Cooper is really taking an interest in toys. He can sort of grab them (his depth perception isn't quite there yet) and hang on to them for a little while before dropping them.

022 Cooper Mckenzie

Cooper grabbed Mckenzie's finger and was trying to pull it to his mouth. Mckenzie wouldn't have any of that and kept pulling her hand away.

Both girls had play dates today. I am trying to fit as many in as I can before we leave. Mckenzie went swimming at her friend's house and Abby had a couple of friends over here. Abby also got to go swimming at her friend's house later on and ended up getting a swim lesson while she was there. The friend's grandma likes to teach kids to swim so she gave Abby a few pointers. Abby can now swim on her back and dive into the pool. I am so impressed at what a little one on one lesson did for her skills. She has never been able to swim on her back before. She would just sink and give up. But after today's lesson, she looked like she had been doing it for a long time. I am so proud of Abby for what she has learned!

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