Thursday, March 31, 2011

Apparently Mckenzie thought it would be a good idea to stay awake last night from 4am until 6:30am. I didn't think it was such a good idea, but since she didn't agree, we got to hang out for awhile! She did sleep in until after 8 so that was nice. We went over to a friend's house to play this morning. The girls had fun playing and played very nicely together. And, they didn't throw too big a fit when it was time to leave. Abby did get a bit moody, but she has been moody lately anyway. We had gymnastics tonight and wouldn't ya know it, the cranky old lady was after me again. Abby hurt her foot early during her lesson and her teacher brought her over to me. Abby sat with me for a little bit while Mckenzie was doing her stuff and she decided she was ready to join her class again. So Mckenzie stayed with her teacher while I started to walk Abby over to her class and the grump was on me again about how parents aren't allowed on the floor and I needed to get the receptionist to walk Abby on over. I would have had to walk farther on the gym floor to go get the receptionist to do that than just do it myself when I was only a few feet from Abby's teacher. I am so tired of her attitude. I can understand her saying something to me if I wasn't already on the floor for a Mommy and me class, but I'm out there already (And you can't tell me that after months of being on the floor with Mckenzie, she doesn't know that I am there for a Mommy and me class!). Doesn't make any sense to me. She really needs to mind her own business! Abby said her foot still hurt when we got home, but that pain was quickly diminished by the papercut she got from her Silverlicious book. She was upset over that papercut for over an hour and even when I put her to bed, she was still talking about it. I guess it really hurt! I hope she is in a better mood tomorrow. Seems like it is harder and harder to make her smile :( May can't get here soon enough!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am hoping Mckenzie grows out of this restless sleep she has been having lately. It feels like I am in her room every thirty minutes because she is crying for something. Last night she was worried about her light up shoes and her orange juice. I finally brought her to bed with me. It didn't help with the dreaming, but at least I didn't have to keep getting out of bed! Abby was hilarious this morning. I asked her to get dressed and make her bed while I showered. When I went to her room to check on her, she and Mckenzie were playing, still in pj's and the bed wasn't made. So, I asked her to get dressed and left the room. I overheard Abby say to Mckenzie "Look at all these toys. Now I'm going to have to clean these all up after school today!" Such the little mommy! Abby had a really tough time at school today. She starting crying for her Daddy today during her afternoon class. It breaks my heart that she was so upset and there is nothing I can do to make it better. I cannot wait for all this to be behind us. I went out with some friends tonight for a fundraiser for the local schools. It was a nice evening, but it got to be a little long because of all the raffle prizes they had. I would have left earlier, but I bought tickets for the 50/50 and the prize money was $1700. Didn't win. Sure would have been nice though. I did win $50 towards tuition at the preschool the girls attend so it was worth it. Both girls were good for the sitter and went to bed without trouble. I was a little worried about Mckenzie because she fell asleep this morning while sitting up. I figured if she was that tired I had better let her take a little nap. M did wake up when I got home but she went right back to sleep.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mckenzie had school this morning and cried only a bit when I dropped her off. She was so excited to show me her artwork when I picked her up and she squeals so loudly when she sees me after class. Melts my heart! Abby went over to a friends while M was at school and I got to run a couple of errands solo! We had church tonight, but we ate at home instead of eating there. The art project tonight was making cards for nursing home patients and Abby drew a wagon with eggs in it. Didn't really look like a wagon, but it was very cute if you ask me! Both girls were excited to read a new book tonight. Grandma & Grandpa H sent Silverlicious for the girls and they enjoyed reading it. While the girls and I were upstairs, I heard someone playing the piano. That someone turned out to be the dog! Mckenzie had left the crust from her sandwich on the piano and the Dakota was bound and determined to get it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

