In Labor!!!

My doctor's office called first thing this morning to remind me that I am now officially overdue (as if I needed a reminder) and that I need to have an ultrasound and a nonstress test done to make sure Baby Riley is doing okay. Scott came with me to the nonstress test and to my office visit. I am dilated pretty far so the doctor didn't think it was going to be too much longer. We set up a potential induction for Friday just in case he doesn't arrive by then. But, after running around all day, I started contracting pretty regularly. I must have looked pretty silly while I was grocery shopping because I had to stop every so often when a contraction would hit. When Scott got home from work, we got everything organized and we dropped the girls off at our friend's house before heading to the hospital. 330 Scott and Barb

It was both sad and exciting to be in labor. I was excited because I couldn't wait to meet our Baby boy and to hold him in my arms and to welcome him into our family. But at the same time, I was sad because he no longer would be just mine and I can no longer protect him and watch over him all the time. I love being pregnant and it was especially hard knowing it was almost over for the last time.

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