South Dakota here we come! 221/366

Oh my goodness! Morning sure came early. Scott didn't get home from flying until after midnight and we got up a little after three to get to the airport. It was way too early with very little sleep, but it is worth it to see our family. Our first flight was cancelled due to a mechanical problem with the plane. Scott called the airline and they were able to get us on another flight leaving in 30 minutes. Bad thing? It was a couple of terminals away! Good thing? We made it in time. Only because it was delayed, but none the less we made it. When we got to Minneapolis we missed our flight to Sioux Falls by only a minute or two but they were able to book us on the next flight leaving. It gave us time to get lunch and stretch our legs. The girls were so good on both flights. I am amazed because we were up so early and it got to be a really long day. Scott's Grandparents were at the airport to greet us when we landed. The girls saw them and couldn't wait to give hugs :) Scott's Aunt and Uncle just happened to be there too, so it was great to see everyone.
Aunt Jenny made cake pops for Mckenzie's birthday so she got to celebrate a little early :) 012 Mckenzie's 4th birthday014 Mckenzie's 4th birthday015 Mckenzie's 4th birthday

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