Scott's Fini Flight

Today Scott flew his final C-17 flight at McGuire. It's crazy to think that this may be the last time in his career that he flies the C-17. The kids and I got to watch him fly over and land the plane. The girls helped marshall Scott and his plane to it's parking spot. They both looked so little standing out on the flight line. The flight line is so big and so are the planes. They just looked teeny tiny waving Scott on in. When Scott got off the plane, his buddies doused him with ice water and the girls got a kick out of that! It was great to be a part of his special day. The reality of everything is really sinking in. Each of these little milestones bring us one step closer to our move.

Fly over!
039 Scott Fini flight


052 landing Scott Fini flight

One of our marshalls
055 Abby Scott Fini flight

Taxi-ing to his parking spot
057 Scott Fini flight

Getting a quick lesson on what to do
058 Scott Fini flight Abby

Hello cutie pie!
060 Mckenzie Scott Fini flight

Bringing Daddy in!
067 Scott Fini flight

Hi Daddy!
069 Scott Fini flight

070 Scott Fini flight Abby

075 Mckenzie Scott Fini flight

He knows whats coming!
077 Scott Fini flight

Ice cold water!
083 Scott Fini flight

The Colonel said he couldn't wait until Scott was gone so he could finally have the most flight hours on base! Pretty sure he was joking!
086 Scott Col Williamson

087 c-17


037 Cooper Scott Fini flight

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  1. Wow! My brother-in-law flies a KC 135 and I thought THAT was a huge plane. I see these giant planes all the time, but it's still surreal to me that people actually sit in the cockpit and fly them.

    LOVE the family pic!