This dog is so spoiled. Every day when I get back from the bus stop, Dakota races upstairs to lay on our bed. I know I shouldn't let her up there, especially since I'm allergic to dogs, but her eyes melt my heart every time and I just can't make her get down.
5 Nov 2013 009 Dakota5 Nov 2013 020 Dakota5 Nov 2013 004 Dakota

Last night was a looooooong night. Cooper didn't sleep well and neither did M. I ended up keeping Mckenzie home from school because she said she didn't feel well, but by 9:30 she was bored and asking if she could go to school. It was fun having her home with me. I miss the little bugger now that she is in school full time. Cooper didn't seem to be affected by his lack of sleep. I seriously don't understand how he is my child because it appears he doesn't like sleep. I, on the other hand, can't get enough of it!  Even though we kept M home from school, we let her go to Daisy's tonight because she had her pinning ceremony where she officially became a Daisy. It was a short, but sweet ceremony and the girls got cupcakes after. I'm not sure which Mckenzie was more excited about: becoming a Daisy or the cupcakes.

5 Nov 2013 043 mckenzie becoming a Daisy5 Nov 2013 048 Mckenzie5 Nov 2013 049 Mckenzie

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  1. I love the dog picture. Our dog is spoiled too, it's just so hard to say no to those big dog eyes!! Your daughter is so cute!! Love the colors!