I came home from the city today. I have to say I am impressed that I made it to and from without getting lost. Scott usually figures out how to get from point A to B so for me to do it by myself again (I used to do it in the earlier stages of our marriage. I wonder when the change happened?) was a big deal for me.

Scott took the girls to soccer yesterday. Mckenzie scored her first goal. Yay Mckenzie! They also got to play at the park, eat out, and have a movie/dance night. Scott brought out a video of a Matchbox 20 concert that he and I went to many years ago. The girls were perplexed by the idea that we were in the audience and Abby wanted to know everything that I did. I didn't take any photos today so I thought I would share a few more from my trip.

1 Oct 2012 104
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