We took the girls to Philadelphia this afternoon to visit the Macy's department store. The store is humongous and they have a Christmas lights display set to music as well as a Dickens's Village that you walk through ending with a visit with Santa. One of the roads we normally take into Philly was closed and our lovely GPS took us on a scenic tour through Camden, NJ (if you are unaware of Camden, count yourself lucky. It has one of the highest crime rates in the country). Needless to say, both Scott and I were nervous wrecks as we made our way through the run down streets. Abby kept asking why the houses and buildings were all falling down. I don't think she was too excited to be riding through the area either. I'm just glad we did it during daylight hours. We didn't tell the girls why we were going to Philly and Abby was very disappointed when we told her we were going into Macy's. Luckily, that was short lived when she realized that she was going to visit Santa and see some Christmas lights and that there would be no shopping. I think she dislikes shopping as much as her father :) Both girls told Santa they wanted Stompeez for Christmas. If you don't know what they are, Stompeez are slippers with animal heads that pop up whenever your foot lands on the ground. Let's hope Santa doesn't disappoint the girls! The girls both enjoyed sitting with Santa. I think that is a first as last year, Mckenzie was still pretty hesitant about him. The light show was set to music and it was fun to listen to Abby sing along. We walked through the Reading Terminal Market and grabbed some dinner and chocolate. It was such a nice, relaxing way to spend the afternoon with the girls.

Enjoying a Philly tradition at Macy's.

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