I got the chance to visit NYC by myself to do a photography walk. I had a fantastic time exploring the city, looking at it in a totally different way. I met up with a friend I haven't seen since 2005. It was so wonderful to see her, my only complaint is the visit was too short. Anyway, here are some photos from my visit. I think I may have found a new passion for photography after this trip. I was getting a little tired of taking the same photos over and over and I think this was the push I needed to get me back into photography :)
1 Oct 2012 018
This is my friend. She brought her baby with and this sweet lady couldn't get enough of the baby.
1 Oct 2012 019
1 Oct 2012 030
1 Oct 2012 067 b&w
1 Oct 2012 092
1 Oct 2012 093
1 Oct 2012 097 b&w

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  1. Hi Courtney! What an amazing place for a photo walk.