I was the parent helper in Abby's class this morning and I really enjoyed my time with her. I have to say that I think the kids are getting tired of the cold weather because even the normally well-behaved kids at school are acting up a bit. After school, I took the girls to the craft store. We picked up some supplies for Abby's Star of the Week poster that we need to start working on. Last year I forgot to do it and had to make it at the last minute so this year, I want to have it done way before she needs it. Abby had fun picking out decorations for the board. When we got home, we heard the ice cream truck in the neighborhood. Normally I can distract the girls until it has passed us by, but not today. It stopped out in front of our house so the girls got a popsicle treat. They were both so excited. It was like they won the lottery! The popsicles were heavy so both girls put them on a plate instead of holding them.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Church was not a lot of fun today. Mckenzie was very feisty and I ended up taking her out of the church service for a little bit. I can usually calm her down before she starts making too much noise, but one look at her after I told her she couldn't rip the hair clip out of Abby's hair and I knew it was going to get loud!  The drive home from church wasn't much better. I told the girls they didn't to watch a show on the way home (it's like 6 minutes tops!) and Mckenzie started screaming and trying to get out of her carseat, which she did manage to get her arms out. On a good note, we talked with Scott today. He is doing good! Mckenzie pitched quite a fit tonight about bedtime. When Scott first left and she wouldn't sleep, I let her take juice with her to bed (yes, I know how horrible it is) and I am now trying to break her of the habit. Last night wasn't a big deal. I can't say the same about tonight. She finally fell asleep after I sat on the floor next to her bed.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Both girls slept in this morning, not waking up until after 8:30! That never happens around here! We ran some errands this morning and got a package organized and mailed to Scott. (Lots of random things in there babe, but I had help picking the stuff out!) We had a quick lunch and headed over to a friend's house for this afternoon. The girls had fun playing, although Mckenzie preferred to hang with me. I checked on the girls and Mckenzie had put a doll in the play fridge and was blocking the door with her little body because she didn't want the other little girl to take the doll from her! Kind of funny (not funny she didn't want to share, but funny that she stuffed her in a fridge to keep her safe!). When we got home another friend brought us dinner. She felt bad for us since we were sick earlier in the week and wanted to help out. I thought that was very generous of her and it was a very tasty dinner too with lots of leftovers. I can't ever remember eating homemade mac and cheese before, but I'm going to see if I can get the recipe from her. Abby even made the comment how much better it was than the stuff I make. I take no offense to that as I only make boxed mac and cheese! Both girls were really tired tonight, but Abby is giving me a hard time about going to sleep. She keeps coming out of her room every few minutes and telling me she can't fall asleep. I hope she falls asleep soon because I would like to turn in a little earlier than usual.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Both girls had school this morning and Mckenzie did great when I left her there today. She only cried a little bit so I think she is starting to adjust! YAY! I had time to run to Target and the grocery store by myself.  Target was having trouble with their computer system so every credit card purchase had to be phoned in for authorization. It took forever to get through the check out, but since it was just me, it didn't really matter! Picked up the girls from school-they both had a great day. Mckenzie even had artwork to show me! Abby started throwing a fit as soon as we started leaving the school because she wanted a playdate. Grr! We skyped Scott this afternoon which was very nice. I made the girls pigs in a blanket tonight because Abby told me she just loved the ones they made at school. I could have saved myself the time because neither of the girls ate them, instead they filled up on strawberries and cucumbers! After Abby didn't want hers, I remembered that last year after making them in chef class Abby wanted to eat them at home, but when I made them she wouldn't touch them. Can't really complain they didn't eat hotdogs wrapped in bread though. They are no where near as healthy as the fruits and veges they ate! A quiet evening around the house and both girls went to bed without trouble.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

