouldn't have let her sleep so long because it is taking forever to get her to sleep tonight. But, when I start cleaning, I don't like to stop. So, I let her nap and now I am paying the price!


I made breakfast for us this morning before we headed out to do a little shopping. The kids were really good and didn't throw major fits. We were looking for a new tv for our bedroom and found a good deal. I can't say I was sad to see the old tv carried downstairs. I think Scott would have rather thrown it out the window instead of having to carry it down. Those old tvs are so heavy! Scott was really sweet and made an appointment for me to get a mani and a pedi done today. I was going to take Abby with, but I am glad I didn't. It was a nice salon/spa, but it wasn't kid friendly. They have a policy stating no kids unless they have an appointment as well. It was very relaxing and I am so thankful I have a hubby that is so thoughtful. We picked up some pizza for dinner and called it a night. No pics today :(


It was hat day at Abby's school. She brought Scott's flight cap with her, but she didn't want to wear it. She didn't seem like she wanted to go to school today and she clung to me when it was time to go into her classroom. Not her normal self. She was happy when I picked her up so that was good. We built a fire tonight and roasted marshmallows. The kids had so much fun. Abby really enjoyed the marshmallows  and Mckenzie could have eaten all the Hershey's bars by herself! It was so much fun hanging out by the fire with the kids and Scott. After we put the kids to bed, Scott and I sat by the fire until it got too chilly outside.


Scott was home again all day as he is still sitting alert for work. It's nice having him around, but it feels like the weekend. I bought the girls a few books the other day at a book fair at Abby's school and ended up reading just about everyone of them to the girls this morning. When we finished 5 or 6 of them, Abby asked if I would read them all over again. I love that she is really getting into reading. We took the girls outside to play this afternoon. It was chilly, but still nice enough to play for awhile. The girls had a blast playing softball, soccer, jump rope, ball, bikes & racing. I made hot chocolate for everyone to warm up outside. I remember Abby having hot chocolate for the first time last fall and she said she loved it so much, but only ate the whipped topping off in the beginning. Now, she is actually drinking the hot chocolate. She is growing up so fast. Mckenzie took a few drinks, but most of it landed on her jacket instead of in her mouth. I think the cup was too big for her to drink from. She must have gotten very tuckered out from playing because she fell asleep on the couch. One minute she was asking for some Fruit Loops and the next minute she was fast asleep, drool and all. We went out for dinner and almost as soon as we sat down, Abby started her "I'm tired" routine and begged to go home. We managed to make it through the meal without too much drama. Got the girls home and bathed and off to bed. Abby doesn't want to sleep now. I hope she falls asleep soon or it will be tough to get her going for school tomorrow.
What better place than between your toes to store plates! Silly Mckenzie!


I was the parent helper in Abby's Starfish class today. She was so excited and kept asking me when we could leave for school. Mckenzie was not so excited because she didn't get to come with today. Scott was home and wanted to spend a little time with Mckenzie. It was a great time. I just love being in the classroom with Abby. I get to see another side of her and it makes me appreciate her even more. She is so eager to learn and loves to answer questions (doesn't always get them right) and she loves to help her little friends. When Abby's teacher asked what month it was, Abby answered "It's October, no it's November." Well this one little boy started criticizing her for saying the wrong month. Abby looked so sad and I felt bad for her. I was thankful I could be there for her. I hope my kids never act like that. Class was fun, but over too quickly. Abby headed off to her lunch bunch and I headed home. Mckenzie and Scott had a good time playing and Scott reported that Mckenzie got her colors right today! I am so happy for her. After Abby finished school, Scott and I took the girls to get haircuts. Abby jumped right in the little red car to get her haircut and sat quietly the whole time. Mckenzie was a little shy and I was worried she wasn't going to sit in the chair without a fit, but a couple of fruit snacks and me standing right next to her helped us get through the quick cut. We ran a couple of errands before heading home.
I think an appropriate title for this is "DEER CAUGHT IN HEADLIGHTS!"

