Hollywood Diva Party 237/366

We celebrated Mckenzie's fourth birthday with her friends today. We had a Hollywood Diva theme. The girls all had a great time. It was a little stressful for me as the party was at the house and the company that was running the party was over an hour late and I had to entertain the kids when I wasn't planning on doing that. Thank God for freeze dance and the trampoline. I don't think the kids noticed anything was off, but I was freaking out! I had no idea what to do with the kids if they hadn't shown up when they did. But, aside from that, it was great!

The girls got to decorate their own sugar cookie before they got all dressed up. Mckenzie couldn't get enough of the frosting and Abby wanted nothing to do with it. Instead she tried to shove the other toppings into the cookies. Each girl got makeup put on and their hair and nails done. In the beginning, they all were waiting patiently, but it got to be a little long and they started getting a little crazy. I guess this is my lesson to never do another party without Scott around. I remember how challenging Abby's party was when he was deployed, although I didn't remember that until I was in the middle of this one :) Mckenzie loved looking at herself in the mirror (all the girls did) after she was all made up. Each girl took a turn on the "red" carpet and had their photo taken. I tried to suggest a different place in the house for the photo shoot, but the gals didn't want to listen to me. Hence all the children have the fabulous backdrop of my kitchen table behind them. So I am looking at the birthday photos as a mom that snapped photos of her kids birthday party so her daughter would be able to look back and enjoy them instead of as a hobbyist that wanted to get the photos right.

Mckenzie loved her party and hanging out with her friends :) She couldn't hardly wait to open her gifts, but I made her wait until Scott was home so he could join in the fun too. She oohed and aahed over every gift and wanted to open everything all at once. 003 mckenzie 4th birthday006 mckenzie 4th birthday008011031 mckenzie 4th birthday034 Abby mckenzie 4th birthday038 mckenzie 4th birthday057 mckenzie 4th birthday059 Abby mckenzie 4th birthday070 mckenzie 4th birthday074 Abby mckenzie 4th birthday079 mckenzie 4th birthday084 mckenzie 4th birthday

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  1. What an adorable party! It looks like they had a lot of fun. :)