So apparently I didn't use enough lysol to keep Mckenzie's bug from spreading. I seem to have gotten a milder version of it. Luckily Abby is still feeling ok. Let's hope she doesn't get it too. Abby went to the planetarium as a class trip today. She was so excited that she got to ride with one of her friends. She left before Mckenzie woke up and so I told M that Abby went to school. I felt bad that she didn't get to go since we have been talking about it all week and she was feeling fine today. But she had a fever yesterday and I am a firm believer in the 24 hour rule. Wish everyone out there did too! Abby told me she had a great time learning about the planets and eating lunch out with her friends. Not much else going on. M and I spent the day on the couch. Abby was a trooper and didn't complain about having to play by herself. She even told me she was sorry that I wasn't feeling good. What a little sweetie! Hope tomorrow is a better day!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rainy, cold, and a 2 yr old that didn't feel good. Pretty much sums up the day. A friend took Abby to school and brought her back home. Abby loves going places with her friends so she was excited to get moving this morning and even did things before I asked! Mckenzie and I watched a lat of tv and laid on the couch together most of the day. She didn't want me going anywhere. She perked up this afternoon, ate a little bit of soup, and didn't have a fever when I checked before putting her to bed. So, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day! Abby had a great day at school and was so excited to tell me about the hotdog rolls they made in chef class today. She kept repeating how you only need two ingredients to make them. Hotdogs and dough.  We chatted with Scott this afternoon and the connection was actually pretty good so we were able to see his mustache. Interesting look. Glad it will be gone before he gets home!!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mckenzie had a great day at school. Very little crying and she participated in the classroom activities. Abby went over to a friend's house while Kenzie was at school and had lots of fun playing. That left me alone to get some stuff done around the house. A clean house and I organized a couple of closets downstairs that needed it as well as the computer desk and I managed to get through Abby clothes and take out the stuff that is too small. Now her drawers are empty looking so I see some shopping in the near future! We played outside this afternoon. Mckenzie was upset there were no bubbles, but I haven't had a chance to get to the store. We had friends over to play this afternoon and for dinner. The mom was supposed to watch the girls for me so I could go to the school for spring clean up (the parents are responsible for cleaning the playground equipment) but I didn't end up going because Mckenzie got sick. Seems she has picked up a GI bug and has been throwing up all evening. I hope she can get some rest tonight. My sweet little babe looks so miserable :( Abby was a little upset her playdate got cut short, but when I explained we didn't want her friend to get sick as well, she seemed to understand. Then she started crying because she misses her Daddy. Poor baby. Is it the end of May yet???? I took some photos today of Abby driving her jeep with her friend. I will add them later. Funny story about her driving though. Her friend seemed to be a little scared of her driving (she loves going in circles) and asked if he could drive because he was a better driver!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Woke up to rain this morning and a little one in the bed with me. It took a little while to get the girls out the door this morning because we had to round up all the rain gear. Boots, umbrellas, raincoats. Most definitely needed for the light rain that was falling outside! I forgot to put shoes in Abby's basket so she had to wear her boots all day. Oops. Didn't seem to bother her though. I had a dental cleaning this morning and Mckenzie was really good. She stayed in the play area while I had my teeth cleaned. The receptionist keeps an eye on your kids for you and they also give you a video monitor so you can watch them as well. It was fun to watch Mckenzie. She apparently wanted something that was out of her reach so she stacked two chairs to try to get it. She did check to see if it was wobbly before climbing on it and since it was very unsteady, she took the chair down and just climbed on the one. Mckenzie and I had a little date to Chick fil A today. It was fun, but Mckenzie didn't want to play (I think she missed having Abby to run around with). She fell asleep on the way home and I let her sleep for a few minutes before we had to pick Abby up from school. We skyped with Scott tonight. It was nice to get to see him. All is going well with him. Sounds like he had a busy day and missed out on the Monday poker tournament. We played outside for a bit before dinner. Abby was happy to ride her jeep. She let go of the steering wheel and just giggle. Mckenzie decided she wanted to drive the jeep and she isn't a very good driver yet. She doesn't understand that she has to steer so all she does is go in circles, getting very close to the curb and my car! I finally talked her into driving her own little bike that she does know how to steer. The girls had fun playing in bubbles today. There was no wind and so the bubbles all landed in a huge pile which the girls had fun running through. Needless to say, we emptied an entire bottle of bubbles today because it was so much fun! I ended up laying down with Mckenzie tonight in order for her to fall asleep. She asked me to lay with her and then she told me how much she missed her daddy. Just couldn't say no to that!
The girls were not sharing today so I put them in time out together and made them hold hands and look at each other.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

