First bath

Cooper's umbilical cord fell off yesterday so he gets his first bath! He LOVED the water. He was a bit unsure of it at first, but within a minute of being in the water, his face and body relaxed and he looked at ease. The girls helped bathe him and I have to say, it is much easier to do it on my own. (At least if my memory serves me correctly from when the girls were a baby, it was easier to bathe a baby without extra hands to help.) But, I love their enthusiasm when it comes to their brother. They always want to help or to hold him or to love on him. I hope they always feel this way about him. 089 Coopers first bath094 Coopers first bath104  Coopers first bath107  Coopers first bath

And the junk on my fridge never bothered me until looking at this photo. Maybe when we move I will be better about organizing my things. Well, at least one can hope!

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