Mommy's little helpers

The girls are amazing when it comes to helping me with Cooper. They love to get me clothes and diapers and whatever Cooper needs, Cooper gets from his sisters. He is one loved little man. I just adore how much the girls love their little brother!

Abby washing Cooper!

021 Abby Cooper bath

Mckenzie scrubbing his hair!
026 Mckenzie Cooper bath

And while we were lounging around the house, Scott was out running 10 miles. He ran the Broad Street run again this year and rocked it! He beat his goal that he set and I am so proud of him! I meant to get a photo of him when he got home, but he was in the shower faster than I could get organized to snap one of him. When I mentioned that I had wanted a photo, he offered to get changed back into his running clothes, but for once, I let him off the hook. I know he isn't a huge fan of taking photos so why make him do it!

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