002 mckenzie

We picked the girls up from their sleepover. They both had a great time and I can't thank our friends enough for having both of them over! They said it wasn't crazy, but I can't imagine having 5 little ones running around! The girls were disappointed their brother didn't make his appearance and I was a little embarrassed thinking it was time. It was so easy with the girls since my water broke first with them. We took the girls for a walk this afternoon. I love seeing Abby gain confidence on her bike. She still stops and waits for us to catch up so she gets a lot of practice in starting and stopping! We went to Pei Wei for dinner so I could eat something spicy (with Mckenzie, I ate a spicy chicken sandwich right before labor...). I am just so excited to meet our little man I am willing to try just about anything. Well, anything but castor oil. Apparently that works, but I'm not willing to feel like garbage just to make him arrive sooner. I'd rather wait a few days :)

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