I can't believe it. Mckenzie slept through the entire night in her own bed and so did Abby! It must be some sort of miracle! We had church this morning and Abby's choir sang a couple songs again. She didn't know the words to one of the songs because we missed choir practice last week due to Dad's night, but she tried to sing it anyway. It was cute to watch. After church we came home to work on our project again. Didn't go as smoothly as yesterday, but it is finished! I am so excited for Scott to see it. I think he is going to love it! We played outside and drove the Jeep to the park. I finally remembered to charge the battery so the kids could actually use it. There is a dirt/rocky path behind the park and I let the girls drive on that today. Mckenzie wasn't too fond of the bumpy ride and asked to walk with me instead. Abby loved the bumpiness and giggled loudly the whole drive. She had to turn her music up really loud so she could jam in her car. I don't know if I have said it yet, but I am so glad it is getting warmer outside. The kids just love playing outdoors and I love not having to spend forever bundling them up just so they can spend a short amount of time out there. Mckenzie was so ready to go to sleep tonight that she climbed into bed with her clothes still on and would probably have fallen asleep that way if I had turned off the light. She didn't even call me back into her room once to tell me a joke or ask for juice. Abby on the other hand, insisted she wasn't tired and wanted to keep reading books. She loves to be read to and would have me read every book on her shelf every night if I would do it.


Saturday, March19, 2011

The girls and I had a great day today. They were super cooperative with the project we are working on for Scott and we got over half of it done today! We spent the morning playing around the house and then we headed to the post office to mail a package to Scott (I am really sorry that I forgot to send deodorant~please forgive me babe!) The girls played on the playground after lunch for a little while and then we came inside to wait for our Skype date with Scott. We played with play doh, colored and made cupcakes this afternoon and then had a nice chat with Scott. Mckenzie was so sleepy that she fell asleep while we were chatting with him. I let her take a quick nap while we finished talking. I figured 15/20 minutes shouldn't cause too much trouble for bedtime. The girls and I went back outside to play in the front yard. We did chalk~I really don't care for the feel of chalk, but the girls LOVE it and therefore, I ended up drawing for them. Abby told me I made a great airplane! We decided to eat Chinese for dinner and headed to the Pei Wei just down the road. I don't think I say this often, but the girls were FANTASTIC at dinner. No fighting or yelling or getting out of their chairs. I actually had to ask them to stop kissing each other because they weren't eating! It was just so nice to eat a meal at a restaurant and feel like all eyes were on me because the kids were acting up. 082


Friday, March 18, 2011

Both girls had school this morning and Mckenzie had another great day. She was a little upset about the drop off, but a good friend was the parent helper in the classroom today so that helped a lot. Her teacher said the only other time she cried was when she coming inside from playing and Abby was still on the playground. Abby enjoyed her day at school too. We went to a park today with a bunch of Abby's school friends. It was a really nice day for a picnic and playtime. I like the park a lot, but it was very busy and it is pretty large which makes it tough to keep an eye on both girls. Luckily, I had the other moms to keep an eye on Abby for me while I spent most of my time pushing Mckenzie in the swing. That girl just loves the swing, although, she did finally try out a slide that she LOVED and couldn't get enough of. Abby had so much fun playing with her friends. They were all over the park! I think her favorite is the tire swing. We stopped for ice cream on the way home (an ice cream truck had come to the park while we were there and sat there forever. The girls were begging for ice cream, but I had no cash!.Mckenzie sat on a bench to eat her ice cream and Abby tried to sit next to her only there wasn't enough room.Poor Mckenzie ended up falling off the bench backwards and hit her head. She was acting fine right after but I always worry so much when the kids fall down. Guess she should have been wearing her helmet today. When we got home, I asked if her if she was still hurting anywhere and all she could complain about was her knee. (She fell down earlier on a sidewalk and scrapped up her knee and elbow!) It just wasn't a very good day for her. Abby felt terrible that Mckenzie had fallen and she was so sweet to her. She had Mckenzie lay down on the couch and she sat at the piano and played/sang Mckenzie a song to make her feel better. Such a sweet little girl!!! Abby loves to sing. We were watching a movie in the car today and when a song came on, Abby sang as loud as she could. I love listening to her! We started working on a project to send Scott. I am so excited about it and I can't wait to get it too him!!!!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

