Fairy dancers

Today was Mckenzie's chance to show off her dance skills for Grandma & Grandpa Hietala. Her costume is adorable and she had so much fun dancing around.
180 MCkenzie dance182 Mckenzie dance193 mckenzie danc207 mckenzie dance

Mckenzie and her bff Ava!
170 Ava MCkenzie dance

Abby had visitation for her ballet class today as well. I didn't go along as it was in the middle of a feeding for Cooper and Abby's dance teacher is very serious about disruptions! I didn't want to cause a ruckus in the middle of class so Grandma & Grandpa drove her there.

And please ignore the horrible white balance. There were two different colored lights next to each other in the room, making it nearly impossible to find the right balance! I'm sure a more experienced photographer wouldn't have had a problem, but I'm not that experienced!

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