Merry Christmas!!! Abby woke up bright and early to see what Santa left her and she patiently waited until her sister woke up to find out. She is such a good girl. I can't imagine how hard it was for her to wait. Santa was awesome and brought both girls Stompeez like they have been asking for ever since they saw the commercial for them. Unfortunately, they weren't as big a hit as they were expected to be. Mckenzie put hers on and tried to get them to "pop to life" as the commercial shows and they barely raised their eyes. She took them off and moved to something else, not giving them a second thought. Same for Abby. She put them on, saw they didn't act like the ones in the commercial and took them off. I'm pretty sure Santa would be let down if he saw how unenthusiastic the girls were. The rest of the day was spent hanging out together. We watched movies and played games. Jenga was a bit hit with the girls. I am so thankful that Scott was home for Christmas. In all the years he has been in the military, he has never missed a Christmas. I don't know how we got to be so blessed, but I am abundantly thankful for it. I am also thankful that next Christmas we *should* be able to spend it with our families. It has been several years since we have done that and I look forward to doing just that. 070079

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