We had another long night with both girls ending up in my bed. I think I have figured out why Mckenzie has been waking up. She was talking/shouting in her sleep and I heard her say "Kota licked my pizza!!!". So, I think she is having fitful dreams (and yes, the dog did lick her pizza at dinner last night!). I remember Abby going through a stage like this and it didn't last forever so I am hoping Mckenzie grows out of it quickly too! We skyped with Scott first thing this morning. The girls weren't even awake when he first called so it was nice to have a little time to have an uninterrupted conversation. The girls did wake up in time to chat with Dad and they both were pretty talkative. Abby had a friend over again this afternoon and we headed to the park to play. There was a little drama between Abby and her friend as they both wanted to ride bike to the park and we only have one bike. But, I told them both they could walk instead. Neither of them liked the idea of walking and Abby started throwing a fit, but that ended pretty quickly when I told her I would take her friend home if she didn't start acting better. She has been acting out a lot more lately and I don't know if it is because that it what 5 year old do or if it is her way of showing how much she misses Daddy. The girls had gymnastics tonight and Abby almost climbed to the top of the rope! I am so proud of her! Both girls went to bed without any difficulty tonight. I hope they both sleep through the night. I am exhausted from being up so much the last few nights! If anyone wants to come take a couple of night shifts from me, you are more than welcome ;-)
The girls were pretending they were on a train to NYC. Apparently a helmet is an important accessory!
She pretty much wore this helmet all day and only rode her bike for a couple of minutes!
Say Cheese!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We were all a little slow getting up this morning as none of us slept very well last night. Mckenzie was awake for a long time, which meant I was too since she was sleeping in my bed:) She was begging for apple juice at 445 so I went downstairs to get her some and ended up spilling half a bottle of juice all over the floor. So I had to get the mop out and clean up the floor. I was not too happy and Mckenzie wasn't very happy she had to wait so long for her juice. I finally ended up sleeping in Mckenzie's room because the girls were both sleeping as close as they could to me and I couldn't move without disturbing one or the other. Luckily we made it to school on time. Mckenzie was still in her PJ's (she actually spent most of the day in them) because she told me she was too tired to get dressed! I guess I should have gone out in my PJ's too! We all got to play outside this afternoon. It was so nice outside and I saw a first flower in our yard! I am so excited for spring to get here so we can be outside again. The girls had fun running around the yard, playing with bubbles, balls, and bikes. We had a friend over for dinner and instead of cooking, I took the easy way out and ordered pizza. Abby asked for pepperoni pizza and I didn't order any because it is always super greasy. So, when the pizza came, I told her they must have made a mistake because we got Hawaiian instead of pepperoni. Luckily she was fine with that and I only felt slightly guilty for lying to her! It was nice to have dinner with another adult, especially since we let the kids eat in the family room while we sat at the table! Other than the dog stealing food from their baby and licking his face every 10 seconds, it was a nice evening! The girls gave me some trouble going to sleep again. I ended up sleeping on the floor in Mckenzie's room in order to get her asleep. I didn't intend of falling asleep in there, but I guess I was tired!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mckenzie had school today and she had an amazing day! Only a few tears when Abby and I left and that was it. Her teachers said she played with the other children today and even talked to them and she participated in all the classroom activities. When she saw me after class, she ran towards me with open arms screaching hi the whole way. It was adorable and I could see in her face that she enjoyed herself today. I am so happy she is becoming more comfortable with going to school. Abby and I cleaned the house this morning. I gave her a couple of chores to do like feeding the dog and making her bed and she was so proud of herself for helping me clean. Then she ran off to play with her toys while I finished sweeping and mopping and vacuuming. I really wish I had enough money for a live in housekeeper!!! Abby had a friend come over to play today. The girls had so much fun and it is fun for me to listen to them play together. They are both becoming so aware of the other's feelings when it comes to taking turns and sharing toys. Little steps to becoming big girls! Mckenzie was so tired today that she practically begged me to let her nap and didn't want to eat her lunch because she was ready to go lay down. I let her take a nap. I know she needed it because with all the screaming Abby and her little friend did, Mckenzie was still able to fall asleep and stay asleep with her door open. Tonight Abby had a Dad's night at her school to show off what the kids do during the school day. Since Scott is away, I took Abby to her Dad's night. We dropped Mckenzie off at a friends house and they were so sweet to us. The Dad had gotten a corsage for his daughter and one for Abby as well! On the way to school, Abby asked me to turn up the radio so we could rock it!  (Oh, that reminds me about earlier today when Abby's friend was over, all three girls were dancing in Abby's room with the music turned up. I asked what they were doing and they said they were having a dance party!) We had a great time at school coloring, doing crafts, and playing with Lincoln Logs. The kids sang their Hello song as well as their Goodbye song to give the dads a glimpse of what a day in class is like. Abby was in heaven getting to see her friends tonight and I am just so happy that I got to share in the night with her. I wish Scott was here so he could have gone with her, but there is nothing I can do about that. We went for frozen yogurt with our friends afterwards. Cute place I hadn't been to before. Self serve yogurt with a ton of toppings to choose from. Very yummy! Mckenzie had fun over at our friends house. It works out so well since they have two girls the same ages as our girls. Mckenzie did lose her purple pacifier while she was there and she was pretty upset about that on the ride home. But, we found another favorite paci when we got home so all is good in her world! Both girls had a tough time going to bed tonight. Mckenzie told me many times she wasn't tired at all and it took a good hour to get her settled down. Abby was upset about missing Scott and had trouble falling asleep. She told me again she didn't want her Daddy doll and then she told me she wants to take Daddy to the park as soon as he gets home. I cannot wait for Scott to be home so he can give her all the hugs she needs.
020 copy
Abby showing off the toys she likes to play with.
043 copy


