Pumpkins Galore 294/366

The girls both had soccer this morning. Abby almost scored a couple of times :( She really wants to win and it is so frustrating for her that they have not won a single game yet. One more week to give it a try! Mckenzie did great at her practice/game today. It is so hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, she was crying and begging to leave most of the time. Now, she runs around, chasing the ball with only a few moments of fussiness :) She even scored a couple of goals!

We took the girls to pick pumpkins. Lots of fun. Lots more people! Mckenzie fell down and got a couple of splinters in her hand. She didn't want us to take them out for anything and it turned into this huge crying fit. We tried bribing her with a donut from the Wawa, but that didn't work. We didn't have a tweezers in the car so we stopped at a CVS to get one. While Scott was in the store, Mckenzie ended up getting a nose bleed. She was a mess! A sobbing, bloody nosed mess :( We finally managed to get the splinters out and the first thing she said was "That didn't hurt". Grrrr. If only she would have listened to us when we told her it wouldn't hurt to take them out! (They were very superficial) Anyway, we made it to Atlantic City with no more tears. Scott picked up his bib for his half marathon and we took the girls out to dinner.




The little one wasn't in the mood for photos today :)

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