Daddy's home

The girls were hanging out with Cooper on my bed this morning so I took the chance to snap a few photos of them together. The girls just love Cooper so much. They fight over who gets to look at him or kiss him or touch him or hold him. I just love how much they love him and I know he loves them too! As soon as Abby realized I was taking photographs, she changed out of her pj's and into her T-shirt that says Large on it. Mckenzie's says Medium (she won't wear hers though, I had to bribe her to wear it just one time for photos when my friend Courtney came over to take a few photographs of our family), and Cooper's says Small.

Scott made it home from his trip today. It was so nice to have him back. Somehow I managed to take care of the three, but it wasn't easy. I am so lucky to have friends that helped me out while he was away. Scott noticed how much Cooper change, but newborns change a lot in two weeks!

002 Abby Mckenzie Cooper b&w007 Mckenzie Cooper012 Mckenzie Cooper Abby014 Mckenzie Cooper Abby

Cooper accidently hit Abby in the nose right before I snapped this one!
016 Abby Cooper031 Abby Cooper037 Mckenzie Cooper043 Abby Mckenzie Cooper044 Mckenzie Abby

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  1. hi, do you have a fb account? i'd love to view your albums, just a big fan!