Give Thanks Day 1: 306/366

I decided I wanted to document an entire month of what I am thankful for and what better time to do it than November! Today, I am thankful for power. We lost power Monday night and it has been a long week thus far. So today, when Abby woke up in the wee hours of the morning, crying she was cold and didn't want to go back to sleep and then once I got her back to sleep, I couldn't fall back asleep and Mckenzie woke up with a bloody nose all over everything, I was a wee bit grumpy. I realized though, that I could either spend the day thinking it was a horrible day or I could put on my big girl panties and do something about it. I chose the latter. I called a friend and asked if we could come over to do a load of laundry (Mckenzie's lovey was a casualty of the nose bleed) and hang out for awhile. It was a great morning and luckily bear looks just like she did before the nose bleed. I would say good as new, but that would be a lie. That bear has been well loved for the last 4 years :) The kids enjoyed getting out of the house (as did I) and playing with their friends. When we got home, it was a wonderful sight. The outside lights were on, meaning we had power. Power means heat and that means I don't have to worry about the kiddos being cold tonight. What a blessing. We were lucky that losing power was the worst of our Hurricane Sandy experience. There are so many people that were devastated beyond belief and I pray that they are able to rebuild and grow from this awful situation.

Thankful for power :)

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