What a fabulous day at the lake! Scott's Mom and Brian drove up for the day. The girls were so excited to get to spend some more time with Grandma! The guys got up really early to go fishing. Not the greatest day fishing for them but I know Scott enjoyed himself anyway :) The girls and I went swimming. The water was a tad chilly so Mckenzie didn't last that long in the water. She gets cold quickly but she was happy to dry off and play on the shore. Abby couldn't get enough of the water. The water was fairly shallow so she could go out pretty far which she thought was really cool.
165 Mckenzie Abby 170 Murphy175 Abby Mckenzie178 Abby
Mckenzie trying to warm up
180 mckenzie187 Abby Troy Mckenzie188 mckenzie191 Scott193 Abby194 Abby Jan196 Troy Natalie Murphy199 Mckenzie Grandma Dawn

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