Easter Sunday

Cooper seemed a little off today so he and I stayed home while everyone else went to church. Mom and I cooked Easter dinner. It was nice to have a holiday meal in our home with family. I even brought out the china! I think it is only the second time we have had family in our home for a holiday since we have been married. I did get dressed up so we could all take a family photo.008 Grandpa & Grandma Hietala & the Riley's029 Grandma & Grandpa Hietala & Abby & Mckenzie032 Abby Mckenzie
The hand pose the girls are doing is the same one that Mckenzie does for her dance class. She LOVES to do this whenever I try to snap a photo and now she has Abby doing it as well.
047 Abby048 Mckenzie053 Cooper Abby Mckenzie Scott055 Cooper Abby Mckenzie077Mckenzie Barb Abby079 Mckenzie Barb081 Mckenzie Barb Abby087 Cooper Grandpa Hietala088 Cooper Grandpa Hietala

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