BTW, I am so proud of Mckenzie. She woke up one time last night to use the potty and then woke up dry again this morning! I hope this is a trend that continues and I never have to buy diapers again!                                


All I have to say is that sleeping in that king bed was like heaven! We both just love it and when Abby came over this morning, there was plenty of room for her to snuggle in with us for a little bit. Scott was home all day because he was sitting alert for work. I love having him home during the week. Mckenzie's dresser was delivered today. It looks great in her room! Scott and the girls went to pick up the new headboard and rails for our bed. Much cheaper to pick it up since we have the truck and it wasn't too heavy to haul upstairs. Scott even had time to get the bed put together and new curtain rods up. The rods the owners left were uneven and falling down made the room look like garbage. It is nice to see the curtains hanging evenly now. The whole room feels like an oasis to me now. I am very happy with it! The girls had so much fun playing in the boxes the furniture came in. One box was their house and one was school. Mckenzie was playing the mom and Abby was playing the child. It always amuses when when they play that way because Abby is constantly telling Mckenzie how to be the mommy and Mckenzie is always sending Abby to time out! Mckenzie found a permanent marker today, but luckily, she managed to keep it on her paper and on her fingers. I took a chance and threw the cushion covers for the couch into the washing machine today. I'm not sure I was supposed to do that, but after milk got spilled on the cushion, I had little choice. Either I washed the cushion and ruined it or left it and had to deal with the smell of old milk. I lucked out and after washing all the covers, the couch looks almost new again. I am so happy for that! The girls had gymnastics this evening and Scott came along since he was home. He went out on the floor with Mckenzie and I got to sit back and watch the girls. It was a lot of fun and I had the chance to see how much Abby has learned. Mckenzie is a hoot with her panties sticking out of her leotard and shouting 'hey mom' a few times during her lesson. We went to dinner tonight and it was really good until Abby just turned and started crying that she wanted to go home. It was so strange. She was sitting there having a good time and then she was crying. Not sure what that was all about. Happened a couple of other times today too. Is that normal behavior for an almost 5 year old? Guess I will have to read up on that. They are both in bed for the night. Mckenzie is in big girl panties again. Let's hope I don't have to change the sheets in the middle of the night!
Mismatched shoes again today!


Another Monday. They seem to come around all too often! Abby asked me to pick out her clothes today and her only complaint was my choice of shoes. I guess her decision to wear one silver sparkly shoe and one black sparkly shoe was a much better choice for her than my idea of matching shoes! So she went to school in mismatched shoes. I was surprised how many of the other moms noticed her shoes. One mom even worried that it was mismatch day and her daughter wasn't dressed for it! After dropping Abby off, Mckenzie and I came back home to await the arrival of our new king bed. After seeing how heavy the bed was, I am so glad that we paid for delivery instead of picking it up ourselves! After I got it set up, Mckenzie and I laid down to check it out. The bed must be super comfortable because Mckenzie was fast asleep within minutes and slept for over an hour! It was the perfect day for a nap too. The wind was howling and it was cold out there. Abby had a great day at school and was so excited to show me the bat cave she made. It was so cute how she described how she made it and how it took so long to do it. Apparently the kids started working on it last week and finished it today. She was so proud of her work. She even showed Scott the workings of it when he got home from work.


I spent most of the day shopping. I needed to find bedding for our new bed that is going to be delivered tomorrow as well as curtains to match and then grocery shopping to top it off. I am so thankful Scott stayed home with the girls so I could get the shopping done faster. I found most of what we needed. Scott and the girls ran to Lowe's while I was out to get some sandpaper so we can get to work on Mckenzie's bed. He also replaced the closet doors in Abby's room with purple beads. It looks so good and she really likes it. Now I don't have to worry the doors are going to fall onto one of the girls. We were all playing in the family room and Scott was tickling Mckenzie. Abby came over to snuggle with me so I started tickling her. She looked at me and said "Mom, you're not the tickler, you're the cuddler!" During story time tonight, Mckenzie kept saying "bird, one eye." over and over and then she went downstairs. When she came back upstairs, she had a color crayon and opened up her book to the page with a bird on it and started coloring another eye on the bird. I guess she wanted to see both eyes of the bird! Mckenzie refused to put a diaper on for bedtime tonight so I guess we are being forced into night time potty training. It has been a long time since she has had an accident so I guess it is time we started focusing on the nights. I just hope I don't have to change the sheets too many times tonight!

