Mckenzie is still sick. I'm hoping tonight is better for her than last. She was up at least every hour, coughing and crying that her throat hurt. Luckily Scott was able to take Abby to the bus stop so I didn't have to get Mckenzie out of bed for that.

Abby lost her third tooth tonight. She was playing around with it, but she was too scared to actually pull it. When Scott got home, he convinced her to do it and the tooth was out in a couple of tries. The best part was that she had tears of joy in her eyes when she did it. She was so proud of herself for pulling it out! I wish I had recorded her reaction. It was priceless.

Working on her tooth before Dad got home
004 Abby working on tooth

007 Abby 3rd lost tooth

Mckenzie photo bombing Abby's picture :)
006 Abby mckenzie photo bomb

008 mckenzie

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