The guys had a fabulous time fishing this morning. They reached their limit!!! I am so glad Scott had a chance to relax and enjoy himself. We took the boat out for a spin this afternoon and it was the perfect day for it. The girls tried tubing and had a blast! They both fell off the tube, but that didn't stop them from doing it again! Jan and Ike headed back to town so it was just us and Troy and Natalie and the kids of course :) We headed in to town for dinner. The kids were good even though I could tell they were tired. We stopped at DQ on the way home. I haven't had a blizzard in a long time and it was tasty!
016 Abby Mckenzie Murphy030 Scott Mckenzie031 Abby scott032 Mckenzie Troy033 Barb Abby035 Barb Mckenzie041 Abby Troy052 Natalie Halle
How cute is she with that life vest on?
067 Abby Troy Mckenzie

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