Last day of First Grade

Today was Abby's last day of First Grade. I am so sad it is over, but I am so happy with everything she has learned. She started first grade barely reading and she is now reading chapter books. She has learned addition and started on subtraction. Her handwriting has greatly improved and I'm sure that is because they write in their journals at school a lot. Her stories have become so much more detailed and so have the illustrations that accompany them. I am amazed at everything she has learned this past year. She is wiser and more mature and has grown in ways I never imagined. She has blossomed so much and I am so thankful to her teacher for helping her grow.

011 Abby002 Abby last day of 1st grade

Both girls had friends over today. It was a little crazy around here with five kids, but somehow we managed :)

010 Abby JT
Abby and her friend JT kept telling each other secrets to one another during lunch. I have no idea what they were saying, but they were sure laughing a lot. When her friend left, Abby ran down the sidewalk, chasing the car and waving goodbye. It broke my heart to watch her. I hate to watch my kids say goodbye to their friends. Abby didn't seem to be bothered, but I don't think she understands it yet. I think it won't sink in until we are actually gone.

012 Mckenzie Sophia
Mckenzie and her friend were so busy running around, it was hard to get them to stop for a photo. They played inside, then outside, and then back in. You get the idea.

Our babysitter stopped by to say goodbye today. The girls were so happy to see her that they couldn't stop hanging on her. It was hard to say goodbye to Miss Tiffany. She has been the best babysitter for our children. She plays with them and takes an interest in them and the girls adore her. I've never worried about leaving the kids with her because she is so responsible and kind. I am really going to miss her :(

And to end the day, we had friends over for dinner. Her hubby is out of town and we end up having dinner at least 2 or 3 times a week. It is so easy because the kids get along well and the conversation is always good. I'm really gonna miss them too.

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