Monday, March 14, 2011

Abby had school and Mckenzie and I did a little grocery shopping. Mckenzie was sooooo good in the store. It has been a long time since grocery shopping hasn't been a challenge. Mckenzie asked to hold the blueberries we were buying and I thought why not. Well, why not is because when she drops them in the back of the cart, they spill everywhere! I got a nice store employee to clean up our mess and we went to finish our shopping. Well, it wasn't five minutes later and I ended up spilling the blueberries too! I was so embarrassed, I picked them all up myself so I didn't have to tell anyone again. So, we ended up getting less than half a package of blueberries by the time we left the store! We skyped Scott this afternoon and had a nice chat. Mckenzie is having a hard time giving up naps. I left the room to make dinner and I came back to find her asleep on the couch. She wasn't very happy when I woke her to eat dinner. Luckily, she didn't give me any trouble about going to bed tonight.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

We didn't make it to church today because we woke up too late to make it on time. We had a late breakfast and played in the house until after lunch. We went outside so the girls could ride bike and I could walk the dog. The dog was in heaven! She acted like she hasn't been out of the house in forever! We didn't get too far on our walk as we stopped at the park to play. We were the only ones there so I let the dog off her leash. She had so much fun chasing the girls and even made it down the slide, although she must have gotten scared and she jumped off halfway down! Abby tried to get back on the monkey bars, but I think she is still scared of falling again. She told me she wants to wait until she is 6. Fine by me. One less thing for her to fall off the better! Kenzie couldn't get enough of the swing again. The girls were doing races, although I am not sure who they were racing since Abby would count while Mckenzie ran and vice versa. When I tried running with, the dog got so excited that she nipped my arms and bottom! It was a little cool out today with the wind so we didn't stay out too long. We ran to the store to pick up a new mattress pad for Mckenzie's bed. She sleeps so comfortably in our bed, but she is really restless in her own. I am hoping making it more comfortable will help her like it did when I bought the same mattress pad for Abby. Time will tell. The girls were funny at dinner tonight. They were playing with their pasta as though each piece was a person. They had conversations with their pasta and even named them. It was really cute. I don't normally let them play with their food, but it was just too funny tonight. I bought the girls umbrellas at the store tonight and Mckenzie took it with her every where, even to the potty!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

The girls were up bright and early this morning, but that worked out well since we skyped with Scott this morning. I made the girls green eggs again. Ever since Abby's class made them, she has been wanting green eggs and ham. I had no ham left so it was just green eggs that looked a little more blue than green! Kids loved them anyway. It was nice talking to Scott. He is trying to grow a mustache for 'Mustache March', but I'm not too sure what it looks like since the skype quality makes it look like a smudge of dirt on top of his lip! I hope he takes a picture of it so we can see what it really looks like! (Hint Hint) The girls and I went to the purple park this afternoon and the girls had a lot of fun. When we got home, the girls wanted to ride bike and we ended up at our neighborhood park. One of the swings is low enough to the ground that Mckenzie can use a big girl swing on her own. She was in heaven! Look Mom, I'm swinging was the key phrase of the afternoon for her. Abby wanted to do the monkey bars all by herself and she was doing pretty good, making it about halfway across before jumping down. Her hands slipped off one time and she wasn't ready for it. She landed in the wet mulch and was pretty scared. But after a little while, she wanted to try it again. This time, I held onto her, but she wasn't ready to cross. Maybe another time.
810 copy


