Today was filled with another Christmas tradition I love. Baking goodies. I love making them and having the girls help me. I just wish a little fairy would come along to clean up afterwards. We have a few more to make tomorrow and we are done. Then it is just to finish Christmas shopping and getting our cards in the mail. I have had them sitting on the kitchen counter waiting to be addressed since the beginning of the month. Maybe tomorrow will be the day I actually get it done! The girls were so good today. Abby wrapped "presents" for all of us that we got to open today. She wrapped books and photographs. It was really sweet to see her being so generous. (reminds me that I need to get some tape after all she used today!) It was one of those rare days that they played by themselves nicely, no fighting, no backtalk. Nothing. Just well behaved. I love days like today. So peaceful! Much needed on a day filled with such tragedy.

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