I had an OB appointment today. All is good with Baby Boy. Mckenzie went with me and got to help the doctor use the dopplar to hear the baby's heartbeat. She had such a big smile on her face while she was helping.

Buddy built himself a place to call his own. Looks like a lot of hard work went into this thing!
Buddy built himself a place to hang out.

Buddy built himself a place to hang out.

Abby got a huge blister on her thumb today. I think it was from playing her guitar this afternoon. She was making us songs to sing and play guitar too. I love that she is into music.
Now that's a blister!

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  1. Santa brought a guitar for my son last Christmas. He played most of the day and ended up with a huge thumb blister. It took me a few minutes to connect the two, since I have zero experience with stringed instruments. Definitely a learning experience!

    Buddy looks nice and cozy. :)