Friday, March 11, 2011

The girls both went to school this morning, leaving me with a little alone time. Mckenzie cried a bit when I left, but she had stopped before I even left the school! Yea!! I headed to Target to meet a friend for coffee and almost ran over a pedestrian along the way. He was crossing the road against traffic and I just missed hitting him. I have no idea what he was thinking, but the speed limit on that road is 50. I don't know why anyone would try to beat a car at that speed, especially since he looked older. I am just glad I didn't hit him and that the girls weren't with me. I had a nice chat with my friend over coffee and did a little shopping. When I got to my car, I saw some nice person keyed the driver's door. Thanks a lot! It isn't horrible, but I don't understand why anyone would do that. It doesn't appear to be accidental either because it is in a cute circular pattern! Anyway, ran home to drop off the stuff I had purchased and headed to school to pick up the girls. Abby had a great day and she was so excited to tell me about the 'median' I have to go to tonight. (We are having a Vendor Night as a fundraiser for school and the kids are welcome to come with and play). Turns out Mckenzie had a great day. She was smiling when she came into the school after playing outside and even went into the classroom to sing the goodbye song! Baby steps! I took the girls to Chick fil A for lunch. It is nice out, but the yard is so wet from all the rain we have been having that I didn't want to deal with the mess. Both girls were tired when we got home and I let them take naps since we had to go out tonight. After dinner, we headed to the vendor night and the girls had a blast playing in the kids area. The facility offers open play time as well as summer classes and I think both girls would really benefit from going. I managed to win a couple of door prizes as well as a cash raffle. All in all a good night!
Snuggling on the couch!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

The girls were up bright and early today. It seems like the days we have plenty of time to get ready, they are up early and on school days, they want to keep sleeping! We met some friends at a children's museum today. We had never been there before and it turned out to be lots of fun. The museum had many different stations set up where kids could play. There was a diner, vet's office, doctor's office, farmer's market, etc. I think both girls enjoyed the ball pit the best. We had a picnic lunch and played a little longer before heading back home. Mckenzie was getting very cranky and didn't want to play anymore. When I told Abby it was time to go, she had a total meltdown and started crying about not getting to catch any fish (there was a boat with fishing rods and fish in the 'water'). I think she was just really tired and there was no calming her down. When we got home, I put in a movie and we all laid down on the couch for rest time. Mckenzie ended up falling asleep on me, but I didn't wake her. She had been so cranky and I wanted her in a good mood for gymnastics. Gymnastics was good and then it was time for dinner and a bath. Even though Mckenzie napped, she went right to bed. I am so glad for that!
(Mckenzie had so much fun standing over this big fan!)
(this one is for Daddy!)


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

After dropping Abby at school, Mckenzie and I headed to a doctors appointment for her to get a physical for school. (It was also her two year check up! Yep, we are a little slow with that one, although, we tried to get an appointment back in December and this was the earliest we could get!) We ran a couple errands and then came back home. It was a long morning for Mckenzie and I think she was tired of driving around. She ended up falling asleep on the couch when we got home. After we picked up Abby from school, we got to Skype with Scott. It was great to see him :) Mckenzie decided to play with stickers again today, but instead of dumping the bag out on the table, she dumped them out all over the family room floor. Then she proceeded to push them all over the floor, saying she was helping me. Not sure how that helped me, but at least she wanted to help! Mckenzie had a tough time going to sleep so I put her in my bed with me and I ended up falling asleep too! I guess I was tired!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What a busy day for us. Mckenzie had school this morning and she wasn't too happy with me dropping her off, but it turns out she had a really good day. No crying until the very end of the day when she saw other parents in the hall waiting to pick up their kids and she didn't see me. I waited in my car because last time she saw me before class was over, she started crying. So, I guess next time I will take a chance and wait in the hall for her. She was so excited to show me the picture she made using stickers. The smile on her face was priceless! While Mckenzie was at school, Abby and I got to spend some together. It was a lot of fun to play with just her. It has been so long since we have had that opportunity. The girls had a play date this afternoon. They have two girls the same age as ours so it works out well. I stayed for a little while, but then I headed out to run some errands on my own. It was so relaxing and the Starbucks was delicious!  We had church tonight and the dinner there was pancakes. Can't say it was the greatest meal we have ever eaten, but oh well. The church also had a talent show and Abby's choir participated. It was so cute! Abby loved every minute of her performance. I am so proud of my girls today. They both did a great job!

