Give Thanks Day 8: 313/366

I am thankful for my beautiful daughters. They are so special to me and I am lucky to be their mother. They are so different in many ways. Abby is a rule follower and likes organization. Mckenzie likes to make her own rules and is very emotional. They are both very loving and kind young girls and I look forward to seeing them grow. I feel like I have accomplished many things in life, but raising them is my greatest accomplishment.

We got some snow that stuck to the ground overnight so when the girls woke up, they were beyond excited to see the white ground. I let Abby play outside a bit before school and Mckenzie got to play outside when Abby got on the bus.  M and I made a snow girl and dressed it with Abby's mittens and hat so we could pretend Abby was playing with us. It was warm enough to melt most of the snow so we will have to wait to play in it again.

During dinner, we ask the girls what their most and least favorite part of the day was. Abby's was playing in the snow and making snowballs to throw at me. Mckenzie said hers was making two snow angels.

Playing in the snow before school!Snowball!!!!M and I made a snow girl named Abby since A had to go to school and couldn't keep playing with us!

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