Scott and Dad visited a couple of churches out of town this morning as part of Dad's duties with the Gideons. The rest of us went to church in town. The church feels so different now when I go back with my own children. It's neat to be able to bring the children to worship where I went as a child. This afternoon both my sisters came to town as well as my Aunt Joyce for a bbq/bday party. It was so great to see everyone. We celebrated Mckenzie's birthday as well as Brylan's second and Kaleb's first! A big day for everyone :)
083 Mckenzie, Great Aunt Joyce
Aunt Joyce with Mckenzie and Abby.
085 Great Aunt Joyce Abby086 Joyce and Morris089 The Hietala Family
I wanted to have Scott in the picture too, but I am not as smart as I thought!!! I couldn't figure out how to use the timer setting on my camera. It can't be that hard, can it? I should have packed the darn manual!
105 4 generation photo
A four generation photo
107 Mom and Dad110 Ashley Kaleb Mckenzie Scott Brylan
and the boys couldn't keep their fingers out of the cake! So, this was a quick snapshot of them around the cake. No time for smiles!
114 Scott Brylan128 Ashley Kaleb Abby

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