Ready to go to church and sing Take me out to the Ballgame and Take me out of the Bathtub! It was just too cute!
Just a quick snapshot of the girls singing in church!



I was the parent helper in Abby's class this morning and we had a lot of fun. I love to see her interact with her friends and have the opportunity to participate in her school learning. Mckenzie wasn't fond of being left in the nursery today, but there were a couple of other little ones to play with and I think that helped. After school we headed to Target. It was a miserable trip. The girls were not listening and it took twice as long as it should have because we kept stopping for this or that.  At home, we spent a lot of time reading books and playing with Play doh. Pretty quiet around here this afternoon. I didn't take any photos today. Maybe I will remember tomorrow.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

We had church this morning and Abby's choir performed. She just loves to sing in the choir and if I may say so myself, she looked pretty cute doing it too! I decided to be brave and take the girls out for lunch. We tried a new restaurant and the food was really good. Abby had chocolate chip pancakes that were so delicious I was wishing I had ordered them for myself! Mckenzie asked to sit in a highchair, but that only lasted about half the meal. Then she was out of her seat and looking out a window. There was a heating vent right below the window so when the girls were looking out, they were pulling a little Marilyn Monroe moment! We came back home after lunch. I was thinking about going to run a couple of errands, but it was raining and Mckenzie was getting a little grumpy. It is a struggle for her to not nap, but she sleeps much better at night so I guess it is something we are going to have to deal with. We skyped with Daddy this afternoon. He's doing good. Tonight will be his first night having a roommate. I hope that goes ok. Sounds like they are on different schedules so it may be a bit of a challenge at first to get used to. It was great talking to him again. I think I probably say it every time we talk, but it is true. I miss him so much and I can be doing just fine, not thinking about it, and something will make me miss him even more. Like today at church, there was a married couple in front of us and they reached to hold hands with one another and I felt so sad I couldn't hold Scott's hand today :( Anyway, we are halfway through! This afternoon while Abby was working on her homework for school, Mckenzie was coloring. I should have paid more attention because Mckenzie came running into the kitchen as proud as could be wanting to show me what she had colored. Turns out it was her dress she had colored! Thank God she was using washable markers! I snapped a picture. It isn't very clear, but you get the point!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

We went to the park with some friends this afternoon and had a great time. It was a park that we hadn't been to before and we really enjoyed it. There were some pretty interesting people there when we first arrived and I was glad we didn't go there by ourselves. It was in a wooded area with walking trails so after playing for awhile, we took the girls on a walk. Poor Mckenzie wasn't paying attention and walked right into a tree, scratching up the side of her face. I felt so bad that I left her pacifier in the car, but she settled down pretty quickly and was ready to go walk along with the big girls. Abby fell and scraped her knee, so both girls will have reminders of their fun afternoon at the park! The girls collected sticks along the path so when we got close to the creek, they threw them in. Abby had a whole handful at one time. Mckenzie was a bit more picky and found one big stick to carry along. Mckenzie fell asleep on the ride home. I was worried she was going to have trouble going to sleep, but she didn't even fuss when it was bedtime. Our friends came back to the house with us and we ordered in some pizza. It was a really nice afternoon/evening. Abby was upset this evening when it was time for bed. She is so sad that Scott has been away for so long now and she asked if he could just go back to doing his short trips. It breaks my heart to see such sadness in her face and hear her voice quiver as she tells me she only wants to hug her real Daddy and not just her Daddy doll anymore. I wish I could make this all go away, but the only thing I can do is give her extra hugs and hold onto her extra tight. I laid with her until she fell asleep. She looks so sweet in there now, holding on to her Daddy doll, with lambie cast aside on the floor. A picture of Scott and I from years ago is peaking out from underneath her pillow.

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