I could not get a photo of her with her eyes open today!


Today was a long day. We finally decided to go shopping for a new bed for us and a dresser for Mckenzie. We left the house around 11:30 and didn't get back until after 7pm. I didn't think buying a couple of pieces of furniture could be so tiring, but with two little girls in tow, it was. The girls were troopers though and behaved pretty good in the stores. We took the girls to Chick fil A for lunch and let them play for a little before continuing on the hunt for the perfect bed. Mckenzie was so tired and fell asleep in my arms. She didn't even wake up when I put her in her car seat! Abby had fun testing out the beds. We finally found everything we needed (at three different stores of course) and it will all be delivered this week! I am so excited to finally have a king sized bed. Maybe now it won't be so crowded when one of the little ones joins us in the middle of the night! I am also very excited to be making progress on Mckenzie's big girl room. Now that we have chosen a dresser, we can work on painting the bed we already have for her. It is a little sad that very shortly we will no longer have a need for baby furniture in this house :( I haven't decided if I want to store it or sell it.


I didn't fall asleep until after 2am (Laurie, I will have to send you the book I was reading) and Abby was up at the crack of dawn. We haven't given her allergy medicine for a few nights and I think it is starting to catch up with her. I was hoping allergy season was over, but I guess not. We dropped Abby off at school and headed to Bed, Bath, & Beyond. I decided we need a coat tree for the foyer as well as a basket to put the hats and mittens in. I found what I was looking for and I am hoping it will help keep us organized this winter. If only I had a whole room for all that stuff, life would be much easier. Guess it is one of those things to add to the list for our "forever" home. We are officially no longer property owners. We closed on our house in Florida this past week. I am sad that we no longer have it, but I am also relieved at not having to worry about a property so far away. The other day in school Abby's teacher asked her what she was thankful for and Abby said she was thankful for her house in Florida and her purple room there. Makes me so sad how attached she still is to that house :(  We also hit up Target (seriously, it is right next to BBB. there was no reason to not stop by). Halloween stuff was 75% off so I was able to get the girls a lot of dress up clothes for next to nothing. They are going to have so much fun with all their new costumes! We picked Abby up from school and headed back home for lunch and playtime. The girls played nicely together this afternoon which was really nice. I put the TV on so I could get the dishwasher cleaned out and reloaded and within a short amount of time, Mckenzie was nestled into the couch fast asleep. She didn't sleep long since Scott got off work early today. The girls found blankets that I had purchased as Christmas presents for them and asked so sweetly to play with them. So, I am not as far along on my shopping as I thought! I really need to get better about hiding the gifts I buy them. They also wanted to play dress up. I have to say Mckenzie makes a cute bee and Abby makes a cute cowgirl. Abby kept asking where her horse was and saying yee haw. Adorable! I just love my girls. One of my friends is taking photos of what she is thankful for during the month of November. I would have to say I am thankful for my sweet girls and their amazing father. I seriously couldn't be more blessed. There are always going to be 'things' I want in life, but when it comes right down to it, I have all I need. So for all of that, I am thankful. And where would we be without all of the rest of our family and our friends. Even though there are many miles between us, I am still thankful to have you all in our lives :)
We went out to dinner tonight. Neither Scott nor I felt like cooking so we took the easy way out. Tried a new restaurant and it was pretty good. The girls are hanging out watching a little Backyardigans before they head to bed. We are hoping that if we let them stay up a little later than normal, they will sleep in a little longer tomorrow morning;)

Abby's cowgirl outfit she wore to dinner.
Thankfully, the red bandana didn't make the cute!


