Bike Ride

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Mckenzie and I went to the park this afternoon. She rode her bike and I walked Dakota, or maybe she walked me. She still pulls quite a bit when we walk. She wants to be right next to whomever is leading the pack. Maybe one day I will learn how to walk her without her pulling... Anyway, we almost made it to the park when Mckenzie's chain fell off her bike. I'm pretty sure Mckenzie thought it was the end of the world that she had trouble with her bike again today. (The other day her pedal fell off and I couldn't get it back on for the life of me.) I tried fixing the chain but I wasn't having any luck. A nice guy driving by pulled over and offered to help, but he couldn't do it either. Mckenzie was in tears by now and just wanted to go home. I figured I would give it another try and wouldn't ya know it, I managed to get it on!! Yippee! Our trip to the park was saved and I got to look like a hero in Mckenzie's eyes. Usually it is Daddy saving the day when it comes to things like this so it was a nice little treat for me :)

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