Awaiting Hurricane Sandy...303/366

I figure since it is getting a tad bit gusty around here, I would get our post done before we lose power. It has been raining off and on all morning, but they are saying the worst will be hitting us mid afternoon today. I don't like hurricanes and I especially don't like having to weather them without my hubby around. What good is his degree in meteorology if he doesn't get to hang out in the storm with us;-) I hate that his job values planes more than families. And yes, I am a little disgruntled after he had to hurrivac a plane last year (not towards Scott. Lords knows he would rather be here any day. But bitter that when big storms like this come around, he has to leave because of his job. That being said, I am proud of what he does and we all know every job has a downside). When the power went out during last year's hurricane, Abby freaked out and it took hours to settle her down. I am hoping the same thing doesn't happen this time as I have spent quite a bit of time preparing her. We will see what happens. Anyway, we have spent the morning enjoying TV while we still have it and making pictures of the storm for Daddy so that he doesn't miss out on all the excitement! Abby finished up her book report character today. I think SpongeBob turned out pretty good!

Abby's SpongeBob pumpkin she made for a book report for school. Isn't he cute:-)

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