Rain, rain go away. And take the cold along with ya! Today was cold and wet all day long with a little wind every now and then. I didn't have plans to go anywhere today so we just lounged around in our pj's until after lunch. The girls did a million and two art projects and Abby did a little homework as well. Throw in a puzzle or two, a fort, a movie, and playing with baby dolls to round out the day. Don't forget running in circles and chasing after the dog! I know the girls have a lot of toys to play with, but by the end of the day, we were running out of things to do. I gave the girls a bath a little earlier tonight because I thought they needed a little extra time to calm down before bed. They were running around like crazy just to burn a little energy. Scott got home from work pretty late, but made it in time for story time with the girls. They were so excited to see him and gave him big hugs and said they missed him. Really, he was only gone for the day. I can't imagine the reunion when he comes back after his deployment! Mckenzie actually went to bed without a fuss tonight. I am so happy!
Mckenzie asked for a picture while she was petting the dog.


Today was picture day at Abby's school. Abby didn't give me a hard time about getting dressed in the outfit I asked her to wear. Many times if I suggest an outfit for her to wear, she goes in the opposite direction. I had Mckenzie's picture taken as well. I think they will be cute pictures. Mckenzie wasn't too sure about the photographer and she was very shy at first. Abby was just happy because the photographer let her have her photo taken first since she was the oldest. I know most times I let Mckenzie go first just because she is the youngest and doesn't understand, but it was a nice reminder that I may need to switch that up every now and then. Mckenzie and I ran a couple of errands while Abby was in class and then we hung out at home. Mckenzie ended up napping on me again, but only for about thirty minutes. She was in a much better mood when I woke her and Scott didn't have too much trouble getting her to sleep. So that may be the magic number as we transition to no nap. We played outside in the front yard after Abby got home from school. The girls played restaurant and the name of their place was "Candy Catmeat". Doesn't sound the most appetizing. I had a meeting for Abby's school tonight and Scott stayed home with the girls. It was surprisingly short so I went out with one of the other moms. It was a nice evening.


A very quiet day around here. The house got cleaned, we ran to the post office and out to lunch. The girls were excited to play at the McDonald's play area. Me, not so much as it is an outdoor play area and it was cold out there today. The girls didn't seem to notice. We veged around the house this afternoon and Mckenzie ended up falling asleep while I was holding her. I am hoping that she isn't up until 10 again tonight. So far, she is staying in her room. We had gymnastics tonight and both girls had fun. Mckenzie was a bit feisty until I let her have her pacifier and then she was very cooperative. While we were eating dinner tonight, Scott told Mckenzie to use her spoon to eat her soup. Mckenzie looked right at him and said "No, use fingers!" Very opinionated that little one. No pictures again today.


Another Monday means another school day. I forgot to have Abby do her homework again so we will have to bring it on Wednesday. I hope I am better at getting her work done once she starts Kindergarten! Before we left the house, I was picking up a few things around the house and Abby asked "Is the housekeepers coming today?" I promise I do clean even when they aren't coming to the house, although, I don't usually do it before we leave the house in the morning. Mckenzie and I played around the house this morning. I tried to work on her colors and letters, but she just didn't seem all that interested. The kid counted to eleven the other day, but ask her what color something is and half the time she gets it wrong! I took the girls to the park after picking Abby up from school. They were both so excited to go play and ran straight to the swings. We came back home and I decided to call XM radio again today. Scott has been trying to transfer our service since we got our car and had not been successful. Finally today after 33 minutes on the phone with a couple of different people, I managed to get service to our car. It was ridiculous and I am usually not angry with customer service people, but the first lady who worked in the activation department told me she couldn't help me and she ended up activating the service under the previous owner's name. She then told me I would need to talk to someone in the cancellation department because she couldn't cancel the service! HELLO! Luckily, the guy I talked to understood what I wanted to do and activated the service under our name. I was so close to cancelling all together, but I really enjoy XM radio, especially when we travel. Mckenzie is having difficulty falling asleep tonight. I thought she needed a nap this afternoon and she went to sleep right away when I put her down. But I was mistaken as the little bugger has been out of her room more times than I care to count since we put her down. I hope she settles down soon.

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