Homeward Bound

We headed home with Cooper today. Mckenzie came up to the hospital with Scott when it was time to leave. I know Abby would have loved to skip school so she could have been there too. Cooper wore a cute little gray outfit with an airplane on the front (maybe he will be a pilot like his Daddy!) and a fabulous sweater that my Aunt knitted for him. Bringing home a third child is so much different than a first. When we brought Abby home, we didn't know what to do with her. It felt so strange to go about a normal routine, so we just sat there, and stared at her until she needed something from us, whether it was a feeding or a diaper change. With baby number three, we brought him in, left him in the car seat because he was sleeping so nicely and got busy doing chores around the house. I even got in a game of CandyLand with Mckenzie before it was time to settle in for a snuggle and a feeding! 088 Cooper102 Scott Cooper108 Scott Cooper Mckenzie118 Barb & Cooper114 Barb & Cooper
138 cooper 122 mckenzie & cooper

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