Scott and Mckenzie went out to do a few errands and Cooper went down for a nap giving Abby and me a little one on one time. It is rare these days to get that and so I am beyond excited when it happens. I like to think Abby is too :) She wrote a song and played the guitar for me. She didn't even complain when I broke out the camera and asked her to move to better light. She was just happy to sing to me. I was happy to listen to her and capture our moment with a photo. She is really into music and I am so thankful for that. Piano was always a big part of my childhood and I love having something I can share with her. 005 Abby010 Abby

And just for the record, that is dog hair all over the floor. I'm seriously thinking about trading our yellow dog in for a black one just so I don't have to see the hair on the floor as much anymore.