Moving Day

The moving part went as well as to be expected. There are always some hiccups along the way, like the driver showing up without a crew to actually move the stuff or boxes tumbling down the staircase on a make-shift slide, but overall, it went fine. Mckenzie had her last day at camp and Abby hung out at the house until our friend came to pick her up for a play date. Mckenzie joined in the play date after camp and the girls spent the afternoon swimming and hanging out with their friends. It was hard to pick the girls up. They had to say goodbye to their very good friends and it was difficult to watch them hug each other for the last time. As we were pulling out of their driveway, Mckenzie said to me "I wish I was a Morris so I didn't have to say goodbye to Ava." That broke my heart.

We spent the night at a friend's house. A very generous offer considering we are a family of five. It was a wonderful time and I am blessed to be able to call y'all our friends.

2010, as we say hello
2013, as we say goodbye.
003 Abby Mckenzie

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