Attitude Adjustment


Abby was complaining she was bored. I offered several solutions but none of them were exciting enough for her. I'm assuming they weren't good enough because not a single one involved inviting one of her friends over to play.  Anyway, she kept whining and stomping around the house with the attitude of a teenager so I decided I needed to give her an attitude adjustment (I remember getting one or two of those as a kid. I really disliked those words when I was younger, but they seem appropriate now). I gave her one last chance to do one of the fun things I suggested but she said no, so I gave her chores to do instead. She ended up putting away laundry, sweeping the floor, washing the windows, washing the cupboards, and cleaning the bathroom before she finally stopped complaining about being bored. Every time she finished a chore, she came back in with the same ugly attitude and complained about being bored so I offered a new chore. It wasn't until after she cleaned the bathroom that she realized she needed to stop complaining. She quietly asked if she could watch a movie. Then she looked at me out of the corner of her eye and asked "when I have kids, can I make them do chores?" When I said yes, she got the biggest smile on her face.

Today was Abby's last full day of first grade. Tomorrow and Friday are half days. They had a Camp In yesterday where they got to bring sleeping bags and flashlights to class and pretend they were camping. The teacher even set up a tent in the middle of the classroom! Today, Abby had her End of the Year party. It was a luau themed party and Abby said she had lots of fun playing with hula hoops and leis.


Mckenzie's friend came over to play for a bit today while her Mom worked the End of the Year Party at Abby's school. They played dress up for the longest time and pretended they were both getting married. I know Mckenzie is really going to miss her friend.

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  1. You are a genius! I am definitely doing this the next time my 9-going-on-14 year old complains of boredom.