Sibling love

032 the kids

The girls just can't get enough of their brother. They love to take turns entertaining him when his is on the floor. They also like to fight about who gets to entertain him and how they get to entertain him and how long they get to entertain him, but I am focusing on the fact they love their brother so much they want to spend lots of time with him :)

Happy birthday to my Mom! Without you, I wouldn't be who I am today. Love ya!


Storybook Land


Today was our annual trip to Storybook Land with our preschool. Our fourth and final trip. It is a great little amusement park perfect for the little ones. I let Abby skip school and come along. Boy was she excited about that! I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself for getting all of us ready to the park on time. In fact, we were the first ones there from our school. Unheard of for me, especially these days with an infant. It was hot and humid, but the girls had a blast. Mckenzie loved hanging with her friends and Abby loved the roller coaster. Cooper didn't enjoy himself much, but he did tolerate the heat as best he could. I am so glad I didn't chicken out and stay home but I would have been very sad for the girls to miss out on this.

018021 Mckenzie b&w023027007


Summer is here


I enjoyed a tasty caramel iced Frappuccino today. A sure sign that summer is here :)


11 Weeks

002 Cooper

Little man is 11 weeks old already. He is getting much better at sitting up when I prop him against the bear.

Mckenzie started summer camp at her preschool. I think this will be a great way for her to spend a lot of time with her friends before we move.


Memorial Day

The girls were off from school today so we just hung out at home. I thought about taking the kids to a local parade, but it was pretty warm out and Cooper doesn't do so well in the heat yet.

The kids in Abby's class made posters for the military for Memorial Day. I thought it was a very sweet gesture.


Sunday drive...

042 Abby Mckenzie

The Jeep doesn't drive so fast anymore with both girls riding in it. I guess it is another sign they are growing up! Mckenzie has become a much better driver. Last summer, she could hardly steer and this summer, she is cruising around the front yard as though she has been doing it her whole life. Abby still likes to drive, but she prefers riding her bike these days. I love seeing how much confidence she has when it comes to riding her bike now. Such an improvement from this fall.
046 Mckenzie Abby


Homeowners again!!!!

033 flower

Scott closed on our house today! It is so exciting to be home owners again! These past few years have proven to me that I am not a renter. I never minded renting before, but once I had a taste of homeownership, I found it difficult to go back. I was hoping he took a picture or two of the closing or the keys or anything, but no such luck. Scott joked had I been there, closing would have taken longer because I would have had to take a photo of everything.

Abby had a doctor's appointment this afternoon. She has been having some chest pain lately and we wanted to get it checked out before we moved. Her pediatrician isn't sure what is going on, so she is sending her to a cardiologist. 035029 b&w025


A Starfish Graduation

024 MCkenzie

Mckenzie graduated from preschool. It was a short, but sweet ceremony with a slide show, songs sung by the graduates, and of course, the receipt of a diploma. Mckenzie was beyond excited to walk across the stage to receive her diploma and get hugs from her teachers. (Mckenzie gives them both the squeeziest hugs every time.) I am so proud of Mckenzie for working hard this past year. She has blossomed into a beautiful young lady ready for Kindergarten! On the way home, Mckenzie told me she had a secret to tell me and proceeded to divulge that she had a crush on Owen and that he is her boyfriend. Tonight was not the first night she shared this "secret" with me and I don't think it is a secret to anyone else that she likes him. After all, she chases after him on the playground and tries to kiss him (where in the world did this come from?????). But what was cute about it tonight was Abby said "Well, he's not your boyfriend. He's a friend who is a boy." Mckenzie didn't agree with that and insisted Owen was her boyfriend. Abby asked if Owen knew he was her boyfriend to which Mckenzie replied "Of course not. It's a secret!" She makes me smile. All too soon she will be grown and have a real boyfriend. So for now, I will enjoy her having a childhood boyfriend who doesn't even know he's a boyfriend!

041 Mckenzie preschool graduation

Walking to the stage! Super excited!!!

Reciting the "Thank You" prayer

Mckenzie walking to get her diploma!


Graduate Mckenzie!!!
061 Mckenzie

The whole gang!

Sisters :)
072 Mckenzie Abby

Giving Mrs. Pratt a super squeezy hug
069 Mckenzie

And one for Mrs. DiPaola too!


Final Starfish Day

Today was Mckenzie's last day as a Starfish. Tomorrow she graduates and continues on her journey to Kindergarten. I can't believe how fast the time has gone and how grown up Mckenzie has become. When we moved here, she was in diapers, sucked a pacifier and slept in a crib. Those things are in distant past now as she has become great at coloring and writing her name. She is a sweet and caring young lady. No longer a baby as she is quick to correct me when I call her such. Little does she know that no matter how old she gets, she will still be my baby. I am so proud of my girl and all she has accomplished. I love seeing the little lady she has blossomed into and I look forward to seeing where Kindergarten takes her!

The class celebrated all the summer birthdays with an ice cream party. Nothing like a sugar rush at 10:30 in the morning!

Big Smiles!

Funny Face!

Thank you for the world so sweet. Thank you for the food we eat. Thank you for the birds that sing. Thank you. Thank you for everything.

Searching for the BEST prize from the prize box.

Squeezy hugs for Mrs. DiPaola

And for Mrs. Pratt too!

Best Buds


10 Weeks

001 Cooper 10 weeks

Little man is 10 weeks old! He smiles all the time and is so happy! Scott put up the crib the other day and the girls love peeking over the edge to get a closer look at Cooper.

153 Mckenzie147 cooper and Abby136 Cooper125 Cooper121 Abby108 Mckenzie107 Mckenzie Cooper Abby090 Mckenzie Cooper Abby


Field Day

Scott was on the road by 4AM. Cooper and I were up to see him off. He made it to Sheri's to drop Dakota off (thanks for dog sitting again!!!) and discovered he had worn a cable to the trailer. So he stopped off to get a new cable and discovered he had a low tire on the trailer. U-haul was great and sent a guy out to repair the tire and Scott was back on his way. A long day for sure, but he made it safely!

Mckenzie had Field Day at her preschool. She had a blast playing with her friends and doing crafts.
047 MCkenzie059 Mckenzie



Scott spent a good bit of the day packing and loading his trailer. :( Both girls had birthday parties they attended this afternoon. Luckily, I only had to go to one. Mckenzie went with her friend and I took Abby to hers. I love spending time with the girls, I would just prefer to do it where there aren't what feels like a million screaming children running around! We went to a friends house for dinner. Good food and conversation. I'm going to miss them when we move.
001010 Mckenzie012 Mckenzie030 Dakota


Dance Recital Two

You would think I would have learned from yesterday and started earlier to get the girls ready for their dance recital, but I didn't. I thought I was starting early enough, but I ended up rushing again to get both of them ready. But, they both got ready and out the door with Scott on time. I stayed behind to feed Cooper before his sitter arrived.

Both girls did a great job at the recital. Mckenzie danced to Neverland and she looked like she was really enjoying herself. Abby danced to BFF and she rocked it! I am so proud of both my girls. They have worked so hard this year to learn their dances.

014 Mckenzie023 Abby