We got up early and headed to NYC. We have never visited Central Park and I have always wanted to walk through when the leaves are changing. Unfortunately, the trees were still green, but it was a great experience nonetheless :). The girls really enjoyed climbing on all the rocks and playing in the playgrounds throughout the park. Every time we passed a rock, Abby wanted to climb it. It didn't matter if it was big or small, she just wanted to climb. We took the girls on the carousel in the park. As far as rides go, it has to be the longest one we have ever been on. The girls loved it! We stopped for lunch and it just happened to be next to a statue of Christopher Columbus. Appropriate as today is Columbus day :) Mckenzie wanted to chase the pigeons that crowded around us waiting for a crumb or two to drop. I'm not sure what it is with her and birds, but she has always loved chasing them. There were many entertainers in the park. The biggest hit for the girls was a guy that made humongous bubbles that you could step into. They also enjoyed watching a group of guys doing flips. We passed a parade and stopped to watch for a bit. We took a taxi back to the train station. The guy was a CRAZY driver and almost hit a guy on a bike. But, we made it safely and it was better than walking any more as the kiddos had hit their limit :)
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And yes, I was there too :)


My most favorite picture of the day. I was trying to get one of Abby and Mckenzie jumped into the frame. She is such a goofball!!!!

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