Soccer Saturday 266/366

I thought for sure today was going to be an awful one on the soccer field. Mckenzie refused to get into her uniform and said she didn't want to go over and over. I was so torn. Should I force her to do something she clearly didn't want to do or should I let her quit soccer after only a couple of games. I chose the first option and along with modifying her uniform to make it more comfortable and a fruit snacks bribe, I got her dressed and in the car without too much drama. Once we got to the soccer field, I offered up another bribe (I have no problem bribing my children to get them to cooperate) of fruit snacks if she made it through practice and scrimmage without crying or quitting. Guess what? It worked! And she looked like she was actually enjoying herself. She smiled and even got control of the ball during scrimmage. The pride in her face as she was running that ball down the soccer field make it all worth it. For both of us. I was so proud of my girl!

Abby rocked it on the soccer field today too! I don't think any of the kids on Abby's team have played soccer before, so this first year has been rough for them. The first game they scored a few goals, just not in the right net. The second game looked a little better, but they still lost. Today I could tell Abby was frustrated after being on the field for a little bit. I asked what was wrong, thinking she didn't like playing anymore and she looked up at me with the saddest eyes and said "I just want to be on a winning team." I felt so bad for her. She went back out on the field to play and I could see her heart still wasn't into it. Near the end of the game, her coach said something to her that made all the difference (I have no idea what he said). She started playing with more determination and ended up scoring a goal. Her team's first real goal. It was so amazing!!! She was so proud of herself and after the game, she told me "Mom, I had a couple of tears in my eyes." Me too kiddo. Me too :) Thank God for sunglasses or people would have thought I was some crazy lady, crying at both her kids' soccer games.

So, I was wrong. Today was a great day on the soccer fields. I am proud of both my girls :)

The battery ran out on my camera so I thought I missed out on getting a photo of Abby and her first goal. Little did I know that Mckenzie just happened to grab a photo of her sister right after she scored! I am so happy to have a photo of this moment! Thanks Mckenzie :) First goal!!!!!!

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