I am on my own with three kids! Yikes. Not sure about this at all! Mom and Dad headed home this morning and Scott had to go to Illinois for training. Two weeks by myself! Lord help me! At least we are on spring break so I don't have to worry about being on time for anything!

Cooper's three week old picture. We bought this bear for Abby when she was born and took her picture in front of it every week for a year. We did the same for Mckenzie and it only seemed appropriate to carry on the tradition with Cooper.
021 Cooper 3 weeks

The girls had to get in for a picture with the bear as well.

027 Mckenzie Cooper028 Abby Cooper

Abby lost another tooth today! She was on her way home in a friend's car, eating a snack, and her tooth fell out! She was so excited when she walked through the door and couldn't stop telling me all about her lost tooth.
Must have been a rough play date today. She came home without a front tooth!!!

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