Abby looked a little off when she got home from school today. I asked her what was going on and she proceeded to tell me that one of her friends told her about a girl that was strangled by a couple of teenage boys. It is an awful tragedy. A 12 year old NJ girl was killed for her bike by two boys that lived nearby. They dumped her body in a recycling bin and their mom turned them in to police (I can't imagine how difficult a decision that was for the mother). So sad. Abby just couldn't understand why anyone would do that to someone else. It's hard to explain to a child that some people are just evil without scaring the daylights out of the them. I was so surprised she heard about this from a child her age because we try to avoid things like that for our girls. I guess other people don't feel the same way. (Yes, we do talk to them about stranger danger, but I think they are too little for details such as this story.) I pray the families involved find peace and understanding someday.


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