Mother's Day Tea

I got to celebrate Mother's Day a bit early. Mckenzie's preschool hosted a Mother's Day Tea. It was absolutely perfect. Mckenzie greeted me in the hallway with a kiss and gave me a necklace she made and a present. With her sweaty little hand wrapped in mine, we walked into her classroom together. She led me to our table, where she had set a place for both of us. The table was decorated with flowers made the children. Mckenzie and her classmates sang a couple songs for us, one of which was "You are my sunshine". I love that song and sing it to my children all the time. It brought a tear to my eye to hear Mckenzie sing it to me with such a smile on her face. We dined on brownies and fruit and other sweets before the children surprised us with a big Mother's Day banner. Before we left, her teacher read a book to us about mothers. The whole thing was super sweet and I will cherish it forever.
031 Barb Mckenzie

A cup with my sweet girl's handprint

A drawing of me by Mckenzie. Love my orange hair!

028 Mckenzie with a photo of Mommy

012 Mckenzie Barb

You are my sunshine

Happy Mother's Day

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