Merry Christmas Eve! We spent the day together as a family, playing games and hanging out with one another. I asked the girls if I could get some Christmas pictures this afternoon and they both agreed, as long as I curled their hair first :) They love getting their hair done. We ate our Christmas dinner and took some family pictures before heading to church. The kids did well at church (I was a little nervous as it was an evening service and Mckenzie still goes to bed around 7:30). I'm pretty sure it helped that one of the ladies was passing out candy canes, blue ones at that (that God we had already taken our photos and neither of the kids spilled on their dresses), to all the children. When we got home, we opened our gifts. Abby was super animated this year and screamed with delight over just about every gift. I think her favorites all had to do with her American girl doll. She was so excited to get glasses for Criscilla as well as a wheelchair and a horse and some clothes Grandma Hietala made. Junie B. Jones books were a hit too. Mckenzie was pretty calm while she opened her gifts. I think she was looking at every present to see what it really was. She has been really interested in Princess and the Popstar so she was very excited to get that movie as well as a Popstar guitar and Barbie doll. Her absolute favorite though, was the horse and trailer that Grandma and Grandpa Hietala sent. That was the one gift she asked to open and she really enjoyed playing with it.

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031 waiting to open presents035037038048009 Family Christmas photo 2012

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