Daisy Swim Party

Today Abby went to a swim party for her Daisy troop. She had a blast splashing around with her friends and I had a good time having an adult conversation. Mckenzie got to hang out with her friend while the big girls were swimming. Afterwards, we went over to my friend's house for a final dinner. It has become commonplace for us to share meals and I am really going to miss it. I'm not happy our husbands are gone, but I am happy that they are gone at the same time so I have had someone to hang out with. On the way home from her place, there was the most beautiful double rainbow in the sky. So pretty in fact, that I pulled over on the side of the road just to capture it!

085 Daisy Troop
We are going to miss all these sweet little Daisies :(

072 Abby
This little stinker didn't want her photo taken so she tried to squirt me with water!

089 Ava Sophia Shay Abby Mckenzie
Best Buddies :)


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